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Poem by Arooba
SP Epi 31 Review by Kashishk
Finally, I am here with my comment :D
By the way, my first ever comment on your stories on IF, If I am not wrong. I mostly comment on your blog as the same ID or anonymous.

Do you know how happy I have been to see you back in action? I am delighted. It really shows the spirit that nothing can deem a strong person, by the least not some people who get pleasure in copying someone else's work.

OMG, the chapters were awesome, amazing and beautiful..  I loved them so much. Everything is finely described. From their intimacy to Khushi's outburst, from Payal's craziness to her Akash's persona, from Shyam's creepiness to Anjali's madness... Boy oh boy! Khushi and Arnav are encircled by weird and dangerous people.

It was known that Akash was soft person but what he did to Khushi was mean and then he went a step ahead to stay it was nothing, Arnav was jealous of his success. It really shows how a little success can change people. Till now, he had been grateful of Arnav and he didn't think twice to get in partnership with AJ. He knew how important AJ was for Arnav and how he has back-stabbed the later one still he went ahead with it. Some people just lack intelligent, sharp quotient, and Akash definitely is one among the category.

I am so happy that Arnav gave him a few punches.. You rendered my heart in a little bit peace. Throwing them out of the palatial house was icing on the cake... love you for that.

This Payal, she freaks me out, she scares me. Her obsession is too much, she is out of her senses completely. She is not even seeing what is wrong and right from the very beginning, in her revenge she is destroying her own existence. She is doing things she would regret later but then these characters are inspired by realities, unfortunately such persons exist. Such people, who don't care if their actions would hurt other or for the matter of sake their own-self. Well, she messed with the wrong person and she will get her dues. 

Payal really angers me, she threw Khushi in the pool... How could she? I mean I knew she wants to kill Khushi but actually this happening disturbs me a lot. I hope Khushi and our little twins would be fine.

Another creepy person, Shyam, he has the aura that definitely creates shivers. Even when he is not doing something in action but there is something going on his mind. I sincerely hope his actions would be stopped at time. That moment, where he painted bull's eye on her was so... I don't know how to express... horrible... specially the way Anjali was in her own delusions. It is all too terrifying.

And bam if the already existent person were not enough to wreck our lover's life, here comes another Nicole but I am glad she got her dues well by Khushi and I am sure, Arnav arranged for her to never enter in their life again.

Oh! Now AJ is definitely one of the most awful entry. The very first time you mentioned him in the story... you had me wondering...  Is he Master Horatio? I don't know there are too many things that made me doubt that. Apart that, on this unpleasant character...  He is a shame. He got an awesome friend like Arnav, still he went to cheat on him with his girlfriend. I loath him. Damn Good that Arnav beat him black and blue and that Khushi knocked him cold. Proud of them. I sincerely wish hAJdoesn't create problem for them in next parts

I can understand where Khushi is coming from. She would have minded a little if he had come clean before but suddenly coming face to face with your husband's ex-flame, that too during an interview, and the possibility that she might have been pregnant by your husband, is difficult to digest. It must be a horrendous for Khushi. Yet, steadily, they overcome that phase with their love. You portrayed that so well. And their steamy make out, was...  I am speechless. You make me love Arnav. I have never appreciated the show but I fell in love with Arnav and Khushi mostly by the stories around.

Arnav is still a little bit insecure because of his father's doing, he still feels he doesn't deserve but but he is overcoming that because of their love. It is a sad thing that some parents are a shame on the relation. I just love this Arnav, He has changed so much, he has traveled a long way. And I am sure, he will be an amazing father along being a wonderful husband and lover to Khushi.

Poor thing had to witness the cruel facade of Khushi's sister, he would have never imagined that in his nightmares. He never ever gave her second glance and always considered her as Khushi's sister and Akash's wife... Doubting it is one thing but this was disgusting. And he can't even go and tell Khushi, and he is right. I hope he will manage things in the right way.

I love every single scene of Arnav-Khushi... They are like a basket-ball, If I may say so, whatever they may do, wherever they may go, they will always be back to each other. Because there love is strong and it will withstand all the problems. These chapters has proven in all manners, it is ASR and Khushi Versus the world. And I am looking forward how you emerge the lovers as winners. 

Now please update soon, I am really eager to know what happens next.

Loads of love<333
A poem by Alexandrite91

SP Epi 27 Review by splinteredskies

Desert Heat Review by Jyo
Hola T !! <3
What a week right ? not exactly the best I would say, infact this week left me broken in more ways than one I guess, kind of uprooted the faith that we try to keep in relationships despite being let down over and over again.
And that again brings this update of DH into perspective, where we see relationships overcoming the hurdles and blooming beautifully.
Before everything else ... finally its time for Aman and Maya !! <3 and what a way to confess .. thanks to the brain of the dark prince , his queen and their friends, Aman and Maya can finally stop the ignorance game and take their love story forward.
Next up in line should be Imran and Zara ... theirs is too tragic to be allowed to continue like this, true he left her like a broken shell of a woman but he is the only one who can heal her, who can give her the love she deserves and I feel even their time is close.
Sia and Raj ... no worries ;) Sia always had a good grip on the fellow :P and Taj ... well he is the one who always concerns me ... I mean he is the baby of the group and he is yet to find his soulmate and I wonder who it will be but u know T ... there is a thought that scares me, DH is a historical love saga .. the royal battles ... the passionate love stories ... the adrenaline coursing fights ... DH has it all and we all know historical romances comes with a death toll too, there is always loss of life and sometimes I fear losing Taj !!
Its a terrible idea to even imagine but I cant help getting that instinct inside me blaring every time Taj is in picture ... the way he is written about ... loved and adored by all ... everyone's sweetheart , its usually such characters who go down in the battles.
U know another thing about DH that is unique ... usually in such stories, the hero is surrounded by ppl who are allies FIRST and friends SECOND. Its always the mutual gain that stays in importance as friendship takes a backseat.
But here its not about having an ally, they are friends for life, people who love Arnav for what he is and they want to see him regain the throne, not because its beneficial for them as his friends but coz they know he deserves the throne !
DH is a tale of unconditional friendship as well.
And NOW moving to our love birds , I want to quote a line from HP  thats not exactly similar to the situation here but it will still suit, the line that says , "in death all things become clear"
Its quite true here as well, although there is no apparent death happening but when Khushi realised the pain of losing Arnav forever, then she realised how meaningless everything else was !!
All that mattered was their love, powerful and intense, all that mattered was that they love each other and wanted each other.
Holy Smoke T, the passion was at dizzying heights in this update and u did a kickass job of nailing it in your true style !!
I wouldn't have expected it any other way, it was everything I knew u would give and even better, its like you outdid your usual perfection !!
Khushi's transformation as Arnav's woman, despite being a traditionally oriented woman, when she is with Arnav, she feels nothing wrong in wanting to become his, she gives herself to him with total abandon and has no regrets later on.
She doesn't care what the society or people might say, all she wants is her husband and as long as he is there, she doesn't care how many rules she might be breaking.
She isnt the type of girl to shy away from her lover if others are watching ... her heart stays open for all to see as to whom she belongs, if there are others watching them and she feels the need to be with him, she doesn't shy away but makes sure he knows her desires.
Arnav is right, though their friends are back with them, they did have horrendous timing to arrive on the scene ;) dammit they could have a lil while later !! :P
The scene at the barn, thats where as a woman you truly respect Arnav, he loves Khushi ... he badly desires her ... he wants to make her his but when he realises that they are exposed to the danger of someone walking in on them, he stops coz he doesn't want anyone to see Khushi in such an intimate position with him, not coz he is ashamed of her or wants to hide her but coz he truly respects what they share between them and realises that whatever they have as lovers between them, its not for a third person to see or hear !!
The wedding planning news is the best news of this update of DH and then the upcoming honeymoon in the oasis !! :D eeks T ... am so excited !!
Whats a wedding without drama ;) and yes the ring will bring in the drama element via which we will get to see an intense possessive protection husband in ASR <3
And the honeymoon ... WOW !! absolutely splendid !! :D the lovers in the midst of nothing but nature ... a patch of greenery surrounded by the mighty dunes and the chilly winds of the night , a full moon watching over them , twinkling at the star crossed lovers ... truly beautiful !!
Bring it on T :D eagerly waiting to see what happens next !! <3
Love you <3 panda hugs & penguin kisses <3 

Desert Heat Ch 26 Review by Pinkly
Superbly written chapter. Long and beautiful. My God, you have described Khushi's pain so beautifully when she thought Arnav was injured. When Khushi said "Amma and Babuji also promised me, but I lost them. I can't loose you too". I had tears in my eyes Tina. It was as if I was standing there in the rainfall in desert and witnessing this scene. Wow...

When A and K were tensed when they thought Akash's men had found them... hey, I guessed it must be Aman and Co. That was quite a reunion of friends.

I am happy that Aman and Maya have confessed their love. That was a nice plan.

Arnav and Khushi were interrupted both times. But it is good enough... for now :-).  Enjoyed reading this chapter... waiting for more desert heat, desert romance and dark prince and his angel.


Just read about the next chapter. Oh no, the ring is back again! I don't think it will make any difference now. I am sure that Arnav and Khushi, Raj and Sia will get married in the next chapter. And Aman and Maya too... may be it is too soon for them.
Baby, Hold On Part 21 Review by oKBSo
I am still deciding whether to cry, smile, blush or laugh rolling on the floor

You always manage to amaze me TINA... Doc hats off to you

So Mr. And Mrs. Raizada... game on

and Butter ballROFL

Tuje dekhs toh ye jaana sanam... 

Gosh!!! I pity him
Secret Passion Epi 26 Review by Pinkly
Tina, it was simply an awesome chapter. I could not stop myself and read this chapter three times. Wow, it had Drama, Comedy, Romance, Jealousy, Anger, Suspense and Thrill (in that order).

Arnav was superb when he spoke to the Guptas. He made sure they made a blunder by disowning Khushi and he was not ready to forgive them so easily. And he asked THE question... whether they would have disowned Payal also. For now I think Guptas have accepted Arnav and Khushi. But only time will tell. Khushi does not even have an ounce of knowledge about Payal's cruel intentions. She was still defending Payal.

Anjali is delusional. But she is a good comedian. I was laughing when she said the girl child will be named after her. I could imagine Shyam and Payal's reaction Wacko. Nicely written Tina. I liked this little comedy between the tense moments.

Oh My God, the love makings in the Limo... was hot and wild. Both were uncontrollable. But even between all that I liked the way Arnav held Khushi's back and supported her when Limo was turning. Tina, you have made him so lovable. Khushi's question whether he will get tired of her and I loved his answer. It was honest and filled with so much love for her.

Payal's rage and jealousy is going beyond control. She is following them everywhere. She is imagining herself in Khushi's place inside the limo and making love to Arnav. Yuck... he is her sister's husband for heaven's sake. She made such an elaborate plan to create misunderstanding between Arnav and Khushi.

My legs were shaking when Arnav saw Payal in the alley with that brown haired man and he was calling her Khushi. If Khushi had not come out at that moment, it would have been bad. That was simply superb Tina. I am so happy that Arnav has little doubt about Payal. He could hire a detective to keep an eye on Payal. Or he can go to the designer store and see the CCTV footage of the person who came after them and bought the same dress (Arnav had mentioned that the store owner is his friend). But no hurry, I love the way this story is progressing.

I liked this chapter very much. Wonderfully written Tina. I am looking forward to the next chapter - lunch with Guptas and some romance in the gym :-).

Secret Passion Epi 25  Review by Splinteredskies

Secret Passion Epi 25 Review by pinkly
 Yaaahooo...I am grinning and dancing around DancingDancingafter reading this update. It has everything I wanted... I mean everything. Tina, this could not have been written any better. You are simply superb Thumbs Up
When I read the beginning, as I have already mentioned my loathing for Payal increased multiple times. Somehow my mouth was bitter after reading about her and Akash in bed.
Dadi, the old witch is out of Shantivan. But good thing is she watched the award ceremony live.
Arnav broke the bathroom door :-). He can not stay away from her. I liked the way he said, "Don't you want me, wife?" :-)
You have beautifully written how Arnav held Khushi and gave her confidence to face the press and camera. I liked Uncle's entry at this point in the story. The advice he gave Arnav was invaluable. I hope Arnav takes extra measures to protect Khushi and the babies. Uncle will be in next update too? I like him. He is one good soul in this story.
Oh God, when Arnav went on stage and accepted the award, my heart was beating so fast. That speech was priceless and so full of love and admiration for Khushi. Tina, I am so very happy to read that part again and again. The most beautiful part of this episode was Arnav's speech. And I loved it.Heart
Everyone watched the award ceremony. Hopefully Garima and that fickle minded buaji see Arnav's goodness and love for Khushi and accept them with open arms. Useless Anjali thought Arnav was praising her in front of the whole world... that was hilarious Silly. I would like to see the poinson-spitting Dadi's face after Arnav's speech. She must be rolling on the floor with anger and hatred ROFL . Looser Lavanya got what she deserved. Hopefully she will never ever dare to insult Khushi again. Finally, Pathetic Payal... I am sure she is the one who sent that bundle to Arnav and Khushi's house. He is mine! Not even in your dreams Payal Angry. I hope there is no one else after Arnav.
About the precap, I think Payal has worn that revealing dress and trying her luck with Arnav. Arnav looks so angry. Hopefully he will guess something is wrong with the way Payal is behaving. Ignoring her will not solve the problem. Open your eyes and smell the coffee Arnav.
Tina, it was wonderfully written Clap. It surpassed all my expectations. It was thrilling to read this Chapter.
Secret Passion Epi 25 Review by gail-ipk
awesome and outstanding update...was it a right thing to start with that blood and man lusting bitch? i skipped reading her part and left it for last...ashantivan paaps were watching,cursing and bitching abt arnav and kushi at the award of the paaps had sent so many 'warning notice' with 'HE IS MINE' sorry for the effort coz at the end of the day it was unnoticed by the victim and fate the notices had to go to garbage...Right from the beginning...KUSHI HATERS
PAAP/CURSE 1: PAYAL: a total disaster and a psychopath..give importance to your pathi woman..atleast that wud bring peace to ur pea size brain from hating kushi and lusting arnav..what all you didnt get it?u have got parents to support ur life,a rich husband though not successful but was damn rich to give u all and no MIL/FIL to put on restrictions upon ur actions and what not...leading a very luxurious life...this was too much for ur middle class life..and look at u and kushi...u both were different...had u seen in any time that kushi intruded in your current life or between ur husband?such a classless bitch u r that u cudnt able to survive with what u have and wanted more by bugging others life,lusting ur sister's blood and having wanton need for her husband...had arnav known ur secret and if u ask him what is not in me that u see in kushi then he will have nicest way to punch u verbally simply by 'U r not my Kushi,Bitch..did u get it?'..and the bedroom scene with her husband and sounding her sis hubby's name was all to think of her as 'scum'...and in the award function she was trying to muddle up  her parents and buaji's brain with nasty accusations upon kushi...whether her blood was boiling or not here my blood was boiling abt her badmouthing abt her sister...all deadly sins she has...she needed counselling very badly..
PAAP/CURSE 2: DADIJI: She was actually an escapist when in need she wont be there and when not needed she wud there in the first place...and there in ashram she was enjoying all the luxuries with the latest gadgets and thus surviving in her grandson's money but blaming him everytime for not showing concern on her or his sister..attention seeker...her muddled and cruel mind was horrible to withstand and thats why she had no friends in the ashram coz of her behaviour..see the curse was cursing others...she also needed counselling very badly...first the money flow shud be stopped..then automatically there wud be end to all her luxuries...
PAAP/CURSE 3: ANJALI: She was not actually a curse but a pain to the family...coz she was innocent in some ways...she was going to hate kushi huh?hate as much as she want...nobody is liking her...only her innocent brother wud do that coz of blood relation and also he has heart for loving his family..he never showed partiality in loving her and his wife...that she shud know abt him or atleast learn to know abt him well...whoa she had thought that arnav wud mention her as his world and blah blah in praising for the woman behind his success...if she has heart or brain she must feel or think abt what part of her had helped arnav in reaching such greater heights or in getting this award..if she didnt then she was s saddist and a great attention seeker...she never loved her brother or showered him love in the absence of their mother...crocodile tears wud never do good to her...she has her husband..ask her to enjoy with his cheats...ofcourse she need counselling but with her silly tricks no one wud make her reformed..Added curse was Shyam..CHEAPSTER,bas***d AND LUSTFUL DEVIL..
LA LA LAVANYA: Oh no my pants got fire!!help help..she has got a very gud blow..phew..she challenged wrong she was?!instead of kushi,arnav had challenged and proven her wrong and gave a thundering blow to the kushi haters...cry baby cry for ur notorious vengeance and jealousy...
NICOLE JAMES: Old flame of arnav...jealous on the arshi..upon all that the reporter was adding fuel to her abt her?wud she try any trick with arnav in the future?if she leave the picture it was well and gud...
KUSHI'S PARENTS: they were there to see whether kushi was invisible mistress or a dating girlfriend to arnav...but they were wrong in both thoughts..coz arnav had proven to the world that kushi was his wife,love,life and bloody everything...are they god to test her and after they were proven wrong they go and tell her that we are proud of u huh?!when in need they didnt support her and understand her acting according to their own society rules...disgraced and disowned her...why now they were peeping her marriage life..?!they shud know this 'never matter with whom u are living with..only think abt how u r living and leading a successful life and changing a nightmared person(to the world he was bad) into a reformed and complete man..and it was a tough task for a gal and they shud have been proud of kushi then..why now?!..well waiting for how wud kushi going to handle them..Surely they needed lesson though they were elders claiming to know everything...
Now the good ppl are Aman,Uncle and whoelse..I dont know much abt this is it..only two ppl who were
POOR AMAN: i know the reason why he doesnt want the jaguar..coz of its service cost...i dont know how much he was earning in AR..but poor man he has lot more responsibilities like savings for he doesnt have enuf money for spending amount even for one time servicing if and when the jaguar get repaired and he also was not a person to be showy or interested in getting rewards or gifts which were not meant for his professional credits...he knew his strength and estimates his own level...and also he was always true to his work and his boss...he was amazing in making all the arrangements for arnav and kushi...arnav must be lucky to have such a faithful employee in his kitty..:p
UNCLE: glad he had made up to the was so nice of him when he had triggered arnav's brain to be cautious around his wife's safety..
Finally our very own passionate couple Arshi
Arnav-Kushi: whoever might have cursed or may curse them that wud never affect their relationship..coz they have millions of supporters and millions of prayers for them to live happily ever after to their eternity...haha the passionate man and his passionate wifey cudnt find time for their night session these days but making up some time for it without fail..poor despo hubby badly wanted it with his wifey very badly so that he had broken the bathroom door latches and fulfilled his wanton...coming to the award function arnav had explained her about the procedures on the red carpet and that was absolutely right...finally he gave her a recognition to the world not only actions but also with words...a man of few words and so reserved had opened his heart to the world in praising his wife and their love...the sindoor scene was an amazing thought...very well appreciated for his actions and speech which had been unexpected by some evils there...The speech was amazing..and now the emotional man wanted some quality time with his wifey beauty...ahem ahem..
PAYAL: go and wash ur sins in ganga river and do padhayatra..
ANJALI: live and let live...if u hate ur bro and his wife go and live with ur dadi and dont ask for money from him if u have thick skin..
LAVANYA: Never poke in others life and dont go over crazy on others' possession..Dont try to be a bitch..
Precap is intriguing..Club Indigo..Who the hell was that?Payal or Lavanya or Nicole?I dont think that was Kushi..coz she wud never wear such kinda cloth...waiting eagerly for the next..
Secret Passion Epi 25 Review by divyaarnavsr
Gosh, He broke the door ROFL Looking at the door with loathing and feeling it as his greatest enemy !! Oh, I so love him !!
The vulnerable side of him peeks out at times and my heart reaches out for him.
I suspected it to be something else, Will it reach arnav and alert him ??? *worried*
Did I say I hate this stopwa a lot , If not Let me say, I hate you stopwa !!
Payal, Her feelings are making its sense slowly , that khushi has entered her life and how that had changed everything but that doesnt mean her actions and thoughts are justified, that bloody bi*ch is thinking about arnav arnav and arnav !!
I feel that more than gaining arnav for herself she wants khushi to lose her dearest one and make her suffer.
And La, take it On your Face *grin*
A limo,gorgeous, romantic grand entry for a couple so much in love !!
Happy to see uncle after a long tym and Arnav please take his words seriously, we cant take it light where your love and children are concerned can we ?
I laughed at anjali in tears and payal raged, am I cruel then ??
Awww His speech, Angel He is an angel <3
Their cute private moment interrupted by the entire family, Is that a time for apologies ??? as if it matters to khushi more than being in his arms, Yet if that puts her into ease then so be it.
Will arnav know the threat thats still on ??
Fateful Love Review by Pinkly
Tina, instead of feeling sad because this awesome story is ended, I feel content. I am experiencing some kind of strange happiness after reading the epilogue. It is really beyond words.
Really amazing that you dreamt of this story. It is one of the most thrilling stories I have ever read. Hats off to you.
Nice to know that Buaji and Ms Anita are staying in Sheesh Mahal, like a family. I really don't care much about Garima. But it is nice that Khushi meets her family often and everyone is cordial to her.
Janvi and Yash are lovely kids. Good to know about little Madhu too. The love and friendship between Arnav and Khushi has become stronger and more beautiful.
Loved the VM. Nice song. I liked is the text that comes across. You have included all important lines from this story in the VM. It was awesome.
Each and every chapter you have written to perfection.
  1. The way A and K met in Sheesh Mahal
  2. Only Arnav could see Khushi and no one else could
  3. Khushi could not carry anything from her time to Arnav's time
  4. The way first ray of sun holds importance and they are separated
  5. Arnav's portrait in the library from 1926
  6. The heirloom ring Arnav wears and then gives it to Khushi before leaving Sheesh Mahal and she gives it back to him, which he remembers even when he could not remember anything. That was really amazing.
  7. The growing friendship and love between A and K
  8. The letters Arnav writes when he had to go away from Khushi to earn money to buy back Sheesh Mahal and Khushi reads those letters before Arnav comes back again
  9. The changing of date in the portrait from 1926 to 1925. This one had shocked me.
  10. Their first reunion, their kisses and love making
  11. The way Khushi reveals Arnav about his impending death and the way they plan and take care of each and every loophole
  12. Convincing Anjali to marry Aman and not Shyam
  13. Arnav's accident on the bridge and the way God brought him to Khushi's time. I refuse to believe it is anything but God's intervention :-)
  14. Khushi leaves Sheesh Mahal and Madhu Bua's compassion and love towards Khushi
  15. Khushi meets Arnav again at the party and refuses to believe Sheetal's words that he is married. She sees the ring on A's finger and come to know that A does not remember her
  16. K joining as A's secretary and trying to make him remember. Arnav's jealousy about Khushi's husband and the way he was pulled towards her and the kiss in the office
  17. A sees his old portrait in Buaji's house rushes to Sheesh Mahal to meet Khushi
  18. The memories and Arnav remembers each and every incident that happened after seeing the canopy bed. That was beautiful.
  19. Their second reunion, marriage and kids
  20. They live happily ever after…  I love this story. I have read it many times and will read it many times. Thanks Tina for writing this story.
Fateful Love Review by Jyo
T ... what do u want me to write ? what do u want to read from me T ?
I mean what should I say now ?
You know I kept telling u that u will hear me rant once u r done with the epilogue but to be very honest, I don't know what to tell you T !!
U know I was watching the season 5 finale of SPN the other day and they are talking about the END. Like how a story ends and how u frame it ... and they got it so right there. Even when the author says, its over ... is it really over the readers ? forget readers ... thats not the word, is it really over for the ppl who have literally lived with every character in the story ?
Think about it T .. was Harry Potter ever over for us ... like is the line drawn ? the screen goes blank but did we really call it quits and walk away ?
Harry and every single word in the books ... every character , good or bad, they are all alive in us even today, dammit even Voldermort is alive for us .. yeah he had to be one evil guy history has seen , he is like HITLER, real pure evil but even him, we remember, I mean HP wouldn't be HP without Voldermort too !!
Well my point is that, u may have written Fateful Love Epilogue, fine. True there wont be any more updates, fine. True there wont be any more spoilers or theories to brainstorm, fine. No more struggles for Arshi coz they got their happily ever after, fine. But what I mean to say is this T, FL isnt over just coz the story has been told. Its going to live in everyone of us who has read the story, it's going to live on ? want proof to support my claim ? well ur epilogue is proof enough.
Khushi has penned down their magical love saga for the world to know, Sheesh Mahal is a monument to their love story, every child is hearing the story, the story of the most beautiful love saga ever written !!
Khushi may be the per se author but in ur story, the entire world is remembering what u wrote T. It reflects ur heart at the moment, even you don't want FL to die away, you want it immortal. And so it is as we see in your epilogue, every soul out there is reaching out to the most passionate , the most magical ... the most beautiful tale of unconditional love ever to be written.
I mean it T, these aren't mere words, every thing I feel about FL comes from my heart, someday if I have the power T, I will make sure that every single work of yours reaches the entire world of literary lovers out there.
Shameless and Fateful Love will be my top priorities and this is my promise to you, well SL is already on its way out but my mission is to make sure the world remembers your works.
U know what T ? am attaching a link to an article here, read it, it talks about fan fics keep characters alive .. and with regard to India, only Arshi fan fics are mentioned in it ... well that moment I felt so proud T .. so proud that u cant even imagine.
And how could Arshi not to make it to the list when we have talented writers like u working on it !!
Fan fics like everything else has its negatives too coz a lot of  people use it for abuse ... for propagating terrible notions in the society, but fan fics have their bright side too, fan fic writers make sure that the real characters never die even if the creator who gave birth to them stops writing about them ... its like fan fic writers are the angels who continue the story no matter how much time elapses.
And you are angel T, you are an angel for Arnav & Khushi ... they are immortal in your works ... they live on in all our hearts. 
Fateful Love ending was perfect, I wasnt expecting anything more or anything less, you wrapped it up flawlessly. You perfected perfect surprises, made us all feel special in your journey here, a journey that took root in your dreams like how HP was born to JKR while she took a bus ride.
This story was meant to be written and you wrote it from your heart ... and whatever I saw will never be enough.
A tale of love ... a battle of destinies ... a space where the timelines blurred ... a mark in the history of the impossible happening .. passion like never seen before ... sacrifice at its purest ... trust unconditional ... faith reborn ... agony personified ... trials that put to shame Inferno itself ... creation at its purest ... emotions raw and earthy ... innocence that brought 2 souls together to bind them forever in the hallmark of eternity ... a tale that gave a new meaning to LOVE itself ... Fateful Love.
I love you T .. u know that already .. not coz u wrote Shameless ... not coz u wrote FL or any other story u wrote ... I love you coz you are one amazing person out there ... pure innocent ... full of love and warmth ... talented ... caring ... passionate about your dreams ... and more than anything else ... you truly want to do your bit to make this world a better place.
And you are one of my best friends and I think am damn lucky to know you .. to have found you and I will always luv IPKKND for that and much more.
I love you.
Panda hugs and Penguin kisses. 
Fateful Love Review by deepti1906
Words are not enough to tell you how much I loved the Epilogue..:") It was simply beautiful and perfect. I couldn't stop myself from smiling after reading abt Janvi's and lill Yash silly fights..:D It was super cute..Big smile And I loved loved loved Daddy Arnav..Day Dreaming And they are having their third child.. Yeyyy!! Janvi's escapade, Arshi's romance, Buaji and Ms. Anita's banters..phew I can just go on and on about this..LOL Everything was just Awesome.. I'm never ever going to forget Fateful Love..Heart How can I? It's one of those Marvelous stories that I personally think are no less than the novels out there.. Hoping to see it printed in b&w one day..Day Dreaming
And the vm..OMG! did you make that?? :O :O It's just brilliant..Clap The song, the edits, everything was beyond perfection.. To be very honest It has become one of my fav Vms..Embarrassed Downloaded already! Big smile You are super Talented Dr. Tina..Star  You Rock!! :))
ahh one more thing.. I've never heard of this song 'A thousand years' but I've fallen in love with it. Just the type of song I like.Heart Thank you ever so much for everything that Fateful Love gave us..:)) Muaahh..:* Hug
Fateful Love Review by .sobtian.
Beautiful epilogue Tina!
They're one happy family. Janvi, a sanki like her mother, and Yash a splitting image of his father. And the 3rd one on its way..It all seems so picture perfect. Day Dreaming

Janvi's intelligence and wisdom has something to do with her making it through the time travel, methinks. Ok there are intelligent kids out there, but in the case of this story..she's different from others for the precise reason of time travel, yeah? Tongue
12 years down the line, Arnav and Khushi share the same love and passion, if not more! 
They've seen more hardships than they called for, but in the end, love overcame all the hurdles. With Khushi's dream of doing research on teleporting and publishing a book on their love story..everything eventually fell into place.
Thank you so much for writing this story Tina! It's a path-breaking concept, and only you could do justice to it, for sure! This story goes straight into my faves, after Mind Games, that is! Big smile
Loved it so much! 
And the VM is just out of this world!! I loved it!  I'm going to be watching it again and again!! Embarrassed
Looking forward to more of your stories, apart from BHO, SP and DH Wink
Take care!! :) xoxo
Fateful Love Review by Rayoflight
Fateful love is a topic that a part of all of us believe after death and death after life. Are we always surrounded with the same people? Do the same people we interact with everyday stay with us for ever...birth after birth? So many unanswered questions and theories...but some part of us always believe that we all meet again. :)
What a magical story...a fresh concept and sooo well written. Tina you seem to outdo yourself with every different FF you write! Thank you for the continuous writing...I look forward to the updates from all your stories!
The only one  I missed out on is Desert I'm hoping to be able to catch that one after you are done.
Loved every bit of this one!
A Poem by Arushi_IPKKND
Sometimes I wonder what is the territory you haven’t touched…
Romance, mystery, poetry… name it and you have it…
Sometimes I wonder what is so interesting about your stories…
I wonder what you write best…

If you are a rom-com writer (BHO) one day, the very next day you bring in 

a horror scene (Possessed)..

If you give us a passionate encounter in a board-room (SP) filling our 
minds with scandalous thoughts…
You surprise us with the thoughts of confession winning hands down 
before passion (DH: Dark Prince’s thoughts on full moon night)…
Your mystery and suspense in writing has reached ‘The Everest’ 
But take it from all of us that you are a no-competition any day when you 
give us romance (MG)…
However you come up with the ideas like time travel (FL) or getting 
deliberately lost to re-kindle passion (SI)…
But who is complaining… You enjoy and so do I…

You amaze me with a your OS; 
I have blushed (Chocolate, Roses and Surprises)
I have swooned (Almost Kiss)
I have laughed (Surrender)
I have cried (Tearful Goodbyes)
I was scared (Full Moon)
I was worried (Storm Within)

As if this was not enough you roll everything, offering it on the platter 
We SLers are a bunch of lunatics; are we ever gonna say enough? NO 
So Dr. T! Keep rolling in…

Sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind… 
Then I kick myself for doubting it as I get your message that very day… 
(Believe me it has happened many times)
Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time wondering about you, 
waiting for you, but then I realize it’s because I luv ooo

P.S.: I may be partial towards ‘SHAMELESS!’ but I am definitely not exaggerating about its dark mystery and suspense, because I am sure everyone who has read it will agree with me. It was the perfect ensemble of romance, action, drama, comedy, suspense and most important ‘class’. A total paisa-wasool entertainment.
Baby Hold On Part 16 Review by Kbs
I wish I could write this comment from under the shower directly, but I love my lappy you see

Tina you akways left me speechless, DOC you amazed me, it was an awesome update, yup you don't have to ask our favorite part, 

but my favorite part was when Arnav when trying to fix the leakage of roof... Shirtless... I imagined you see, and needless to say that I am in dire need of a shower

Secret Passion Epi 22 Review by sk2405
What's wrong with the people in Shantivan? Why, except for Arnav, can't the people take solace in their own relationships and lead a happy, normal, married life with their partners? The part where Khushi compares Shyam's eyes to tar was simply perfect. Tar, that is generally used in the construction of the roads, has a very strong repellent odor when it is burnt, which is usually hated by the people. Similarly, Shyam with his tar-like eyes makes people recoil away from him in disgust and hate him for all his leering ways.

Payal seems to be another physic after Anjali, probably a more dangerous one. Anjali hates Khushi and though she is behaving cordially with her, it is probably because she does not wish to displease her brother who apparently is the only one to not notice the false faade she wears all the time. Anjali is least bit interested in welfare of the others and she is highly selfish. I hope talking to her doctor gives Arnav some insight into her actual personality. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Payal is really desperate to have Khushi out of her way and I want to see what mistake she commits during the course of the same. I hope Arnav is the one to show her the place she belongs to.

I am very apprehensive of what happens in the next part. The baby has to be fine and healthy because Khushi will be torn and broken otherwise. After having seen so much in her life, she's gotten a chance to be happy and for once, live for her ownself. I really want her to be happy for in her happiness lies Arnav's happiness.

Waiting for the next part.
Update soon.  

Secret Passion Epi 22 Review by Gall-ipk
one of the most beautiful updates...after a long time we are watching their office fiasco which is really that was kushi who had filed a complaint regarding the killer without arnav's i liked her gut and it is appreciated...but then she got disappointed with the twist  and turns within the family and the family blamed her for anjali's arrest...i hate this anjali...her mental instability is one thing to worry...but the vibes are not gud from her...cunning and jealous...and of all that she had chosen shyam who was a lust filled animal...oh man he was such a sinful bas***d...loved this arnav for being such a caring brother balancing both his family members and his lovely wife..glad that he was always standing as a support for kushi by which she cud never be insecured with him..coz their love and trust was strong..really like this quality which many husbands lack that especially in India..the dominating husbands blame on their wives for illogical reasons so as to throw their frustrations on anyone that wives are the catch...the bedroom scene was funny though..glad that arnav understood the bas***d laid evil eye on was a horrible moment that the bloodlusting leech payal following kushi and trying to kill her..jealous on kushi's love and may-someday-hold-the raizada-property-and-family-in-hand..and she was also jealous on arnav's care for kushi?obnoxious feeling that i got from her behaviour..yuck..what a sister she was!!loved the way kushi shared her fear for that shyam,the paid husband to anjali..and kushi suggested to arnav was absolutely right...anjali needed counselling and proper an elder sister she had to take care of the family and his brother not the other way round in certain circumstances...kushi had started coming to work as per her plan but her adamant hubby not leaving any chance to distract her and make her a wife she tried giving advice but her stubborn hubby due to severe addiction in that particular thing couldnt able to selfcontrol it..though he knew that what she said was right but his passionate hormone giving him wrong signals inducing him to the core where cudnt even wait for a week...roflzz...stubborn and adamant like kid and day by day it was only getting increased...the texting moment was nice..get a grip dear he wanted to do that and stalked his wifey to cafetaria embarrassed her and then got scoldings from her though he knew he was wrong but couldnt control his desire for her and finally he shut upped her by his tricks..haha wow Mr.Raizada u r an expert in this...their cute fights were so nice and the condition she put in front of him and the condition for which he abode was any fights or arguments between them will not be shown exterior to the outside world..precap is nice..seems like arnav was dying to expose his marital status to the world...thinking of the situation one thing is coming out of my mind..that is reactions of important ppl... Lavanya, kushi's friends ,Other employees ,Aman  while Arnav wud be doing salsa and kushi ..and reaching home at night arnav and kushi wud start their secret passion which is ..spoiler is amazing...triple bonanza...2wins and the award...looking forward for the update… 

Baby Hold On Part 16 Review by .sobtian.
Great update Tina!!!
Mr. Sexy is such a dreamboat! I would do anything to get a person like that 
The love confession and proposal was beautiful. I really loved it when he said the 3 magical words when they were dancing in the rain. It came straight from his heart and when she least expected it 
And what a gift! Trust Mr.Sexy to gift her a nightgown, and tell her to wear it, when all alone in a cabin, far away from home 
This will be the Birthday Khushi will never forget. 
Loved it!! 
Looking forward to what else is in store for Mrs and Mr.Sexy..

And lovely lovely poem, Tina and Anku !! Beautiful words! 

Secret Passion Epi 22 Review by Melonie
Beautiful updates.
Your Arnav and Khushi makes me so happy. Glad Khushi had the courage to face her family and stand along with Arnav. Their relationship is soaring so beautifully. They both can't seem to get enough of each other. Khushi battling with her morning sickness, Arnav's care and my God what was that in the gym room? These two are really something. It's so sweet how they hold on to each other and are in so much love.
I want to really do something to Karan's mom. Her own son is neck deep in trouble and she is going around rubbing salt to their wounds.
Some people really derive pleasure in hurting others. I want A and K to show the whole world...who ever thought that they are not fit for each other that they are very happy and very much in love. I hope Khushi's family gets it clear in their head that Khushi is not going to come to them with a shattered heart.
Dadi is another case who is irritating me. Please live and let live. Does she not want her grandson happy? Does she think him to be a small baby who can't tell the difference from good and bad? Anyways our super hero arrived right on time =)
Can't blame the police if they thought Anjali was the culprit..I mean even I was thinking the same but I did have a feeling that it was not her.You wouldn't have made it that easy na Tina ;)
It was beautiful when A held Khushi's hand right before they stepped into RM. Just loved it :)
I am just too shocked that it was Payal?????? her own jiji..but why yaar..that's the big question. Why does she want to harm her sister?
Did this Payal have/has some crush on Arnav. Does she want their wealth. She is and Shyaam together in this? My mind is just racing with different possibilities.

The precap was great...can we can throw that Shyaam out. Who invited him? If Anjali wanted she would have called him earlier now he has to appear there and make A and K uncomfortable. Urghhh
Fateful Love Ch 17 Review by Jyo:
You know T, now when I think back ... a person who lost his memory, when he reaches the place where everything he lost is returned to him, that rush of blood in your veins as your life comes back to you, as you feel your heart beats quicken and await with anxious trepidation as your memories are restored.
T what I mean to say is that there was something very spiritual about your FL update, I had this calm soothing peace of mind as I read it, for weeks I have been stressed T, I felt that I had lost the reins of my own life, that it was rushing too fast and I was playing hard to catch up and for the first time in weeks today, I relaxed , I had my heart take a calmed pace as I read your update and I couldn't stop smiling.
How you have penned down Arnav & Khushi to perfection , they have both played their roles perfectly here.
You know another thing T, this is the first of your works where the lovers have faced long separations compared to your other works, everywhere else ... no matter what the situation is, their distance amongst themselves were for brief periods but in FL, Arnav & Khushi have faced long time apart.
And yet their love only grew stronger from the distance, the grapples of time or the fear of imminent death couldn't keep them from fighting their fates to meet with each other.
In the history of all love stories ever written down by humans, I don't think there was ever a love story as Arnav&Khushi in Fateful Love who faced insurmountable and unthinkable obstacles and yet came out as winners, they battled 2 such phenomena which are both beyond any human control .. TIME & DEATH  ... yet their LOVE won !
I don't know if u fully realised the intensity of the story you have written, T do you realise that if the world outside IPK FFs read your story, its going to be a landmark in the history of romantic literature ?
You think am exaggerating ? don't be shocked T ... am dead serious and with absolute conviction, am telling you, this story deserves to be told for everyone in the world to know.
Its a shame if people miss this one ! you have outclassed the so called epic literary romances with your perfect masterpiece of Fateful Love.
I am so proud of you T, don't think am being patronizing but I have read your works as you wrote them down, I wasnt an early reader of your works but I have been with you since SL and MG and if I have to say , then your growth as a writer is terrific !
You know that SL is always my fav of yours ... but now am adding FL to it, SL & FL ranks equal to me !
If SL spoke about love in vivid shades never explored then FL shows us the spirituality of unconditional love.
Words fail me T as I try to tell you how perfect a story this is but I had tears in my eyes today , tears of unending joy as I read FL.
Arnav as he entered Sheesh Mahal , the ghosts of their eagerly beckoning him into the journey of his revival of memories, as he walked through the house ... recalling each memory that he lost.
I couldm imagine it in my mind's eye ... Arnav walking through Sheesh Mahal ... each memory striking and etching into his heart ... the nerves of his brain getting those electric impulses as the lost leaves of memories returned.
Each step slowly taking him closer to his destiny ... the reason for his existence literally !
His Khushi.
And Khushi, undaunted by the horrors that struck them, heavily pregnant and more than ever in need of Arnav's love and protection , yet she on her own gets Sheesh Mahal ready for its master's arrival.
She is truly the daughter of the house as much as Arnav is the son. Any woman would have given up under such circumstances but not Khushi, she carrying Arnav's love in heart & in her womb, does everything she would do as Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada.
She shows the world that instead of being a weak woman, she is a warrior who will fight the battles of life if thats what it takes to have the fates return her husband into her safe haven.
And her love wins !
Alone she entered Sheesh Mahal but not alone did she live in it for Arnav soon joined her.
And Arnav & Khushi ... the star crossed lovers who met in the darkness of the nightskies and the shadows of the moon are reunited under the blazing heat of the Sun !
That reunion ... the homecoming of Arnav & Khushi ... trials and tribulations over at last ... one for now and forever ... is the most beautiful scene you have ever written !
T am running out of words hun ... am getting too emotional and I don't want to exhaust all my emotions right now ... I will save them for your epilogue after which I will be writing my final tribute for FL <3
I love you T ... you make me so proud !
Love you ... Muah ! 
Desert Heat Ch 25 Review by Aashi12:
So Aman finally is cutting a bit of slack and letting lose. Come one dude, till how long does he plan to stay in denial of the obvious?

Maya is obviously fun. Her thoughts and replies are crazy, fiery and just too good.

Taj is such a cutie pie. The matchmaker this guy is, he surely deserves a girl for himself. ;) and he is Right! Imran clearly Loves Zara, so much that he could leave her, for her own good. Although it sounds stupid, but the feelings and pain he endured, Imran now needs to re think and give his Love a chance. :)

As for Dark prince. I wonder if at the end, that water was Boiling Hot too? Oh my.. He surely is excels in the art of seduction. and there is a limit to what a girl can resist. I mean surely if Khushi would have not given in now, i would have declared her a 'nun'. but she did and it was eventually Arnav, who we all know, respects his promises, even in the inberited state, he stopped. Thats commendable!
Now when they have talked it all out. He is her husband and she is his wife, i really want Khushi to let go of Nidhant Singh. Why now? 
I'd still get her point. But would her parents ever want her to be unhappy? No. If they had been alive, i'm sure, the would have told her to respect her husband, which she does, and also give the guy, that right. 

A Ring, a paper contract can not decide heart's will, can it? ;) 

Fateful Love Ch 25 Review by Truth: 
Baby, Hold On Ch 15 Review by Sobtifanshree:
omg!!!!!!!!!!! loved the update

it was just awesome Big smile sans Sheena's mom Angry

she was too annoying, just lyk butterballAngry

n arnie boy singing Day Dreaming

cont. asap, coz precap is Blushing

Fateful Love Ch 25 Review by What_the:
SP 1 yr Anniversary Review by Arushi_IPKKND:
Dearest TINA! and SATINA
Oh my my.. time is flying by so quick.. Heart
I think it was only yest that we had felt 'HIS HOT GAZE' on 'HER BOTTOM LIP' and hands on the flimsy strings of her  'ITSY-BITSY RED BIKINI'... Blushing

It only felt like yesterday when we enjoyed that 'SLUMBER PARTY WITH ASR' & KKG which 'UNLEASHED' so many feelings within SLers and we even halucinated about them in our respective 'BOARD MEETINGS'... lolllzzzROFL

'THEIR FIRST TIME' kept us asking for more besharmi and we never doubted that we would miss their RAIZADA MANSHION' encounter...Big smile

'THE ANNOUNCEMENT' to 'MANHATTEN' kept us on edges panting and the pitter-patter 'RAINDROPS' was of no great help either.. leading us to 'STORMS' (of emotions in our hearts for ASR-KKG) and with a 'COCKTAIL PARTY'.. after the emotional roller coaster we had during 'THE CHARITY BALL' and its CONTINUATION (CHARITY BALL -PT 2) that left us spell bound, leaving no option but to take our 'VOWS' for the most amazing couple and their awesome-crackling chemistry (credit: TINA! and SATINA). Clap

'THE EVIDENCE' of our madness towards your story speaks in the number of comments that you receive for a single update.. and we don't mind  'THE REVEALATIONS' of this outcome that we are a totally crazy bunch of SLers having fun, chatting, skipping our beauty sleep and developing dark under eye circles... Ouch (not that we complain though..Wink)

BIG BIG BIIIGGG thank you for giving us the most amazing and out of the world 'ASR's PROPOSAL' and the glimpses of their 'MARRIED LIFE' but you both are such a tease sometimes for 'KEEPING SECRETS' and later make up for it as the 'CONFRONTATION' never fail to leave us totally hot and blushing but hearts still craving for more.. Embarrassed
Bottom line: Kuch zyada mile toh achha hai na..!!! LOL

And now after the 'AFTERSHOCKS' Shocked of the teasing teaser that you have given us in this hot hot summer, are that we really and badly need to keep our mind and thoughts sane hence  we will go and practice MEDIATATION on yogamats.. Come on SP die hards take your yogamats and join the party.. Party

Now now now.. do I have to reveal the color of yogamats that are needed..! Wink
No prizes for guessing it RED Star
SP 1 yr Anniversary Review by Ankita: 
I am glad I could make it today here and post a comment.

The one good thing happening in last days.

Rockstar and Satina Heartiest Congratulations To Both Of You On the Successful Completion Of one year of SECRET PASSION.

How quickly time flies,can't believe its already an year since we are a part of this journey of Arnav and Khushi.

A completely different take on them and yet so poignantly described.

From the first meeting to now on the verge of becoming parents they have come such a long way.

The pull between them has been oso intense that its been hard to ignore since the very start.The passion soaring high in skies.

The reasons may have been different for coming together but both Arnav and Khushi have been unable to hate each other.They could mask their true feelings with one word but they can never truly hate each other.

In times of distress or with he fear of her being someone else's the proprietary had shown in its full form .
With the passage of time Khushi saw the Arnav hidden beneath the ASR world knew and as the reasons that led to it got unleashed,the feelings only grew intense.

Love makes it all possible and happened here as well as inspite of so many reasons,the past,the bitter memories Arnav took the big leap of faith and married Khushi .She belonged to him and he made it concrete that noone could ever doubt her position in is life.Her love and faith providing him the strength and courage to overcome everything that ever caused any hindrance.


But they are each other's world.So here they are married,truly,madly,deeply and irrevocable in love with each other baring it all.The families didn;t approve but the love between them is so strong that it stood strong in front of all odds life is putting them through.

There are some evil forces behind them and with  its going to see the end of day as well,its about time.

Being parents it was unexpected to both of them and as much as they love each other,it takes some time to wrap your head with the sudden news.

Khushi and Arnav both have such diverse backgrounds and so the way they both reacted to this news as the way their character essence in this story is all about.Its great that you sticked to it.

He took time to let go of his demons and take the plunge with Khushi and having a bay that too when they both haven't even as much as talk about it was sure to extract such a reaction from him.

Khushi took her own way of telling him this and that riled him further.His possessiveness speaks in all forms .Though still he couldn't leave her alone and if he took some time then its feasible because at the end Arnav Singh Raizada did come around and how.

He is not like his father,he will prove to be the best Dad out there,His love for Khushi is unquenchable and he will do anything to protect his little family.

The passion on fire between them and you are well aware of my reactions.Looks like Mrs Raizada is getting naughtier by the day.

SP 1 yr Anniversary by Jyo
T , Satina ... okay before I say anything further , here is me sending you a tight panda hug.
One year of Secret Passion ... is it a year already ?? coz I still remember that day when T was telling me about the new story and that was the first time she told me about you Satina, one year has passed but am still not lucky to know the reclusive Satina, sigh girl I wish you were a lil more active, you know what, your name gives me the feeling that u r T's sister ;) <3
But anyways leave all that, let me come to the point, coz you both penned a story that's definitely the HBO version truly, not just that, it's passion reloaded to new levels BUT with not an iota of vulgarity in it !
Every frame of SP, no matter how naughty our love birds are, the emotion that stands out in the forefront is pure unadulterated unconditional LOVE.
The fact that Khushi's virginity was part of a contract might seem repulsive in a different scenario but here you both weaved it into the story in such a way that right from Scene 1 we knew that ASR was deeply affected by Khushi. The days spend drooling and day dreaming on SP are many, all the wild convos that we have had in Secret Lounge threads and group inboxes, I still look back on that and have a hearty laugh ... sigh the happy memories !
SP took a turning point the day when ASR opened his heart and his vulnerable childlike need for love to Khushi, I knew I had fallen in love with the story too deeply, you know T, this collab with Satina and every other work of yours, each time I read them, my heart strings knot so tightly together, its a choked feeling, the sheer purity of love you portray, the passion , the care, your every word, sometimes I feel that I might stop breathing with all the beauty, how do you write like this T ?? like seriously, how do you do it ?? Satina, whenever a new SP update comes, most of the time I grill T to know what ideas were hers and what were yours and many a time the naughty crazy ideas are from your brain, srsly girl, you might remain quiet but SP speaks volumes of the vivacious spirit of a girl that you are.
The NY trip, when their love crossed every barrier in the Universe possible and then when Khushi finally laid the truth bare for Arnav & when he fled, I still remember the review I wrote, and the reply that T gave me, one thing I still know is that for me SP is a story that revealed its myriad layers on its own like a revelation, its like I could feel the pulse of the story, the undercurrent was so familiar to my heart.
The story so far, staying true to its theme, Its US Agaiant The World, its Arhi against the world just like the Romeo-Juliet play they witnessed, Romeo-Juliet met with a tragic end, Heer Ranjha had a tragic end but not our love birds, they will write a fresh unique ending to the magical saga of love and you two r like the modern era Jane Austen s with the magic quill. You know Jane Austen is my fav English author when it comes to the genre of Romance, in her novels, no matter how bleak and difficult the love maybe, true love always wins in the end. She captured the beauty and regalty of England of the Royal Ages, the sophistication and class and charm and elegance perfectly but also gave strong powerful feminine characters.
You two do the same in SP, situations maybe difficult, they maybe truly unconventional but you gave us an Arhi who tread through the most difficult paths as one body and one soul, you gave Khushi, a unique woman of today, someone every girl can look upto, a woman who doesn't make nonsensical sacrifices on her love for the sake of ill-conceived society and family notions, she is a woman who stuck by her man and stood should to shoulder with him as they battled the demons that threatened to destroy them, even if it meant going against her family, what mattered to her was that in her heart she knew what was the right thing to do and that was to stick by Arnav, her man.
In SP you gave us a male character who could balance his various roles to perfection, troubled and tormented by his family and past but he never let that come between his love for Khushi when the time came to make the call, ofcourse he took a reasonable time to battle his demons but he didnt run away from her or desert her, when the time came to choose between his love and the cruel demands of his family, he wasnt one of those males who takes the easier route and hide behind his family curtains so that society doesn't mock him, he took the difficult path and stayed with Khushi, his woman.
A beautiful saga of love mirrored in volcanic passions and nurtured with the deepest devotion and protectiveness and endless care. I know that SP is already more than halfway through its storytelling, between DH and SP, my heart tells me SP will end first and I will miss it but what matters is that this story has been told and I am one amongst the lucky ones who got to read it.
Once again T and Satina, you both are Mozarts in the world of story-telling.
As friends , as writers , as simple human beings ... I love you both to endless.
Hugs * Kisses
SP 1 yr Anniversary by Farwa
A Story which started off so boldly and totally different than many and which progressed with strong base and the connections to missing dots was so perfect that at times it just turned me speechless. A love story started with hate but wait was it hate or just pretense to hate each other. WELL I guess da latter one coz the feelings were just there waiting to b touched and hit at the right time for Khushi it was the night when he opened up to her in anger and told her that the contract is finished and he is done with her that moment was like a soul shattering  for Khushi because the moment of realization was there when he was walking away. The mere thought of him walking away leaving her was something which hit her soul like sharp blade of a sword easily cutting across her heart. For Arnav it was love at first sight but with time and events he just understood what the feelings were and when he finally thought of letting her go coz in his thoughts she was too pure to deserve someone as shattered as him was the point when he knew he loves her with all his being. Thank u for writing such a beautiful story for us Tina and Satina. Thank you ... the past year was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and we aughed,cried, felt furious and everything with charcters. BEAUTIFUL STORY. Wish all very Happy Anniversary

Baby Hold On Part 14 Review by Jyo:
ASR's POV !!
YES :D thats all that matters in this update, we got to see his heart, what he feels, you know I thought Khushi was the one crazier in love than ASR but here ulta ho gaya :v Arnav is head over heels in love with Khushi, like all that exists in his world is Khushi.
Their passion makes me blush rosy hues T, what r u doing ??? I keep grinning like a lost idiot after each update, I have this glazed expression in my eyes and an unexplained smile and everyone around me asks, what happened. They think I am in love ;) LOL they r right but not IN LOVE in that sense, am in love with your works T, and more precisely I fall in love with the writer in you, you know how I love you as a friend but I don't think you will ever be able to know how much I love the writer in you !
ASR's buttery nightmare, LMAO ... god that was crazy, when toad storms in and ASR's pulls down Khushi's top, that lil scene and his thoughts that she is only for him to see, it was just 2 lines but you portrayed a world of love in it, I read those 2 lines I guess multiple times just for its sheer perfection.
No words T, you are a vivacious writer !! when you writer, its from your heart and the beauty of it is a window to that pure heart of yours, you know .. I have your pics with me, each time I look into ur eyes, I wish to tell you to drop everything else and take up your pen and weave stories T, you are a writer first before anything else. the world deserves to know your talent, you cant deny that. You know there are a few people in my world whose thoughts are enough to soothe me when am upset, Saij , Ray , Dia , Manal , You , Yogs , Fari , Pallu , Heer , ... your thoughts alone r enough to make me smile, even when I know am in deep shit, I know I will wade through it all just to be back with all of you. everything that life taught me, this fandom and the people here taught me a lot.
Uff its becoming too emotional, this post was about BHO, so coming back, its confessions time ! :D <3 and in farmhouse ;) can't wait for this !! cant wait to see more of my love birds going crazy.
You know we think its impossible to love 2 characters of fiction so much, but with Arnav & Khushi I know we have crossed all limits and you know Barun & Sanaya are the faces of Arhi for the world and one thing I always imagine is making them sit in front of us and then have a reading session with them of ur works ;) am sure they will be blushing crimson hues as they read your imagination , I won't be surprised if they hide in their couches reading your works :v god just imagining it sends me into laughing sessions !! :D
Love you T & I miss you.
Panda Hugs ! 
Desert Heat Ch 22 Review by Ankita:
Everything is in Pink for a reasonEmbarrassed
If you need proofs or for the lack of a better word,better judgements to trust a person then the foundations of that relationship was fickle and the relationship is bound to fall apart sooner or later.
Its not only between lovers but its true for  any relationship in a person's life.
The dark prince proved yet again that the only way love can last a lifetime and more is only when its unconditional.
Trying relentlessly to ignore her when he was so attuned to her every moment.Looking out for her even when angry,feeling the pain rip his heart when she suffered the slightest discomfort and safeguarding her with his own life,his love knew no bounds.
And he did as he accepted his decision.Seeing her turmoil,the toll it was taking on her,being away from him and staying firm on her voice,his heart finally saw what it was all about.
She was all but a child who was bounded in a relationship she couldn't even know the exact meaning off and yet it was important to let go off the promise in the right way because of her deceased parents.
Letting go of all the inhibitions and what tomorrow held,they embraced each other,being where they actually belonged.
They were fighting without any reason,their hearts has long lost the battle because the only way Arnav and Khushi could was TOGETHER.
Ironical as it may sound.
They smiled in real for first time in days,laughing incessantly,talking like no ends relishing the feeling of being with each other.The solace soothing their aching hearts as they rejoiced in the blissful feeling.
But it was shortlived as they were hit by the loss of the deat of Rebel.
Arnav played his role of a true Maharaja to perfection.He secured the safety of his love and fought for his people not caring about his own life.Keeping the trust that people has bestowed upon him intact.
There are always two ways to look at things.
If we see then it was death of just an animal but sometimes an animal could be the only companion one had and Rebel was the sole companion in Arnav's struggle for so long.He was the loyalist that went with  Arnav in all along seeing up through all his ups and downs.
And with that he was the witness to Arnav and Khushi's blooming love story being their confidante.
Death is the most striking truth of life.
And Arnav and Khushi didn't even had time to mourn his loss because they are surrounded by dangers from all sides.They are stuck in adversities where the only realisation that keeps them going is the true,soulful,deep love that is engraved in their hearts.
Arnav has always been heedful to Khushi's concerns and well being first and they are so attuned to each other's presence that even the slightest change in one's demaneor catched the other's attention at the very instant.
The pain of one rip the other's heart and that was what Arnav felt when he saw Khushi in pain.He never wanted to see her in any discomfort and yet he couldn't do anything but feel demeaning in his own eyes as he feels,he was failing to take proper care of his love.
True love empowers and not dooms.
Which is exactly what Khushi did as she made him realise that unless and until she had him,she didn't needed anything else.Her unwavering beliefs and faith in him only made his resolve strengthen as they continued their journey to their distance.
They are short of supplies,danger is lurking around every corner but with they are willed strong enough to battle away all odds.
A night spent under the full moon,where they become two bodies and one soul had only binded them more intricately than ever.
They were so close yet so far,The ring weighing as the constant burden on them as inspite of being together they couldn't be the way,their heart ached to.
The desire and expectation of a child stems from the fact that Arnav always wanted a family with Khushi.He wanted to propose marriage to her and take the relationship forward because his Khushi deserved that and Khushi trusted her man with her whole being that apart from belonging to him in every way that mattered,nothing has made sense to her at that moment.
The most beautiful night of their life where they have crossed all barriers and marked each other forever.The expectation and hope of nursing the child of the man she loved was as natural as breathing and Arnav longed to see her with his child only if they didn't have the promise hanging between them.
The possessive instinct kicked in at the name of Khushi's fianc and the need of the unshakeable assurance that she solely belonged to him instiiled the raging fire in him.Yet he respected her wishes as they kept their distance.
How difficult it would be a man who for the first time has led someone into his heart,letting his every guard down,giving someone to chance to share his deepest secrets and darkest fears and entwine someone in the deepest recesses of his heart and then to know that the person concerned was binded by some childhood promise to another.
Yet he don't give up trusting his heart and theit love,controlling all his desires to the only keeper to his soul.His Khushi.
The last scene of the chapter.
Ill only say one line for that.
So as destiny would have it,the inevitable has finally taken its course.Arnav and Khushi has been finally binded in the sacred bond of marriage.
She was Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada for life and beyond.
Possessed Review by Jyo: 
Okay ... I literally had my hair standing up like they had been shocked while reading the finale, I know am superlate in giving u my feedback but kya karoon ... UNI sucks !
U know ... horror stories , when I usually read it, even if there is a love angle, I never feel the intensity. Its the fear and horror that dominates.
But u have changed that notion for me T !
Possessed is a horror story but the love is an intense as the horror.
Its a love which gets marred by the horror and fear and later on the very same love kills the evil.
Khushi is dying in the pain of the truth of Arnav's horror that only she knows ... but there is something even more worse.
Arnav loves Khushi ... and he is utterly helpless as he knows he is involuntarily becoming the reason for Khushi's trauma !
Like how much more cruel can life be !
Life has given him the worst curse possible ... gut wrenching horror clawing at his very soul ... trying to destroy him and they would have succeeded if it wasnt for his love for Khushi.
Khushi s love and faith in Arnav as she understands his innocence , his helplessness at his own cursed life ... her heart bleeds for him ... as the evil destroys their lives ... threatening to tear it apart, she clings to him .. needing no one but him ... hiolding him close even when she knows the evil might destroy her too !!
But she doesn't abandon him to suffer in it ... instead she heals him.
After the death of their loved ones ... the hug they share ... Khushi in his arms ... and no one else's ... these lil unspoken moments in ur stories ... thats what makes ur works so special T.
And every story of urs ... do u know how powerful ur words are !
Like I can see each iota of the story play out in front of me ... like a magical story unravelled.
Trust me T I have experienced this only with HP and now u Smita and Ray are the only other writers who have the same effect on me !
Their last battle ... I could literally feel the fire in my blood and nerve ends as Arnav fought with Khushi's love as his weapon ... the evil came to gnaw him ... destroy him totally by making him kill Khushi but NO. ... he fought !
He fought for her love .. for his love ... that was a zillion fold higher and more powerful than the evil residing in his body for so long !
No longer would he let it leech from him like parasites ... he had a reason to exist now ... a reason to fight ... his Khushi and he fought for her and they conquered all evil .. vanquished it ... burnt it in the same fire that once threatened to consume them !
And the last scene ... Khushi asking Arnav to take her wherever he goes ... I could imagine Sanaya and Barun playing that part flawlessly !
Them walking away from a life of evil to start a life that only they would understand in its true beauty.
Arnav & Khushi ...  star crossed lovers ... hamesha & forever.
Love you T <3
For the tales of pure love on Arnav & Khushi ... for giving me so much to treasure and cherish .
And love you more ... for being that special friend in my life whom I know I can always call as mine.
The days when we are apart .. kind of makes me realise that u mean a lot more to me than I understand.
Missed you girl ... and now cant tell u how happy I am to have u back .
Panda Hugs
Muahss !! 
Baby Hold On Ch 12 Review by AnupamaJV
loved it
so fortune cookie came true after all Wink

this update was very hot. full of passion. Blushing

khushi wanted to talk with arnav about bua ji. so she sneaked into mr. sexy's room 
and she started to check him out

she was thinking how they will ever share a bed??? Embarrassed so khushi is not as innocent as we think ROFL

and arnav was dreaming about khushi and did all that in his sleeping state??? what will he do if he was awake then? Blushing
khushi gave into passion too .then arnav came to his sense and was shocked to see khushi and apologize
but he was shocked by khushi's answer

i wish to know arnav's thoughts

khushi was dreaming about arnav all throgh her sleep but at the end she had nightmare of butterball aka shyam

then khushi woke up screaming buttermonster as she saw bua ji's yellow face! ROFL bua ji has had applied a face mask but has gone wrong

and now sushi and mr. sexy. alone at home and in the bathroom. barely clothed Blushing

will be waiting for the next update 
Fateful Love Ch 16 Review by Farwa
True love can never vanish neither it can be forced to be forgotten. True love runs in blood, it flows in ur body like oxygen and its as necessary as each breath we take for our survival. Thats why when Khushi asked I need a favor Arnav replied ANYTHING though Khushi was a complete stranger according to the present stage of his MIND but its the HEART which recognized the other part and started giving signals that she is the one and that is the reason he is so attracted to her even when she told him that she was married. I dont think I loved Buaji that much even in show the amount of love and respect I feel for the women in this FF. She is a sweetheart really I adore buaji so much. The amount of love she shows for Khushi her worry for her niece and everything. Waooo same office what a twist Tina u r awesome... he cared so much for her that he arranged her table in his own office and a comfortable chair... aweee when she said that my husband loves me so much that he cares for my comfort even unconsciously... Arnav is feeling jealous of that husband of hers lol when in reality its  him she is referring to as her husband... How shweet she cooked his fav food just for him lovely... I just loved to see feisty Khushi the way she treated shetal that woman deserved it... Arnav is mine in ur dreams u... Just loved their 1st kiss in present Arnav is damn sure lke hell that they have something but what he didnt know... Aweee he was worried that she might not come back coz of kiss but how cant she u r her anchor her life the miracle she was waiting for now how cant she stay away from u... I was so worried when she left for Luckhnow all the time  I chanted pls b safe pls b safe coz I was worried Sheetal might do something bad. And u did it OMG I just love u sooo much. Arnav went to search for her and met Buaji and now he knows and he is on his way to Luckhnow YUPIII
Possessed Parts 1-3 Review by Aarthi
Review by Alexandrite91

Desert Heat Ch 23 Review by Rattyswami
Waah waahClapwhat a fab update...

Rebel's murder and then Arnav's breakdown infront of Khushi was very well penned down.
The bond between Arshi felt like some sort of tangible entity..their every emotion just seems to leap out of the page...and for that the credit goes to you, TinaClap so congrats

Arnav's possessiveness and his insecurities about loosing his Khushi were so clear...
When Khushi remembered her fiance's name, she burst Arnav's little bubble of security...
After that point all of Arnav's actions betray his innermost FEAR...Loosing Khushi...

Arnav is already quite vulnerable right now as he thinks that he failed to protect Rebel and then Khushi gets hurt...
ASR can't help but feel helpless and unworthy of an Angel like her...
The fiance's name one again fuels ASR's insecurity...which he tries to overcome by getting physically intimate with his beloved...but Khushi's vow to sort things out before taking the next step, ruin his plan...
I think ASR just wanted to reassure himself that Khushi is still only his, no one else has any caim on her...

But later I think his silence can be attributed to his mind working up all different possibilities that could occur...Arnav never thought he would loose Rebel like this, but he did...he was caught of guard and even his best efforts couldn't prevent the inevitable from happening...then Arnav probably started thinking that what if something goes wrong and his Khushi is taken away from his? By her fance, Shyam, Aakash or any other unforseen enemy...the list is endlessShocked 

He probably spent all his time figuring out ways to stake his claim on Khushi before anybody else gets any such ideas in their headWink It could be a coincidence too, but I think that Arnav selecting a bridal lehenga for Khushi is a clear indication of his intentLOL
 I just love this sneaky ArnavWink He knew the significance of filling Khushi's maang with his blood very he purposefully marked her as his for life...

Thanks to all those blood angreez finally Arnav got the opportunity and excuse to claim Khushi as Mrs. ASRWink Challo woh Angreez kisi ke toh kaam aayeROFL

Now no ring or childhood promise can take his Khushi away from himDancing
Baby, Hold On Part 10 Fu King Restaurant Review by Farwa
Very light n entertaining. ... the fu king restaurant lol anyways ohooo da possessive n protective Mr.Sexy... seriously Raizada did u need to mark ur territory lol... I seriously doubt k I will ever b able to eat anything made with butter yukh...
"Hot chocolate with extra butter for
me," Shyamji said. 

Seriously this man is a butter freak he can order brownie not with a scoop of icecream but his order will b brownie with a scoop of butter
Shyaam's menu
cornflakes with a cup of butter
instant butter coffee or butter wali chai
butter sandwitch with butter scotch or butter fried rice with butter chicken Manchurian with butter sauce
Butter kabab
butter palak panner
buttery salsa
arghhh :)
Desert Heat Ch 21 Review by Arush_IPKKND
Dearest TINA!.
I m late again. But have been like really busy.
Did I tell you that I liked the terrace arrangement very much...Its such a dreamy set-up. I love the Rajputs for their hospitality. BTW I am also a proud Rajput by birth. Thumbs Up
What a way to begin your day Mr. Dark Prince..! Censored
Trying to break in through to the heart of your Angel and still respected her predicaments by backing off shows Arnav's true love and not lust for Khushi. Take a bow again TINA! dearest. Clap
And he is simply not himself if he does not have the last word. "The next time we make love..." wala dialogue was like rocking man. Hayee koi toh rok lo mujhe...Iss style pe toh main wari jawa..! Ummah...I m irrevocably in love with you Dark Prince. You are simply superb and utterly ravishing. 
Bahahaha...Arnav jealous of Rebel...of course the latter was much cleaner than the former and the fact that Khushi was teasing him to the core... Very beautifully written scene...looked very domestic and they both a very ordinary couple...of course not "ordinary" ordinary but special for us... Clap
The mehndi scene reminded me of our naughtiest A+K from MG. Awww I miss them so much. I went back to re-read that particular update on your blog after reading this one. Such moments bring on so much of light heartedness and makes us realize to look at the small moments of happiness. 
I am shocked that some people wrote to you about their take on child marriage...Hello...this is 21st century..! Wake up guys and don't be such creeps...Childhood is very special and we should not make it brooding by such stupid thoughts. I very well agree with Khushi's words. Indeed they are TINA!'s words...which reminded me that...
"Reading is the sole means by which we slip involuntarily, often into another's skin, another's voice, another's soul" - Joyce Carol Oates. Thumbs Up
The way Arnav read through Khushi' turmoil of the burden that she was carrying has cleared his mind of where her heart lies...somewhere at the back of his mind he did know it already...and acknowledging it in words has brought strength to both of them...come what may (Akash or Shyam) and they will face it together"forever. Hug
I was grinning ear to ear like a stupid fool reading their easy banter while on the trail...them discussing about their earlier life and how possessivs and jealous they both can get toward each is after so many weeks that they are talking like best friends putting all their worries and insecurities behind...I am so happy to have this in this particular update because the end was so damn sad... Cry
That damn Shyam wanted to kill our Barbie-doll to punish our Dark Prince...teri toh main...#$%&@ ...Uff language control my foot..! Angry
I totally agree that historical romances are so damn beautiful and at the same time difficult because the requirement of realism results in the departure of some beautiful souls like Rebel who showed his honesty and faithfulness toward his master till the end and gave up his life for it. Dead
I was so happy reading the tantrums Rebel was throwing toward his master...but the end of the update left me so cold and sad. TINA! dear whenever you plan to kill that douchebag Shyam please meri taraf se bhi do goli extra zaroor marna...and don't you dare give him an easy death.
Beloved Rebel
You are forever loved
though this life fades away
and all mortal bodies decay.
You will forever be my beloved,
my immortal brother and friend,
my enduring flame,
my guiding light,
my compass rose, 
My desert guide. REBEL Ouch
"When those we love have left this earth, we still can feel them near. We'll see a picture, hear a song, and it's just like they are here. And when we call upon our faith, when we believe and trust, we know the ones we care about are always close to us."
This one is just for you martyr... May you 'Rest in Peace'
P.S.: Now that they are safe and sound I was just wondering how will they move forward without any supplies and even water...But I am damn sure it is gonna be more fun and thrilling... Why do I have a feeling that the next update is gonna be my fav LOL

Secret Passion Ch 19 Review by Kannansangee
first of all tina and satina ,
happy new year 
and happy christhmas...
now about the update ...
it was arhilicious Star
and khushi you naughty naughty   girl...Heart
throughout the update she was so naughty 
khushi made him carry her through out the house tour LOLLOLLOL
awww and he dint put her down after the house tour 
and arnav himself answered her back in his quircky, quick witted style
she is not heavy and he enjoys carrying and bothering her  LOLLOLLOL its an old hobby raizada awesome 
khushis threat that she woould wear the red bikini and not allow him to touch her LOL
and arnv hopelessly accepting defeat was awesome LOL
and they went on about kissing games *thud*, why is it so hawt?????????????????????
till they reached kitchen...and we see another version of
100 ways to spoil romance by thinking about jalebi by kkgsr LOLLOLLOL
they remembered about their parasites ...oops sorry families ...AngryAngryAngry
and arnav is right how much time should they explain their relationship to others ... sick and disgusting people gupta zadas  DeadDeadDead
and good that arnav is so sensible about rest of the worls going to antartica LOL
then came karan part ...
You karan  i dont want to call you and remind you that ypu are bas***d, backstabbing friend ...
one word bugger off from the place ...AngryAngryOuch 
censored part is over 
now my guess on this karan stalker collaboration was correct ...(am i awesome or what???????)PartyDancing
but everybody would have guessed it?Cry
and well karan bye bye tata ...will not miss you forever ...SleepySleepy
and karans mother is equally bad Angry
my guess on the stalkerae azam group people :::::::::: it should be payal because of that one 
scene where she shows her anger to khushi 
but its you guys so expecting the unexpected ...
it can even be a new character or some one in  disguise as servant in rm but has khandani dushmani with arnav and by chance can be related to khushi( like khushis  original mother )
*pats herself on back*
uske baad ka SCENE was hot and sensous ...licking away sauce by khushi ...Day Dreaming
khushi is really a vixen LOLLOL
and kiss ,kiss and more kiss  with or without reason LOLLOLthat s what i love about spEmbarrassed 
awww the hug during lightning was Day Dreaming
i loved the scene which followed ...Day Dreaming
it was so sexy and blush worthy BlushingBlushing
how do you write passionate scenes so well?????? ClapClapClap
 i think i need to put kala tikka  on you Star
 kisi ki nazar naa lage Hug
yes and i have to say could sp get any hotter that this SillyPartyDancing
if the answer is yes then bring it on dear ...ROFL
we are not complaining Silly
i loved ,loved , loved the morning scene again ...Day Dreaming
 so much of blushing  ...BlushingBlushing
will it do any harm doctor ?????????????Ermm
..and i was grinning like an idiot  when i read it ...
all thanks to sp and its authors LOLLOL
i loved the typical hubby wifey talk ...Day Dreaming
hope things remain calm and cool like this  always in sp land Day Dreaming
awww and both miss each other ...Day Dreaming
and they are not announcing it in public ...Confused
well i am slightly worried about thisConfused will come to this again at the end of the update 
I loved how the teaser for part 19 played out ...Big smile
khushi you naughty ,naughty girl ...Star
i loved how arnav rushed back to his wifey ...Approve
well i hated the lavanya part in between though ...Dead
i think karan and lav should be couples ...LOLLOLLOL
they are insane ,irrational ,and officially made for each other LOLTongue
i loved how arnav pushed her away ...LOLLOL 
well she totally asked for it LOL
well next scene ...Embarrassed
no words ...ClapClap
i am just getting redder and redder ...BlushingBlushing
somebody find a superlative for red...may be reddest ...LOLLOL
so much of passion tina ...i may get  a v. fib LOLLOLLOL
how will i ever knead dough without thinking about this ...Cool
khushi is really a vixenTongue
 its her fault ...Wink
 I loved how arnav wanted to punch the person who was calling them  amidst their secret passionHeart
and the update ended with a cliff hanger ...Angry
as usual ,uff !!tina, you both are getting so  predictable in giving us a cliff hanger  (that being the only predictable part LOLLOLLOL)
so will khushi keep this a secret?????? IS THE QUESTION 
my thoughts ...D'oh
 after the update, i should definitely say the part which stood out the most was about them   keeping  their marriage a secret ConfusedConfusedConfused
well it for sure answers one question which popped up in my mind seeing the teaser for chapter 17 ...  
the question you put forth  haunted me  even after the chapter ...
the teaser was titled revelation 
and question i remember was about arnav and khushis love which was no more a secret to their family ...
well from that point i have been thinking ... now it was  not a secret so how will the title justify it ??????????????D'oh
well now after reading this part and the teaser together 
i think the next chapter can be a game turner also 
because ...i feel  that we are yet to know arnav's past  fully ...and how it has damaged him ...
and may be the mystery  woman is connected to all this ...Clap
or may be too much of thinking is raking my poor brain .LOLLOLLOL
well lets wait  for the next update ...Hug

Fateful Love Ch 9 review by Fleurs
The reunion was astounding ... Khushi unable to believe if all this was happening for real & whether she did hear her love's voice & she reiterating that it should be true was awesome. Could feel the intensity of  pain the two scarred souls underwent due to the separation & the inexplicable joy that was bubbling within to express their heartfelt contentment at their reunion. Tina, Arnav placing her palm over his heart & affirming her that he was there for real was BEAUTIFUL Heart

The two love birds replacing the agony of their separation with love & pouring their hearts out seeking each other's warmth & the room filled with their laughter was soothing to my heart

When Arnav mentioned with a heavy heart regarding boy's falling for Khushi, she understanding his inner turmoil too well & assuring him  that he was the only love of her life ... it was so lovely to see him confirm if she still felt the same for him or if time had changed her life & she washing away the worry in his heart & bringing back the smile in his face ... I was in awe when Arnav handled such a sensitive issue without hurting Khushi's heart Hug

I adore the happy playful boyish attitude of Arnav which was reserved exclusively for Khushi resurfacing itself while he was testing her vision ...  Day Dreaming

"Your memory was all I had. ...I got through every painstaking day. ...endless fog of loneliness.."
              Brilliantly lines Tina HeartHeartHeart
When Arnav narrated as to how the memories of their kiss kept him going through his painful phase & then he hesitantly asking her for kisses with bated breath was astoundingly penned down ... adore this man HeartHeartHeart He addressing her love' with immeasurable love surging in his heart & actions is so ethereal. Both the lovers through their kisses pouring out all their love & seeking reassurance that they were really together was a warm scene. Arnav mouthing I love u & pressing kisses over her heartbeat ... heavenly HeartHeartHeart

"I was lost without you, Khushi. I was living, but I wasn't ... good as dead." Clap Heart Thumbs Up
Amidst the heated passion & the killing desire to kiss every inch of his love, the scar & pain of separation haunting him again coming out as words telling her  how he lived an empty life equal to death crushing her to bits on the sound of the his death was awesome ... hats off Tina the way you portrayed this scene is  incomparable Clap

Khushi in a quandary as to how to open up the most dreadful facts she had learnt about the upcoming happenings in his life, in her present century, on the other hand Arnav tending to his frightened love tenderly, she asking him to hold her in his embrace & seeking the most needed warmth & comfort... and the comparison of how they slept just the way they used to in childhood but with a small difference from innocent friendship to chaste love was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

Khushi wanting to salvage Anjali's life too from the clutches of evil, in the real sense of a sister apart from it being the only way to hinder the entry of Jha speaks about Khushi's humanity & how she accepts Arnav's family as his & shares & feels every pain of his as hers

It all seeming outlandish to hear about his & his Di's future being narrated from Khushi, his confused state, unshakable belief in her when she termed Shyam as evil', his form freezing on hearing the least expected news of his death & his eyes interlocking with the teary ones of his love expressing tons & tons of fear about the approaching possibility of having to lose her for the second time & forever this time constricting him to no ends was splendidly written

A special mention to the scene where Arnav's mind gets clouded with worry of losing the life that he had dreamt of with Khushi & that he would be missing the chance of spending a colourful life with his & Khushi's children & the chances of showering them with immeasurable love as a dad unlike his father who gave him & his Di a haunted lonely past to carry all through their lives reflects the quantum of agony his father had inflicted on him

Khushi's damn good in planning leaving no place for any loopholes thinking of all probable possibilities of Shyam creeping into their lives Clap  she trying to explain about her research on changing time & fate to Arnav who had hardly even heard of all such things & Arnav too trying to understand was lovely

Aman sounds like a good idea ... but wonder how they will succeed in taking such a bid step of altering the fate of Shyam's entry???

Secret Passion Ch 18 Review by soni_md
Ok, seriously. I have a rant ... the little Chihuahua can go straight back to the kennel, and frolic in his own little cage, with his inanimate chew toy, the only thing that can stand him ... I have so many plans for him, many of which involve surgical instruments, and special parts of the human anatomy, specific to only males ... Grrr ...
Maybe they could have handled it better, but they're too close to each other, and too afraid of anything happening. I think when it takes that much effort to finally be with the one you love, being away from them again is unimaginable, and when there is something that is threatening you, the one you love, or the relationship it took so long to cultivate, it leads to rash decisions, taken under the guise of overprotectiveness.
The love each other, and while that was clear to Buaji from the start, she didn't know enough about them to allow that to be enough. And the little crawling dung beetle (though I should apologize to all animals, they are nowhere near as disgusting, evil, pathetic, and shudder-worthy as he is), used that to full advantage, and broke down her confidence, until she doubted her own decision, and then he convinced her that she was right in believing that her initial impression was wrong, and instigated a family mutiny against Khushi, Arnav, and their "marriage" ... I suppose in that case, the only option they had was to be scared, and rash, and just throw all their cards out on the table.
For them, their relationship is not a bargaining chip, it's real, and they are real. Being apart is not an option, and forcibly being shoved into a scenario that they would have to be separated was not a chance they were willing to take or be in.
Simply put, if you cut off a lion's paw, he will only become more dangerous, because he's hurt. Using the one thing he is madly overprotective of to threaten him with is only going to make him lose any sanity that he is cultivating for her. He cares about her family, and his own, but not more than he cares about her. She is the reason he is able to tolerate all the bad, the hurt, and conquer the past. To take her away, would be to take away the only thing that makes him human or eager to live anymore, and to try to take that away is not a choice at all. He will choose her above all else, and it is the same for her.
And as far as the little mutt is concerned ...
*sounds of screams of pain from far away*

Desert Heat Comment by KKKA































Below is a very special poem on DH by one of my sweetest friendsHug
HeartHow do I retouch a fragment heart? [DESERT HEAT] by Yogi Heart
How do I retouch a fragment heart?
The world we share together is crumbling into pieces
You taught me to hope for a beautiful life
That just has you and me to begin with
You taught me to be happy
With what we have for each other
You taught me to love you
By breaking every wall existed in me
How do I find all this in a brand new day?
When you're drifting far apart from me
Just like the tides of wave
Memories of you rushes in my mind
Of all that we've shared, all that we knew
I long for your touch, your warm embrace
The innocent look in your hazel eyes
The smile on your face that reaches to your eyes
And shines thru your soul
My dreams are filled with great volt of desire
To kiss your soft petal like lips
To make love to your seductress body
And make you scream my name
Score my skin with your nail
As the heat of our passion reaches new height
I wake with a sore pain for all that I miss
How do I retouch the fragment heart
When my one true and I drifting apart
My heart knows to love you only
It won't let go, what shall I do?
The moments we're together were precious and few
But I cherished all of it more than you know
I love you then, I love you still
And will always love you angel
Till the last breathe of my life

Fateful Love Ch 6 Review by soni_md
A comment. What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to pass judgment on something so heart-wrenching, so epic, so beautiful? My breath shudders to a stop with every sentence, and I hold myself together to keep going. The gift that you have is unparalleled.
I read the whole update with tears streaming ... Broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Expected as it was, I wasn't prepared.
As if the pain of losing his parents wasn't enough, he had to lose her too. Knowing in those beginning moments, that she was there allowed him to keep the faade of strength steady, and unbreakable. And yet, in the confines of his room, and her embrace, there was no need to hide, or pretend. The grief could be given free reign, and he could vent, unleash his sorrow and pain, allow himself to feel, and attempt to heal as he burrowed deeper into her warmth and strength.
She was the light that he couldn't see anymore, the balm for the pain he couldn't handle, the strength he couldn't summon. She held the key to healing, she was everything. Having her by his side gave him the ability to walk when he had just had his legs torn.
His sorrow was unbearable for her, she who lived to see him smile, and to hold him. She gave him everything, held him all through the night, tried to absorb his pain and shield him from all that she could. Just the day away from him was unbearable, what would they do when the next bomb fell?
And fall it did. Greed, the greatest motivator of evil, soon reared its ugly head, in the form of the Uncle. God makes evil, we all know it, but to such depths. Shattering his soul wasn't enough. He had to take the only light Arnav knew, the only saving grace he had left.
Though, divine intervention was bound to show itself, somehow giving them one last night together, for them to hold and cherish. One last night to explain, and give each other enough to last eternity, and not just the night, or the next four years.
Vows were given, taken, declarations made, embraces long and poignant, strong enough to bind them together forever. He takes with him the only two things that will bring him back. Her, and his mother. Symbolically, the only two things that matter to him anymore. He gives her himself, and tells her that her heart is his, and no longer does she own it. Their bond is stronger than even they know.
This relationship, everything it holds and encompasses, is strong enough to pass the test of time, to rip open the fabric and cross over. Time is only a variable, one that will be overcome.
And thank you, for letting us be there to see that happen. For allowing us to hold your hand and be guided on this journey of hope, love, and making the impossible, possible. Under the guise of writing, you take us on a journey so full of magic, intrigue, joy, and heartbreak that we are left in awe, and for that we thank you. You leave no stone unturned in taking us to regions unknown and unchartered.
Bravo, Dr, bravo!

Fateful Love Ch 6 Review by Sarunfanatic Ji
After Joshlyn Jackson, there is only woman who touched my heart with her writing, and that is YOU!!

I can never forget 'GODS IN ALABAMA' till my last breath and now Desert Heat and Fateful Love is going to get added into that list.

If only the time was not cruel with these two, well all those true lovers have to face such cruelties of the world/society to prove themselves and their Love.

And if you are destined to be together, no ugly forces can stop you from uniting. Its a universal fact!!!

Its something to just give up and lose hope. But I admire those lovers who stood for themselves no matter what comes in their way.

Felt really proud for these two souls. And their vows to each other just broke my heart.

How beautiful it is? The falling in love with someone special? Only those people would understand who had the privilege to have met and fell in love with that special person and realized the truth that he/she was living a half-life till then.

It was so pure and romantic T! Woman, you must know that your words has this magical effect on us, your ardent readers.

No writer would have portrayed their condition better than you. This is no false praise, when I say it, trust me, I really mean it from my heart.

Happy to have came across you and your writing.

I'll be always thankful to IF for this.

Love you!

Friedrice ji. 

Fateful Love Ch 6 Review by MissElektra101
This is INEVITABLY, the best, I repeat, THE BEST, fanfiction I have come across - EVER. 

I mean it actually played with my feelings, and to reach that level of connection with a story is very hard to achieve as a reader, so you have definitely set an exemplary standard in the forum!

Like I really don't understand how to convey how much I love you for this story. I mean where do I begin in explaining the elements that grasp me to this story? 

The fact that this whole concept is mindblowingly unique? Or perhaps the way the words are strung so beautifully together that they stir emotions inside of me? I really don't know...

All I can say is please, just never stop writing, because in essence your story is like a drug to me. No doubt I am definitely going to check out more of your work - it's simply perfect. 

Oh yes and the all important cliched phrase - please update soon!
Haha but seriously do. Or I might die. 

Fateful Love Ch 6 Review by ara_000
phew dis is simply a heart broken chappy..!

Goshhh i was reading d chappy nd my heart was hattering into pieces feeling d pain..!

The pain is unbearable..!

I am actually in trance seeing d love nd trust between them..!

Loved it how u have started d chappy..!

Its true dat it hardly takes a minute to change d course of our lives..!

A life which we alwaz feel to b perfct can shatter witin minutes like a house of cards making us feel dat our thoughts were our illusion nly..!

Loved it how u have brought up d aftrmath of the death of arnav's parents wit khushi mourning wit arnav nd holding him in her embrace making him feel safe nd secured..!

Nd finally dat day came up where arnav nd anji were thrown out from their own house by their greedy uncle but this betrayal by their own blood is less painful for arnav compared to the seperation from khushi..!

Loved it how khushi made him face her nd seeing d tears in his eyes she could feel dat sumthng terrible is waiting for them nd ther he broke d news of him leaving d sheesh mahal describing her abt his uncle's nasty deeds nd khushi could not hlp but began to cry feeling all darkness surrounding her..!

Nd wen she came to knw dat they nly have this night wit them she actually could not take it anymore nd fell on d ground losing her evry ounce of courage..!

Arnav made her steady assuring her dat he will b back to her for the sake of their love nd khushi realised abt d potrait nd by then she knew it dat he will b back to her aftr 4 years,though d tym span is long enough but they knw it dat their love is strong enough to deal wit this..!

I loved it how khushi demanded the kiss nd arnav just made her wish fulfilled kissing her pouring all his love in dat kiss nd khushi just started to respond to their first kiss making it all passionate nd heveanly..!

Loved it how they promised each other dat they will wait no matter wat nd their love will make them live their lives nd i loved it how arnav asked her to live her life nd sumwhere he also said dat if anyhow she finds a perfct match she should move on in her life but she made it clear to him dat its not possible as he has already touched jer soul nd her heart,her life has already been his long ago since she has knwn wat love is nd she has knwn dat her heart can beat for sumone..!

They r soulmates nd a gap of hundred years can never cum between their love nd khushi's belief dat tym will also bow down in front of their love do made arnav believe dat they will make it dis tym as their heart will alwaz beat in unison..!

Loved it how they both said dat their love will not make them weak rather it will make them strong enough to face d world nd wait for each other nd i loved it how they both were kissing each other fiercely nd crying nd saying"I LOVE YOU" to each other wit evry passing second as if death is mearing them..!

Their seperation is equivalent to their death but still wen arnav said dat for her he will beg to his uncle but khushi practically screamed saying him NO as she can never see him begging to some leech nd this proves dat her love is strong enough from which arnav can gain courage nd strength to live nd get back to her..!

Loved it how they said dat their promises dat they made this night nd their memories nd their love will remain in their hearts nd will give them a new hope evry day go live nd look forward for dat day wen they will meet again..!

Nd d last part where arnav picked her up ever so carefully nd made her lay down nd den their kisses nd their promises,ahhh too much painful yet beautiful..!

The depth of their love,ahhh thats sumthing eternal..!

I loved it how she hold him till d last momnt nd he hold her in his arms kissing each other as if savouring d last momnt nd reliving dat momnt again and again..!

Nd wen he was gone nd khushi could nly get a fistful of air in her hands simply broke my heart,ahhh dat particular momnt was soul shattering actually..!

Their pain,their love nd their promises were way too beautiful nd d way u have written them was way too heart touching nd i still can feel their each nd every emotions witin me..!

Loved it how arnav asked d watchman of sheeshmahal to lock his bedroom so dat none can enter it knwing dat none will b able to see his khushi but d thought of any other person enterimg their private world of bliss was unbearable for him nd the ay he kissed that wooden piece at d door where their names wer engraved was beautiful nd then him utteing those three magical words again,ahhh nothng can b more pure dan this..!

Beautiful chappy Day Dreaming

their seperation is way too much painful nd d love which u have shown in dis chappy is blissful nd eternal which is still giving me goosebumps..!

Lovely update nd i really dnt need to say but still feeling like saying dat i loved it utterly nd didu,yet again u have nailed it up..! Hug 
Baby Hold On Ch 1-2 Review by Soni_md

What did I think of it? WHAT DID I THINK OF IT?
She reminds me of me. The daydreams, the love of old suits, and filmy scenes in dramas and in real life. The pervasive hold out of hope for Prince Charming, and the supreme inability to say anything in my head an be polite, no matter the little red man with the pointed tail is dancing a merry jig right between my eyes ...
She found him, though, or fate brought him right to her, and damn, there is what you call chemistry Wink This started with a bang, didn't it? Maddy Bua, hmmm? Very nice. Seems she's as zapped as our girl is, though the little hint of spice is much better than a plain simple, fall and adore. He lounges ... ???
Of course he lounges. How could he not. That figure, those eyes, that face, the height ... of course he lounges.
She needs to rile him up more ... this is going to be the match of a century. God, I love you, woman. Even brilliance isn't enough for you. This is beyond that.
Alright, off to dream of caramel eyes, leather jackets, strong arms, drenched black hair, and those lips ... Okay, I need to stop. Thank you, Tinz, thank you! This is going to help me sleep and study much more. THANK YOU! WinkLOLLOLLOL

Fateful Love Ch 5 Review by Jyo.Arshi.IPK

Okay Tina !! , now this update gave me creeps to an extent more than I expected coz for some reason there was so much symbolism , I don't even know if what I feel is what u have in mind but there is an interconnectivity of events in this update which is bringing their past and present clashing into each other's lives .
Update starts with Arnav and his family, the deteriorating family ties is clearly shown, his love for his mother and sister stands out and he hates his father, yet loves him, Arnav yearns for his father's love and care but cant seem to show it out. the beginning of the worst phase of ASR's life started with Anjali's marriage but he didn't have Khushi with him then but she is here now, she is from the future, maybe a future that can hold him as well , and she I already in his past to hold him through his pain !!
She cant see him in pain, her heart bleeds, she holds him close , passing on her love and strength to him , willing him to live , to fight for his future, to fight the world !!
The ASR before Khushi didn't believe in love coz of the ordeal his parents went through, but with Khushi's presence , his faith in love is firm, he believes in the true healing power of Khushi's love, he solely survives only because of her !!
Arrives Anjali's wedding day, and Khushi is with Arnav, she is there to help him survive the day, Arnav can already feel that something isnt right about the day, he has his premonitions yet he is still living through it with Khushi by his side, now u popped in Lavanya out of the blue !!
And She fancies Arnav, and Arnav doesn't care , if the story goes in its natural pace then Lavanya's entry into Arnav's life happens at a much later stage, more towards Arshi's present together, but she is in their past , Why do I feel that Arnav's past and Khushi's present are being made to meet somewhere in the middle to avoid a lot of unfortunate events that would happen otherwise !!
Khushi cant bear the sight of Arnav with another woman though she can see that he detests Lavanya and her grip on him, Khushi runs far from it, it hurts her and she runs away, kind of reminds me of the time when Arnav announces his engagement with Lavanya in the show !! ;)
But here we have Arnav , not ASR , Arnav believe in love and he takes off after Khushi !!
He tells her the truth about Lavanya and simple as that he confesses !!
That was soon Dr.T !!
I mean I wasn't expecting it to happen out of the blue !!
Arnav confessed his love for Khushi and she reciprocated, there was nothing to hold back , no need to deny their feelings !!
And one major thing about the symbolism of the roses that we spoke of in your previous update, the roses given to Arnav were the ones that Khushi plucked during the nightime, which means the roses are from his world, which means it could have been planted by Arnav and his mother, roses nurtured in his mother's garden by his mother and here Khushi gave them to Arnav , is there a connection ???
I have an uncanny feeling that there is some strong connection in that exchange which could be related to his mother !!
Anyway moving on, their love realised, Arnav is about to kiss her and there pops up another soul who should have come much later into Arnav's life , AMAN !!
And he has done his job to perfection ... interrupt Arshi in their almost kiss !! again an event that should be happening much later , happened already !!
Tina are y tryin to make Arshi live through their important moments in their lives, their moments which they once faced alone but here they are facing those dark times together while a lil bit of their present is also getting mingled to add the level of normalcy !!
Good lord girl , my head is spinning with so many crazy ideas !!
Like Khushi is an orphan girl raised by her aunt and uncle whom she considers as her parents but she is also growing up with Arnav and so she doesn't grow up with her fears, thanx to him her fears that would have otherwise haunted her doesn't exist !!
Night and darkness scares her but here she isnt , night is the fav time of her world coz she gets to be with Arnav !!
Arnav has Khushi along with him as he goes through the dark times that ripped his family apart !!
A little bit of their past , present and future .. all intermingled in such a way that they don't face the dark times of their lives  alone, fates conspiring with time to bring their years to clash with each other so that they don't face the darkness alone ... FATEFUL LOVE !!
I could be wrong in all this , my analysis could be crap and i must have got it all wrong but this what I feel !
As Khushi goes in search of Arnav, she runs into his parents fighting and to her horror, she sees that Arnav's mother has shot his dad !!
Whoa ... that was unexpected, a twist I didn't see coming !!
Is this the truth which maybe Arnav didn't know, as to how his parents died and this time he will know coz Khushi was witness to it, so that he gets the full truth instead of the half truth !!
Coz if it was just him then he would have only seen his mother dying, he would never know how his dad died, but here Khushi knows everything !!
Good lord ... I have so many qs !! :P
And your precap !!
House of Cards !!
Can I relate it with Inception ???
In the movie, they explain the dream concept, that when a dream collapses, then its the physical surroundings that gets destroyed first whilst the dreamers watch it happen.
So just like how a house of cards collapse, is the setting, the locale of FL going to slowly come down , bringing with it a sense of reality to Arnav & Khushi , trying to make them realise exactly what is happening and why it is happening ???
Okay Do I sound mental ?? like am really gone nuts ???
I don't know Tina , I seem to have really lost it !!
The only thing that I am really sure of right now is that I love You !! <3 hugss <3 muahss <3

Fateful Love Ch 5 Review by Farwa Ibrahim
This was superb update Teen... Arnav the hard shell from outside but all warm n soft from inside... his love for his mother n sister is unquestionable n his pain for their pain is somewhere unbearable. ... he is not acting as per his heart desires but he did everything for his mom... bearing to b in the same room as his father. ... he wept aweee my baby he wept for he cant even hate his father fully. now thts a true love tears in his eyes made her eyes tear up too n his pain hurt her too... . felt so bad for him... but its good tht he had Khushi to share his sorrows with... aweee if u r her past arnav she is ur future a beautiful love which will flourish in past n find its destination in future. and as usual his bleeding heart n hurting soul found solace in the arms of one whom he loves n who understands him like no one else can... he is right money can never replace the space of father. Money can give u things but not feelings, love care n warmth. A father's position n duties can never b fulfilled by anything but him only. Aweee Khushi didnt like da fact dat she wasn't curvey well not dat much coz she wanted to look beautiful in her love's eyes. but u just did. aweee almost pretty cute... ohoho someone turned all green after seeing La oho ho ho n even arnav was restless seeing Khushi like dat n he tried to reassure her by his words n gestures tht la was nothing bu a frnd to him but the dance was her undoing... aweee Arnav came right after her shooo shweet... the confession was cute but Teen aman ko do thapad ab coz 1920 main mob nai to he decided to come there personally to spoil the rabba vey moment. I wish iski SR wali raat ligh chali jaye n room main dair sary machar ghus jain stupid idiot... omg his mother killed his father oh god n then she attempted suicide... destroying the small world he had they had n as a result destroying a part of his soul too... already waiting for next update tewn n I know it wont b sooner than the week next to next... loved the update too much 

DH Chapter 16: Heart and Soul Review by Jyo.ARSHI.IPK

Desert Heat , u are making me bleed Tina  

Okays, so I am going to act like I deeply understand how the world worked in the 18th century, like how child marriages etc were treated then etc etc and I am going to try and understand Khushi’s predicament though my heart is literally bleeding for Arnav, my desert man !! 

Aarrghh Tina, if it was Arnav who frustrated me in Secret Passion , then its Khushi in Desert Heat, but again yea its the 18th century and Khushi is a girl brought up deeply rooted in her traditions and culture, and though she belongs to Arnav heart body and soul now, her engagement to a personshe can barely remember is a brutal blow to her moral conscience !! 

Arnav’s thoughts as he woke up , realising how much he loves her and Khushi hidden tears at having a dark part of her past hurled onto her just as she woke up from the most beautiful night of their lives , damn Tina can anything be more cruel !! 

“He had held a remarkable woman in his arms all night long,a woman who was everything he had ever wanted,A woman he needed and loved so fervently that it paled all else, “

Damn Tina these words are going to haunt me for along time ! 

Tina her pain, even as he loved her, the fact that Khushi couldn’t respond, its scorching, gosh writing down how I felt is getting so difficult !! 

And dammit he was going to propose to her, THE STRING OF PEARLS !! god how much we have waited for Arnav to put it on her and claim her !! 

And Khushi didn’t even let him complete his proposal because she knew she would have to break his heart and refuse him !! 

One thing is sure, the day Khushi wears the pearls, that day there will be nothing of her past to hold her back from being his woman !! 

Thats the right time for the pearls to enter her life, tb4 it enters, the ring has to go and Khushi herself has to hurl it away !! 
Or another part of my heart says , that the ring is there for a reason that could be good, I don’t know but some crazy part of me says that the ring connects Arnav and Khushi, maybe Arnav is the guy her parents wanted for her !! 
I dontk now why I keep feeling it though its so illogical and makes no sense but I do feel it.
Why, because its the 18th century and a woman like Khushi wouldn’t give herself to the man she loved without any kind of legal bond between them, true they love each other but even then Khushi is too traditional to let it happen and yet it did happen, in the heart of the desert , Khushi and Arnav became one without the name of marriage attached to them, and if the Gods let it happen then there must be something that connects them, something thats hitherto unknown to both of them !! 
I so strongly feel it Tina , and u lady better put an end to my buzzing head and bleeding heart !! 
God the pain as she ached to console him and yet couldn’t, to badly want to reach out to him and just belong to him but her values holding her back , the pain in ur words Tina, its just too unbearable !!  
Khushi needs time to think, but her decision is already made, she wont marry Arnav as long as the bondage of the ring holds her captive.
Shit shit Tina ... Nooo , why did the pearls fall into the grey ashes, no it cant be lost , the pearls are here to stay, pls I hate the symbolism !! 
And Maya’s cry, that is freaking me out, Maya understands more than anyone else, I can so imagine the tragedy in the camp, Khushi refusal is a betrayal to all the love everyone in the camp has for her, Khushi cant break Arnav’s heart, their leader who never let emotions rule fell in love with Khushi and they all know the depth and intensity of Arnav’s feelings, they love Khushi and her refusal isnt gonna break Arnav alone, its a death blow to all of them , Maya, Sia, Raj , Aman , Imran , even the adorable lil Taj !! 
Arnav’s relief when she gives him the details of her engagement, that she hardly remembers it , that its just a word her parents gave , its overwhelming but little did he know that the tempest hasn’t abated !! 
Khushi refused him and she is stubborn on her note . when Arnav says that their child could be growing inside her even as they argued over their relationship, Tina ... u crazy woman ... how much are you going to make me cry ??? tears just wonts top, this is crazy, its like the separation time in SP, cant bear it How I wish Khushi’s mind could be cleared of the bondage !! 
And then when Arnav realises her decision and he says that he is only ASR to her now !! its like a death blow !! 
Isnt it better to die than suffer this kinda pain !! 
The desert didn’t calm him and its not calming me either, A desert always paint a serene picture to me but now it feels desolate , Arnav’s thoughts , that his heart no longer felt like his , that it was held captive by Khushi , god Tina ... its unbearable , I have read all your works, and I can say this for sure, the intensity of the pain as portrayed in DH, it hasn’t been seen in any other work of yours , its excruciating here !! 
But like they say, Love is never true unless its tried and tested and this Arnav and Khushi’s trial by the fire, they have to overcome this hurdle, no strings attached from their past, thats how it should be when they eventually tell the world that they belong to each other, nothing of their past should taint their pure earthy relationship and for that this small separation is needed and and as much as it is killing me, I know you are going to make it all better soon !! 
I know you Tina and if there is one thing 100% about you, its the fact that you cant do tragedies on Arshi, u and me function on the same wavelength there, and also, even if its pain and separation happening, it cant be for long because like me, even you cant keep Arshi away from each other too long !! 
So I know from the next update onwards, A small tinge of hope will blossom and eventually within a few updates , we will get our love birds back on track. 

P.S. Another thing that struck me, the pearls were dropped y Arnav, is it for Khushi to pick it up   after all it belongs to her . 

I love you Dr.T, you have my heart  

DH Ch 16: Heart & Soul Review by Sarunfanatic_Ji
I dont know what to type or think after reading this chapter.. its like My heart is ripped apart just like ASR's..

Is it possible to get attached with some fictional characters to this extent?
Call me loony or whatever comes to your mind.. Because I am that... when it comes to DH!

I was so badly waiting for this.. and when I read it alas..( twice) I am all numb!

Seriously My hubby kept asking me as what went wrong..that you are so upset .. how am I suppose to tell him that Khushi refused to Marry ASR in DH? Dang!!

he will tease the hell out of me..LOL

So, I dont know which I side belong.. Khushi is right at her stand of not marrying Arnav and agreeing with her fate as whatever awaits her.. and Arnav who has lost the last stray of hope to be loved by someone.. damn!

I dont know what I am writing.. this is absurd..

I want the next chaper ASAP..

Otherwise I will die out of tension...

Do you want that Doc ji?

Do you want to see your Fried Rice ji dying? No.. Na?

Then, please hurry with the next chapter and yes I am all set with the new box of tissues...Cry

Waiting Impatiently...

DH Ch 16 Heart & Soul Review By crazy4ArnavSR

first of all...i really am glad and second u for keeping the story the way you did. As i was reading through. somewhere in my heart i was desperately praying tht they shouldn't just accept each other. and my praying was frequenting even more as i went down nd down through the update. 
As surprising as it was for me to see downright confessions, especially about their loving each other, i was getting more panicked tht this shouldn't go the way it is turning out. They shouldn't just accept each other because her engagement is a reason of past and because they love only each other. Even though, i had trust in you tht u wouldn't let it happen just like that still...your writing was totally trying to convince me otherwise...but offcourse at the end u delivered just what was needed to be. and thats the reason I love your works...and you. 
The way u put an end to the scene with in the tent...tht was just a little notch higher than being perfect. *wink*

Eventually, I loved the way u brought out the characters of Arnav and Especially Khushi. 
How the confessions made him feel all relieved was more of a deja vu but still what i loved was the way u mde him appear happy but didn't let him blind himself witth just hearing her confession that she loves him.  (even though somewhere i agree tht this reason alone can be enough to marry each other). I liked tht he was happy but still knew he had issues to resolve, solve the reasons of her hesistance to accepting him. This was most loved part for the update for me.

and then about Khushi, i liked it the way u moulded her character a little through this chapter. At first, i was expecting tht her parents and 'their will' will come her reasons to back out. but then u surprised me there too by saying its Marraige and its Sacredness tht she can't disrespect. That she can't tie a knot with him while she's engaged o someone else. that she can't just remove her ring and say she isn't engaged anymore. i liked the way u framed responsibility in her. Responsibility of letting the other party know, responsibility of accepting the situations rather than ignore or run away from them. 

Superbly written TINA!

P.S. I missed ur Birthday earlier...sorry abt tht! But wish u loads and loads of success and love in life. May million reasons of happiness explode into ur world everyday!
Belated HAPPY B"DAY Dear!

P.P.S. I m already apologizing to u for my absence for next 2-3 weeks as i will hv to totally stay away from IF then. but, wanna let u know, I really love reading ur stories and will be bk to reading them as soon as i can.

P.P.P.S. Thank you for the updates and PM. :)

P.P.P.P.S. Congratulations to u...tht Sanaya is gonna read ur book. I know this alone must have been a dynamite of a reason of reason for you. I hope u get many more such reasons to smile for. U truly deserve them! :)

P.P.P.P.P.S. this is final one...added just like that! Wink and i m chuckling tht even this supposed 4 line comment turned out to be so big. *shaking head to myself* will never succeed in writing short things! 

SP Epi 14: The Charity Ball Pt 2 Review by ARUSHI_IPKKND
Love is so amazing...making feel ones presence rather than see... Two souls is strong enough to take a chance in life and ready to take a leap of faith...while the other lets the demons of past haunt his present and maybe future as well... here is the journey of two most amazing people ARNAV-KHUSHI... They have come so far...from no-where to the penultimate step toward destination...from being strangers to soul-mates...Clap
They have come to mean so much to not only each-other but us as well that we can't even bear to write an and' between their names that even the spy messages to his employer No sighting of Arshi tonight'... lolllzzz LOL
Khushi taught Arnav to love and have faith. But my heart still reached out for him after knowing his past. A troubled childhood is scary and thus the results can be fatal... the same having resulted in his demeanor and tough exterior... but for every hard shell to crack we don't need any harder force... Water is so smooth flowing but it has the power to break the hardest of rocks. Thus for every Arnav there is always a Khushi who can break the walls and enter into his heart effortlessly and rule his mind-body-soul. Clap
Women are meant to have a sixth sense to recognize the touch of that special person... But in our case it is Arnav who felt the connection instantly when Khushi had fallen into his arms. And the stubborn mule that he is tried to name it only attraction and lust. But fate had already entwined not just their futures but also their souls...something which even he could never deny... Confused
As I progressed reading this update I had felt that it was Uncle who had bumped into that spy spoiling his spy-giri just like his rented suit.. lolllzzz and somehow I felt that Uncle would bring Arnav-Khushi together.. Star
It is very well known that you see the world through your own eyes and you see the same that you believe. Uncle believed in love for eternity and forever, thus he instantly recognized love in his son's eyes... TINA! such small gestures and things are so finely woven that I can simply have one word for you babes.. AWESOME ClapClapClap
Uncle knows about Arnav's troubled past, his issues with trust and love...he knew of his stubborn nature and snatching what he wanted...but then he was shocked that though his son may live in denial to believe in all that; he had admitted to have loved her. Thus giving a solid proof that indeed Khushi is that woman who can bring him back to normalcy, to laugh, to LIVE. 
The pep talk that Uncle gave him was something that was much needed...if it not had been him I would have gladly stepped into his shoes and did the honor of kicking him and showing him the sunshine of his life. Poor boy he never had a guiding force anytime in his life from his father or anybody during his growing heart reached out for him...
I just love this sensible act of Uncle to play Rapid-Fire' with him and hauled him with questions about his love and bringing out obvious answers from the horse's mouth... answers which were known to him and Arnav both, but only had to voiced... Perhaps he wasn't the best man in the world, but he knew nobody could love Khushi as much as he did. She meant everything to him.
And the award for best supporting cast goes to "UNCLE" 
(with love from all ARSHI and die-hard fans and SP lovers ... Sorry I forgot his name... but who cares we love you Uncle Hug...)
I was imagining the grumpy possessive husband in Arnav... aww even that expression of his is very cute and incredibly sexy... He just knows how to tackle any man who dares to even come into the vicinity of his Khushi... ROFL when he sent her dance-partner to check out the problem in parking lot, which wasn't even there.. "You naughty naughty Nannav..."
Khushi: Let me go..! 
Arnav: I don't think so... Wink
SPlers: Even we don't think so... LOL
Khushi: What game was he playing now?
Arushi: who cares baby.. just enjoy the attention your love is showering on... I have a perfect song for their encounter... Embarrassed
                   Khaali-peeli rokane ka nahi...
                   Tera peecha karoon toh tokane ka nahi...
                   Main tere agal-bagal hoon... tu mere agal-bagal hai...
SPlers: Shut up Arushi...!!! You are killing the mood..!!! Angry
Arushi: Sorry...sorry... lakhon sorry... Dead
I absolutely love this strong headed Khushi playing hard to not to let him in... but then poor her, she forgot that she was facing Arnav Singh Raizada... his one caress and she is lost... *BLUSH* Blushing
Khushi was so right to have pushed him away from her then as she felt like he was playing with her... but before he could explain she just walked off. Yaar yeh dono ek hi thaali ke chaatte-baatte hai... everytime one wants to say something the other runs off and we are like  Confused
I will not talk anything about Bradley Jr except that the slap was awesome and I could even hear the sound of the hard blow... LMAO ROFL
Khushi was first expecting Arnav to have grabbed her arm but it wasn't so and the second time around she wasn't expecting Arnav but it turned out to be him... again expecting the unexpected Ouch... Khushi always senses his touch but then what happened this was allowed because she was confused and more over sad... Khushi I love you babes don't worry...
Arushi: One request Khushi dear never say "It doesn't matter" because everything about you matters not only to Arnav but even us...
SPlers: lo yeh bhi koyi kehne ki baat hai... 
Itne shiddat se maine tumhe pane ki koshish ki hai...
Ke har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki sazish ki hai...
Zarre: Uncle for the much needed mind clearance, Aman for practically finding Khushi walking out of the charity ball...Wink
Man I can't bear to see the worried expression on Arnav's face with tears brimming in his eyes.. reminds me of the scene when he apologized to her after he insulted her on his parents' death anniversary... the intense red eyes and the throaty "SORRY" Cry... haaye maar-dala... Dead
OMG that idiot Bradley Jr. was trying to strike deal with ASR pushing all the wrong buttons tonite... and then he received another blow... Such a cheapo... Crap..! that fool even uttered that he had tried talking to her earlier... and then nobody could save him from ASR's wrath...Clap
Arnav: Don't you dare take her name! SHE'S MY WIFE! I will kill you. Do you understand me? I WILL KILL YOU! 
SPlers: even if Arnav doesn't succeed we all SPlers will make sure that you are dead... samjhe Bradley Jr...Angry
Arushi: To hell with you Bradley... Kut*e... Kami*e... Saa*e narak ki aag mein jalega teri maa ki... *BEEP* Pig
TINA! I once told you that the confession scene would be one of the best scenes for me and babes I love you so much for crafting it so beautifully without losing the essence of their characters. I must also say that the same goes to Satina for her efforts to put up all this but since I don't know if she sees this comment or not, so you please convey this one to her and a big bear hug to you both. Hug *Muah*
The confession came along with showing gratitude to all the inputs that Khushi gave into this relationship. This was something I really wanted Arnav to express in words to her. Beautiful lines and wonderfully co-ordinated. ClapClapClap
When Khushi wiped his tears and said that she only wants him I thought somewhere she would drop the idea of marriage because she could not bear to see him hurt, but Arnav did surprise her asking her to marry him...
I can't blabber more here on this... *Sniff* Cry
I had expected a confession but not with a *Blush-Alert* lolllzzz
CONVERTIBLE...? Un-bloody-believable... like Khushi even I had thought of the back-seat of the car... I have become such a besharam...
And unlike Romeo-Juliet, TOUCHWOOD... we don't want any tragedy here... Arnav-Khushi... them versus the world...
My looonnngggeeesssttt blabber ever D'oh.. lolllzzz 
P.S: Can I have that white dress for myself..? I have just hopelessly fallen in love with it..  Day Dreaming

Desert Heat Ode by togetherforever
Its an Ode from me to this story and I am doing it only because this story is way too close to my heart and as they rightly say KAL HO NA HO.Its just my way for showing my love towards it and the admiration for the author who has so aesthetically brought it alive.
The most striking feature of this story or the thing that hit the chord with me at the very mention was the depiction of emotions.So strong and yet so powerful that they engrave you in a webthat gets you entangled in it  with a strong force.Its a journey not only of Arnav and Khushi,its a journey of a man fighting to claim  and possess what is  rightfully his own, and that has been snatched by of a woman who finds her own real self,of constant trails,of shaken faiths,of facing dangers head along  as they move forward and along that finding  their other half who make them whole.
Usually I am so engrossed in a story that my attention cant seem to flutter from Arnav and Khushi,but here for once the other characters are so well developes,the details,the striking differences among all are laid out in such a way that you cant help but become a part of them too.
Its not only Arnav and Khushi and their love story.Its about friendships,of feeling love and loss.Who says the family is only blood relations,the real family is who came and never left your side and this is exactly what Arnav has in form of his friends,his own little army and his very own family except his Nani.
Arnav Singh Raizada
Time and again I have wondered,whether ill ever be able to come out of this trance that has been created around me by ASR,and then comes a story which reflects him in another light still keeping the essence of him intact.
He is a man on a mission,who has been shoven away from his own land,seeing conspiracies and deceits by his own so called relatives and seeing the harshness of the world when his own step brother holding the crown which was always meant to be his.
Aakash Singh Raizada
who treats his the royal legacy as something that was always meant to be his and doesnt think a single time while applying any false technique or lecherous way to get what he wants.a man who doesnt deserve to be called a man because a real man never disrespects woman and he treats woman as a commodity to be ravished and thrown out like a pesk of dirt.
How much difference can exist between two people being from the same blood?
That is why it is said its not blood but the upbringing and your own struggles of life which makes you the person you are.
And that is what Arnav Singh Raizada is.
A man who holds the responsibility of everyone who is with him on the mission to get his land back.A man who will put himself first whenever he senses a danger,who wants to claim  what is his rightfully own but only in the right way.He will not adhere to any cheap tactics or ways just because the situation demands it.He is a man of his words,whose honesty reflects in his eyes,who with his utter dedication and loyalty has managed to cater support of many people whom by now sees the dream of seeing ASR as the rightful heir of their land.
In his mission,he has his friends,his brothers,the ones he trusts who are his very family.
Silence is the virtue of some and its not a weakness but a strength.
This quote seems to be so perfect for him. His silence speaks a lot more than words do,a keen observer and a  loyal friend.A person who sees every situation with an unbiased perspective,who knows how to take charge when circumstances went out of control and  the one who can go to any lengths for his loved ones even if it means he himself gets hurt in the process.

The  most considerate one among  all of them,who sees and understands everything but will always answer and do the needful in such a way that no one gets hurt .He is concerned of everyones feeling around him but strangely is hugely unaware of his own regarding someone very special.
The tough guy it wont be wrong ,if I add this adjective to him.Would it?All of them are tough in their own way but Raj is someone who sees and reacts to things without any room for any other error of judgement.He claims what is his,he knows where his loyalty lies but somewhere down the line he still needs to see a larger picture of things.
He can truly be called the CHARMER.The fun loving and juvenile,who keeps the atmosphere light headed nomatter how tough the going gets.A person who spreads smiles all along ,still single bbut a person with no harmful intention ever.Not to forget he is our own personal cupid too.Hoping he gets his better half soon.
Five men,each with different characterstics,with their own qualities and  short comings but bonded by the thread of trust,loyalty and brotherly love.When  come together they can face any danger and go to any length for the other.Five fingers but when formed together becomes a fist.They overpower each others weaknesses by becoming each others strength. The men with only one mission to see ASR as its rightful place.
With  the bond of friendship  so impeccably woven in the story ,the characters have a separate journey of their own too with the respective love of their life.
Two people who have been in love  almost all their life,a love which didnt needed words to express what laid in others heart,where eyes does the talking,where gestures spoke of the bond that was shared.A love so powerful that forced Imran to let go of his love inviting accusations from everyone around because it was the right thing to di in his perspective.Being a man on a mission where dangers lurked in every corner,he couldnt let the woman he loved with all his heart face the articrosaties of the same.
Zara,whose faith in her love is so strong and powerful that inspite of being ridden off in the middle,she still hangs on that faith,her eyes always seeking the one face that has been her dream since as long as she can remember and whose beliefs I wish comes true and this unrequited love gets fulfilled.
Both as fiesty as the other.Where Raj is a no-nonsense man Sia is the woman who rules his heart.Both of them a perfect match as they fight,make up and carry on with their respective journeys.Sia a gypsy girl with a fiery attitude,a girl who knows how to stand up for herself whenever required ,her unconditional love for Raj making comply to his wishes.A woman with a strong hidden desire.She may not voice it but though she is Rajs in everyway that mattered, a woman needs the security that comes with marriage and somehow I sense the desire in her.Only,if Raj sees the larger realisation of things and gives her the rightful place in front of everyone which he already has in his heart.
Aman,our most considerate man among all and the most unconsiderate towards the woman who loves him with all her heart and soul.Maya a healer,a physic who heals everyone who comes to her,only if she could heal her aching heart that loves a man who manages to appear that he is so blissfully unaware of her feelings towards him.Eyes have the way of revealing we do our best to hide.This is so apt for this man because though he doesnt acknowledge her feelings,acts unaffected somewhere down the magic of Maya has began to string the threads of his heart.Its only about time when her magic finally dawns on him.
Our cupid,who bought Raj and Siya together,who sowed the seeds of first jealousy in our dark princes heart that gave the much needed push to his relationship with Khushi,who keepsn on throwing hints to Aman about Mayas feelings is still in search of his other half and with him I wait too for the cupid to strike him soon.
The soulmates,the missing parts of each other,not the better but the best half of each other.All these words are synonyms to them.
Arnav Singh Raizada
Rugged,masculine,brooding, the man on a mission,seeing deceits and facing dangers as he move forward.He has seen pain,loss and hardships and still managed to retain the goodness and righteous ness in him.Its his goodness that made people offer his support to him,his  unfearing attitude,never wavering undying spirit for his mission.
Khushi Kumari Gupta
The girl who name spells happiness but she is far away from literally living it in real.A young girl who lost her parents .Brought up by her aunt who treated her worse than one treat her a s a servant.Where a young child who lost her parents should be treated with love,care and affection,Khushi was made to work,being made hear words which dampened her spirit steadily that  slowly lead  to  the loss of her trust in herself.Growing up facing hatred from her own relatives she was still a bearer of a beautiful heart,which loved her little sister adorably and didnt thought for a single second before throwing herself in danger to protect her.Apprehensive of what lays ahead and still to fulfill the promise her parents made ,she goes ahead with it on her aunts discretion with loads of doubts but nevertheless agreeing considering it her parents last wish knowing deep down the heart that she didnt have any other option except to go ahead.
Destiny plays its own games and that is how these two people met each other for the first time in the circumstances neither have thought of ever.
Khushi Kumari Gupta meets Arnav Singh Raizada.
She had been trapped by dangerous people where dangers lurkall around,anything can happen to her which could wipe her off her pride but that very instant comes her prince charming.Yes,he is not the quintennsational prince charming but our very own dark prince.He came for his own but how can he see something happening wrong in front of him and leave it to its fate.He rushed to help her out of instinct and there was a moment when time stood still.
Isnt it said that there is something that connects two people who are meant to be each other.Which happened with Arnav and Khushi too.
Khushi she didnt realised what it was for her everyone was a stranger but was it connection or her inner instinct that made her trust Arnav and stand by his side when came the matter of choosing.Arnav on the other hand saved her from those lecherous people but even he couldnt deny the unknown feeling that hit his heart which made him protect her from all odds from the very start.
And thus began the journey of these two people together in the deserts.
Everyone in the group was considerate towards her but for her the first time Arnav broke the rules when he rendered a woman to be allowed in their trail something which had never happened before.His strong urge to protect her,her innocence that called out to her,those eyes that seemed to be the answer of his every question.
Khushi has never thought that her life could take such a turn all off a sudden,she has accepted and could clearly see herself getting married and then leading her life which laid ahead but in a brisk of a moment everything has changed.She has long ago accepted that she was all alone in this world,that she has no one to turn too when she was in trouble, seeing her aunt in front walk away leaving her in avid danger,the harsh reality has hit her even more harder and then it has taken an entire different turn when this man a complete stranger to her has turned up to rescue her from the evil clutches.She didnt know him but she can see honesty in his eyes,he spoke less but those honest eyes did the thing and she gave it to her hearts instinct of following this man.
Khushi had it in her to warm up to everyone that came across her,she was innocent and simple still the kiss that has been her first ever touch with a man has her on her toes,as she lay there breathing the same air as Arnav did an unknown string pulled her to him,his rawness has something which created a warm feeling inside her heart .
Who would have known that two complete strangers would end up being the one without whom they couldnt fandom their existence anymore in just a mere span of few days.
The exact happened with Arnav and Khushi as they move ahead in the blazing heat of deserts,facing dangers and falling irrevocably in love with each other.
Love doesnt take ages to happen,it could be the one magical moment where you lose your heart to that someone where it always belonged.
Neither Arnav nor Khushi could point out when it happened with them but it did.
The journey in sands changed their life and it took a complete 360 degree turn for the better as if all that happened in their life was leading them towards each other.
The first emotions that stirred up seeing her in unconscious state,his utter strong urge to keep her safe making her ride with him,his getting lost in her ethereal beauty that basked inside out.The first pangs of jealousy of not being able to see her laughing with Taj,the rage to spun off anyone who even thought of hurting her,his wish to ebb away her every pain.
All these were the first emotions he felt ,he admitted to himself she was special,he named herAngelbecause that was what she was to him.She made himfeel warm inside his heart,she  led him feeling  the emotions he never thought he could.For the years in first time he thought of something else except his mission and that was because of her.Her beauty,her lieveliness,her courage when she saved that woman when no one was around.her selfless nature all made a place for themselves on their own accord in his heart that the pain which always resided there started to wash away,he could feel other emotions except pain and hardships which was only because of his Khushi.

Khushi she herself hasnt realised what she was capable of until she met the man of her dreams Arnav.She hadnt thought this at first but as she has been with him day and night riding with him,seen his possessiveness and his urge to protect her from all odds,his soothing care that can vanish away even the biggest of injury she has finally realised that he was the one for him,one who makes her complete in all senses.
For a young girl to be orphaned,to have no one to call too when those haunting memories resurfaced again and again,where her loss was made evident to her every single day,with no one around to care for her ,she could never express in words what Arnav means to her.He made her feel wanted and needed,his care,his soothing touches,being her protective shield all along.
Two persons who brought in what was missing in each other life for so long,their unwavering love which healed the scars and gave them courage to face everything together.
If Khushi brought in the warmness and a new direction in Arnavs life,made him see he can have other hopes and wishes except just to have his land back,Arnav made Khushi a woman .He made her feel protected and cherished.He instiiled her confidence back in her,made her realise she was capable of everything she desired and more.Her innocence called out to him and he became her sole protector.From teaching her self defence aids to being able to unleash the passion inside her that was even unknown to her .
They both have understood each other in a way no other person could ever do.Arnav has always been hard on himself,he never allowed himself a break,always on his guards because he held not only the responsibility of himself but the safety of his friends,the people who supported him and now Khushi.But,he  was himself around her,he let his heart free of all the baggage that he carried around all along,he let her sooth his pains and bask in the warmth her presence provided to him.
Arnav has sensed and felt that bond with her ,he couldnt even bare someone spoke a word against her,even when his loyal friend Imran pointed out to him about stepping in dangerous territories he didnt paid any heed to him because in the matters of heart logic has no space for it.
He had trusted his heart ,knowing she would come to him on her own,giving her time to get out of the paradoxes and realise there was nothing immoral in it,to admit that what they shared was special,pure and beautiful.And she has rrom the first pure touch that she initated by streaking his stubbled cheek with crimson power to their most intimate touched,Khushi has come to him on her own.
He made her confident and brought back her faith in herself and she brought out a side of life he hadnt realised existed.Cooking him a meal to being worried of his well being all has brought out the emotions they felt for each other.Small gestures that says aloud.
Arnav is a man of his words and actions.He has never done anything under any hidden veils.What Khushi mean to him ahs been well witnessed by all of his friends and true to their nature they were happy for him.Arnav has never shied away from making anyone aware where does Khushi belonged too.whether be his possessive hold on her or those smoldering eyes that reveals every bit of desire and love he had in it for her.He is a real man, a man his woman always looked up at with pride.
Love can change anyone to anything
True to the saying both Arnav and Khushi have changed immensely.
Khushi who realised that for her life meant Arnav and without him she would cease to exist,she has voiced out her fear to him aloud when she has seen firsthand danger approach him and as they have progressed in their journey she has admitted to herself and confessed to her parents that what she felt for Arnav was something that was powerfuland strong more than anything else and that whatever transpired between them was because of love which was true and pure.
Arnav who has always live don his own terms now thought of someone elses wish before himself.his need for Khushi was unquenchable but he never took undue advantage of her,even when she was all ready he waited,because he felt she deserved better.He has come as an angel in his life and he wanted to give her everything he could.Deciding to get married to her because he could no longer imagine a life without her knowing this was what  meant to her.
To him she was the most beautiful woman that ever existed and she would always remain one,therefore he wanted to give her the honour she deserved.
Arnav voiced his decision to his friends and finally the questions  whose answers came to him without a flicker of doubt finally dawned the realisation of him being irrevocably and truly in love with her.
Of not being able to see her with someone else,to not see even a feather hurt her and being away from him hitting a hole in his heart,to keep her safe and protected with him always.
From holding hands while sleeping to finally on the threshold of being one n allways that mattered,they have come a long way.Their journey is still full of dangers ahead but with them being together I know they will battle all odds and love will reign forever.

Fateful Love Ch 2 Review by mbbsrocks
Hell I am Alone in my room...1 A.m and i am scared...Haae Allah...Ouch

This Made me a bit scared but then as the chapter unraveled  I was its a time difference but still a thriller..I was wondering where did he go??
and Now I am thinkng someone is sitting on front bed or hiding in the cupboard  *nail biting*Dead

Well Khushi Has some psychological Side for sure becoz of her past and also a girl who,at the age of Just 9 ,can guess that its some time difference..Has got something Mann!!!
But my question is also the same that Is it because her parents passed at such a small age..
Is She Imagining Her Own Characters as she was told about raizadas who used to live here..I guess yes as you said its Not A ghost story pand tbh 100 years later..only Bhootwas can come and at no cost i want my arnavto be a ghost Cry
#Just Asking "Does it have a relation with medical LOL..tell tell Doctor?"WinkWink

TINA if this is the story you have conceived after watching just a DREAM ,Girl you needto sleep more...your dreams are sooo intellectual..i wonder how are you in reality ?Big smileBig smile

Secret Passion Chapter 12 Review by Jyo.Arshi.IPK
Gosh this is gonna be a crazy task for me...writing down comment for SP update, I cried through most of the update, couldn't take their pain but in many ways, the update was positive more than negative.
Life has taught each one of us that reality isn't what u see on the surface, its the undercurrent, the subtle complex yet simple layers of emotions beneath the outer open exterior that matters, its what inside your heart that matters and not what u try to show to the world !!
Khushi despite knowing that her one simple action could uproot everything that she has with Arnav decides to take the plunge and it was much needed, in Arnav's words .. they have come so inseperably close and hushing up their love in the name of a contract isn't the right thing to do ... its a sin and if Khushi commits that sin or lets Arnav carry on with the false illusion for the sake of keeping him happy and their relation intact, it will only backfire, one day it will snap, reality will crawl under the skins until they both are forced to accept it and thats not how it should be !!
The acceptance shouldn't be forced ... it should come from within their hearts and for that this difficult step was needed.
Someone had to take the courage to open it up between them and Arnav wont do it coz his past will not let him accept love and marriage !! he loves her... he wants her forever in his life, she is the very air he breathes, she is the core of his existence, his heartbeat but he is scared to call it love coz he is scared of losing her to love that destroyed his past !!
Khushi is the only one who can make him see the light, can make him understand that there is life after darkness, life after death !!
Like everything else, even love has 2 shades to it, the good and the bad, so far Arnav has seen the darker side ... and now Khushi will show him that Love is Beautiful !!
The very emotion that destroyed his life will heal him once again !!
If the love in the his past ruined him then Khushi's love will heal him !!
But to make him realise that, Khushi has to walk through the literal murky hell that his past has weaved around him !!
His past will do everything possible to kill their future together but together they can weather out the storm and make sure that past remains past !!
Khushi argues with Arnav, she once again shows him that Sindoor isn't a mere red powder for her as he claims it to be, for her it marks him as her husband !!
He brings up the contract, he threatens her not to play the victim, he goes to the extent of telling her she is his mistress and yet Khushi doesn't let herself break down !!
That shows her strength of character and more over her faith in Arnav's love, she knows its his fear thats making him take such hurtful words on her, she knows his inner demons and today instead of letting him succumb to them , she is fighting it out for him !!
Even in between hurling insults at her, his heart is weeping, his own heart acknowledges the inseperable bond they share, the bond whose real name scares Arnav so much that he is rdy to live his entire life with her in a farce illusion coz he is scared the real bond will destroy them rather than binding them stronger than ever before !!
They argue over it... Khushi knowing his demons that has instilled a fear in him about marriage trys to show him that marriage can be different but his past plays the villain, his mother... his sister... who can blame Arnav for initially succumbing to the fear, the man isn't God for heavensake, he is a mere mortal who is flawed ... maybe battered even worse than normal human beings and that makes it all the more difficult !!
2 women he loves a lot...his sister... his mother...they both had ugly dirty marriages...he saw their life in ruins and having seen that... he doesn't want the same to happen to Khushi !!
The most important thing here, he isn't scared abt what marriage will do to him � he is scared of what it will do it Khushi ... he cant see her suffer the same fate as his mother or sister ... he loves her too much to let that happen to her... having seen what sort of men his dad and bro in law is, he doesn't trust in men at all, including himself, it shows his own repulsion and hate towards his own kind more than anything !!
He thinks that he could end up just as his dad or bro in law...its his lack of trust in himself to be a husband to Khushi thats making him deny the marriage she so badly wants !!
What Arnav doesn't know is that when there is true love, marriage doesn't change anything at all, it gives u like he says, society's approval as man and wife but the relation that he and Khushi has, as 2 lovers, it will be the same as ever, soulmates bonded for life !!
He makes Khushi choose and she does what she has to do... the right thing !!
It shows us that we don't get the most precious things in our lives the easy way, if she had gone on his terms, she would only be securing a happiness thats temporary, pushing the dust under the carpet and making it all look glitzy and glossy outside but the gloss will eventually get washed away no matter how much u apply it repeatedly !! her decision... her words...well for a minute I felt Khushi to be a real person and I wanted to hold onto her !!
She lets it out the she loves him beyond imagination...with every cell of her existence...she tells him that whatever they shared the past few weeks was only coz she was truly convinced in her heart that they are husband and wife and not as he claims to be because of a damned contract !!
If he fears marriage, then its something she treasures... she understands the sacred relation called marriage which will eventually bring them happiness and salvation for the rest of their forever coz she knows that what they have for each other is pure unconditional selfless true love !! <3
The wise says that all things good or bad happens for a reason... u might be wondering Tina why I felt there was positivity amidst the pain in this update...yes there is gut wrenching pain here but at the same time the  basis of their shackled bond was swept away by Arnav himself !!!
Acting in defense of his fears...he breaks the contract thinking that he is putting an end to the overwhelming fear and darkness around him, he thinks the contract is the core of everything that they share and keeps them together but in reality...
He removed the one and only thing thats detrimental to their bond of true love, the god damned contract is gone !!
He thinks ... that whatever they shared will be over with it but little does he know that he is slowly gonna realise the truth in Khushi's words.
He is soon gonna realise that whatever it is that helped them form this unbreakable bond isn't the contract but their love for each other, he is soon gonna know that its their hearts that keeps them connected and not  a damn piece of paper that holds no value at all !!
The contract is gone but the emotions, the love is still intact !!
Now when Arnav fully acknowledges what his heart feels for Khushi and they come together, it will be for all the right reasons, not coz there is a document keeping them together !!
The contract between them was ironically similar to the hateful marriages that his mother and sister had/has. And just like how the marriages destroyed them, the contract would have destroyed Arnav and Khushi if it had been allowed to exist !! Arnav who calls marriage nothing but a piece of paper unintentionally used the same means under a different name as a mere contract to tie Khushi to himself !!
And now the document is gone and its only their hearts there which is gonna help them come together once again !!
This is their most difficult trial by the fire which they will cross together to emerge more bonded than ever !! One body and One Soul .
When a man makes the right decision, it brings with it a sense of righteousness and certainity and yet when he made it clear that he is done with her, he could feel deep inside his heart how terrible wrong it was to walk away from her... to walk away from his existence !!
Tina and Satina... I love you symbolism... subtle and smart and yet very very powerful !! <3 hugss my ladies !!
Khushi again demonstrates a very strong character when she decides to complete her role as an employee of AR for the remainder of the trip...once again here she proves she is truly Mrs.ASR in all true style <3 she doesn't mix their personal and professional lives at all <3
At the party they are drawn to each other, he cant stand her pain, he cant stand her remote detached broken heart, he thinks he let her go for her own good but he can clearly see it in front of his eyes, what its doing to her !!!
He thinks passing on the Raizada name to Khushi will be a curse on her... little does he know that Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada is the one who along with her husband Arnav Singh Raizada will salvage the family name once again !! <3
He comes for her...hoping they will once again have what they shared the past few days but khushi despite wanting nothing more than to be in his arms, stands her ground !!
He clings to his past but she thinks of their present and future which at any cost will not be allowed to be destroyed by his demons !! She is fighting their battle together all alone now but very soon Arnav and Khushi will fight their  battle together... them against the world just like Romeo & Juliet ;) <3
Khushi when she sees him walking away is more sure than ever before that he will come back ... its human to err but doesn't mean Arnav will always make the wrong choice�he is walking through darkness right now and thats how the law of nature see the light... you need to know what is darkness... or else how can you appreciate the beauty of light !!! <3 <3
And their small separation also worked in protecting them from the evil eyes watching over them ... keeping evil at bay until Arnav and Khushi reunites to fight it out together !!!
Phew...thats it <3 <3 Tina Satina... I hope I have explained to the best of my abilities as to why I felt the update is positive...I know am long overdue on the comment and am really sorry about that !!
Love u both <3 muahss !!

Secret Passion Epi 12 Review by londonchick
Reading this chapter the quote whats love without seperation comes to mind.
They both love each other so much that they are staying apart from one another for one another.

Arnav is finally being selfless. I dont think he has ever done that for anyone before. I think unknowingly he has always put Khushi and her emotions first and thats not something that he would have done for anyone before. I dont think he realises that sacraficical agape love is the most purest form of love.

There are four types of love that have definition two for which I remember the latin terms ones filio meaning brotherly or sisterly love the others are affectiin love or erous which erotic love. Most might read this and think oh yeah erotic love and thats it. The most purest love in the world as I have mentioned is agape love meaning sacraficial love in which you are willing to sacrifice everything you have for that one person.

I dont think Arnav realises that he loves Khushi in the most purest version of love. In his words he is 'messed up' but yet not so messed up that the second he realised that he was bad news for Khushi he let her go. That's a very selfles thing to do in my view. Even men who are 'not messed up' would have difficulty letting go of the woman who completes their soul merely because they are too selfish. That shows just how genuine Arnavs love is.

He is torturing himself and staying away from her and hurting her now because he thinks that she will hurt momentarily then heal and find herself a man who in his words will give her the happily ever after she deserves and will no doubt have the same views as her on marriage.

I guess where Arnav made the mistake is in understanding Khushi and her love for him. He failed to realise that though Khushi believes in the sanctity of a marriage she believes in the sanctity of their union mentally, emotiinally and physically more. And its that faith in that relation that they have that would mean that in a heart beat Khushi would comprimse with her whole world, everything in it and all she has ever known if it meant that she can keep Arnav by her side because in all truth the day she realised that she loved Arnav she also acknowledged that Arnav is her world.

Khushi was heartbroken that Arnav did not want to accept her as his wife. They are both right in their own way. She has seen mostly good marriage and Arnav mostly bad so they both have completely clashing views. It was Khushi's hurt and anger which may have made it seem as if she was trying to force her views upon Arnav. But in actual fact I think all shef wanted to do was just get him to see marriage from her point of view. And for her wgen Arnav sais no it was rejection. And for any girlto face rejection from the guy who is the centre of her world is heart. I think thats s the reason why she wanted to convince Arnav that marriage is a good thing.

Arnav now feels guilty for hurting her. He is more concerned about her plight than his own. She is hurting too. He blames himself for that hurt. Somewhere deep inside his conscience is telling him that he did the right thing so that Khushi can get her happily ever after. But what he has not understood is that Khushi's happily ever after will not be complete until she gets an ending with him. And seeing Khushi's care despite the pain he cause her is tearing him up. Its weakening his guard. 

But thats what makes love so special, its knowing that that person could hurt you a thousand times over and even then thats not enough to make you stop loving them. Heart ache I guess is just the hearts way of making you see just how much you loved a person cos the greater the love tbe painful the heartache.

Arnav is too engulfed in justifying his actions that he does not realise the depth and the extent of their love. Love like that cant be erased by distance. In fact love like that makes the heart grow fonder. 

When will Arnav realise Khushi is his wife in ever sense expect officially?
Tinaji Satinaji standing ovation to you both Thumbs Up. Another beautiful update loved it.

Secret Passion Epi 15: Vows Review by luvkkgsr
They are married... they are married..
Seriously i cant believe they got actually married..
after going thru like hell.. after being thru so much.. finally they are one in one and all the ways..
oh m so happpyyy... cant describe how much happy i am..
well i know they were like totally a married couple minus the official vows..
and finally now they have shared those vows  and marriage has happended as well.. PartyDancing
couldnt have asked for more..
yesss DH and SP have kinda reversed each other.. Big smile true to your words Tinuuu..
Seems like this NYC TRIP is the real defining milestone in their relationship and life.. cheers to this trip idea ASR.. TongueWinkBig smile
and finally we get to see two people madly and deeply and hell crazzy about each other.. happy in their cocoon of love.. sheer bliss moments for them.. and they deserve every bit of this happiness.. this peace and calmness.. ClapStarClapStar
I loved how Arnav admitted his mistakes.. for a guy who just takes whatever he wants either by hook or by crook... he has come a long way now..
I am so proud of him..
he made through.. suffered so much.. and in the end its just their love which has made them conquer everything.. defeat everything..
THEM VERSUS THE WORLD.. so true.. Big smile
hats off to Khushi who inspite of being shattered and with a tormented heart.. all shw was worried about was him, all the time.. never ever she gave up on him..
her little faith in him..and in their love have made them reach the destination of thei LOVE.. Star
Awww.. the scene where they kept on humming "I love you" to each other while sitting in the car was so damn cute... Heart
her wish is fulfilled.. she just wished to get married.. and he made it happen.. even when she tried in vain to give some sane excuses.. his charm i tell you.. TongueWinkBig smile
Awww.. and he is all ready to go for a traditional wedding after they get back home with all the rituals.. seriously Khushi what have you done to this guy..  this shows how much he respects her feelings and thoughts..
lucky Khushi..
well well who could have guessed Arnav in his childhood was so naughty.. LOLLOL
loved the conversation between Arhi and Uncle..
i can see how happy he was for Arnav.. his uncle loves him too much.. just like Khushi with all his flaws.. StarBig smile
Felt bad for Arnav.. he had such a devastating childhood..
seeing ur parents's abusive marriage.. no surprise why he is sacred to lose Khushi.. and why he was so scared of marriage..Ouch
bt yes nows a new dawn for their relationship.. a new beginning to his life with a person who loves him more than her own life.. Big smile
Thank God they had that adventure on convertible or else how could they have stayed away from each other.. EmbarrassedWinkLOL
Shopping was so fun..
Arnav behaving like a typical hubby already..
hahaha.. we are eloping.. so true in the context Khushi.. Big smile
Khushi looked divine in that sareee.. fab.. Thumbs Up Big smile
Awww.. and their own vows before the marriage.. much more valuable then th one recited by pandit ji on their wedding..
and Uncle gifted them the palace..
I would love to see them bring their own children one day to that palace.. that would be just awesome.. EmbarrassedBig smile.. and i guess thats going to happen soon.. u know with their sizzzling history of romance.. WinkBig smile
Seriously Arnav teased her so much on their wedding night.. EmbarrassedLOL
hahahaha.. I forgot to turn on the security ..
well that was so needed actually.. with that intruder tresspassing..
woahhh that jalebi-strwabery and chocolate session was damn hottt... Big smile
keep up the hotness factor Tina.. WinkBig smileTongue
I am cent percent sure now.. Its Anjali who had hired that man... u gave us ample hints in this one..
seems like we have a crazyyy Anajli here..
 and going by the pre-cap it seems the truth about Arnav and Khushi being together will be out to her soon..
waiting eagerly for the next update..
and yeah better make them stay in NY for few days more Tinu..
I know so many troubles would be waiting them once they are back to India..Big smile
Beautifully written update..
loved it like alwayzzz
and continue soon.. Big smile

Secret Passion Epi 14 by ara_000
I am in my dreamland now..! Day Dreaming

aftr reading d whole chappy i left out a dreamy sigh nd still now i am in trance..! Day Dreaming

didu,while reading d chappy i was remembering our conversation reguarding d future track of SP nd much to my amusement i was very much right then coz arnav's words of fighting d world wit khush b his side was xctly d same i told u..!

I can undrstnd now why u had told me dat day abt whether satina has told me abt d future track or not...! LOL

phew now cuming to d chappy -

i love it u have penned down khushi's pain nd emptiness..she is in too much pain coz as much as she is trying to forget her love he is invading her evry thoughts making her remember dat her heart can beat nly for him but still being a strong girl she nvr evr will get back so she decided to avoid him thnking dat if he can throw her away like dat she can also show dat she is not interested in him nd will pretend to enjoy d party witout him ofcrs not knwing wat she is going to get witin few hours..!

Arnav he has already knwn it dat he is in love wit her but he also knws dat he can nver give khushi d perfct life which she deserves..!

Arnav Singh Raizada yet again bowled me over by leting his lady love mover away from him coz he thinks his khushi is perfct nd none can b as perfct as she is nd thus she deserves sumone as perfct as her while arnav is simply d most imperfct man for her but as we say sumtyms wat we cannot see is made to b seen by sumone nd here dat role has been played by his uncle who came like an angel nd made him undrstnd dat watever negative he is thnking is correct coz he has right to thnk like dis but in life evryone should think positive also coz a coin has two sides nd not neccessary dat in life alwaz negative will happen..!

Loved it how he said dat khushi can b wrng nd she can nevr b a preblm in their married life but d prblm is he nd his blood nd he can never think of hurting his khushi as he loves her way too much nd one tear from her eyes evrytym breaks him into millions of pieces...! Heart

but dat old man make him believe dat marriage sumtyms turn to b bliss nd khushi being by his side he can make it blissful nd wit his realisation of being in love nd his firm belief in their love made him decide dat he will give it a chance if nly khushi gives him one chance...!

Nd i love it how d old man said dat by seeing d love nd care in arnav's eyes for dat beautiful lady he can make out dat he is already a married man who is looking at his wife to protect her from dis lusty world..!

Loved it how he stood there in d hall all mesmerised to see his lady in white lookong perfctly like an angel nd thinking to pinch all those men throwing lusty looks at her nd saying them aloud dat she is his nd his nly...!

His possessiveness really gives me goosebumps nd i believe dat this is his one way of expressing love for her...!

Nd aftr thnking abt his uncle's words ndbelieving in his love Arnav singh raizada is all set to grab a chance from his wife who is totally heart broken due to his recent behaviour...!

Loved it how khushi accepted sumone's proposal to dance sensing arnav behind her but as xpected he did not give that poor man any chance to touch his wife nd grab her to d dance floor nd there he danced wit her closely nd as xpected khushi got all lost in his touch but still her plan to avoid him stuck her nd she tried to left from there nly to b pulled by him closer to him nd den asking her whether she will dance wit sumone else or not but as stubbornly she answered as yes,nothng actually hlped coz d nxt words from him made her all pale coz she can nver ever deny d fact dat she loves him nd he is d reason for her xsistance..!

Loved it how she pushed him nd ran away from there not giving him a single chance to clarify his points..!

Nd den that jerk,arghhh Angry

how dare he touch khushi nd say dat he wants her..! Angry

bloody hell aftr getting a slap also he was determined to make her his Angry

i love my khushi,too strong to face d world coz she still believes dat her arnav will save her if she got herslf into trouble..!

Loved it how she broke down in arnav's arms thnking abt dat jerk touching nd lusting over her but again she wanted to go away from arnav not wanting to let him knw abt dat jerk..!

But his one touch on her bruised area nd her one whimper is enough for arnav to understnd dat sumthng has happened nd dat boiled his blood nd again khushi got to see his caring nd possessive side for her but she did not break her oath to teach him wit his medicine nd thus she pushed him nd got dissapeared into d crowd leaving him to follow her but destiny has other plans nd arnav got stuck into d party hall to give a speech nd den by aman who asked him abt Mr.Bradley ready to sign d deal nd he was forced to go there leaving his khushi nd pleading aman to find her out..!

This deal was one of d most important deals for his company but wen this deal demanded to take his khushi away from his,sumone ejected some venom in his blood which forced him to beat dat lusty bus*ard black nd blue nd finally declaring dat khushi is not nly an employee but she is his WIFE..! Heart

yes ASR got it clear to those or may b to d world dat khushi gupta is his WIFE nd anyone who will have an eye on her will b dead...!

Deal is not important to him wen it cums to his family nd yet again he made me fall head over heals in love wit him Heart

And den leaving evrythng he went to search his life nd saw her walking aimlessly nd stopping d car he pck her up in his arms nd wen she tried to get away he uttered d most beautiful nd magical three words to her making her world brighten nd making her believe dat she won nd her love has finally conquered his dreadful past nd thust yet again they submitted themselves to each other devouring them nd claiming each other nd making d world knw dat their love is pure nd strong nd none can make them apart...!

Loved it how arnav said dat he believed dat they r married now nd wit khushi by his side he will fight every demons cuming on their way making them believe dat their love is way too stronger dan any obstacles..! Heart

I love it how arnav said dat their love versus the world but wit that he again said dat they will win it coz he now he is sure dat may b his imperfct but none can love khushi more dan him...!

Nd i love it wen arnav said dat he may not b perfct but he will try to make their marriage life successful nd khushi yet again assured him dat none is perfct nd none has to b perfct but wat matters is their love is perfct nd strong enough to fight against all disaster nd yet grow stronger nd stronger..! Heart

damn didu,this is simply one hell beautiful chappy where love can finds a new meaning of bliss nd beauty..! Day Dreaming

U again knocked d breathe out of me by gwriting this chappy nd making me fall in love wit my very own ARSHI all over again..! Heart

thnk u sooo much to both u nd satina for writing dis beautiful love story nd giving us an oppurtunity to read this masterpiece..! Hug
love u both Heart

Mind Games Vol 2 by MahimaMV
FantasticClap, lovelyStar, beautifulHeart, romanticEmbarrassed n hotBlushing update
The banner made me crazySilly, its beautiful...
Loved it... They both were so restless to go to their honeymoonEmbarrassed, the way he asked Anji was funnyLOL
Awww, Arnav helped Khushi to take off her jewelryDay Dreaming.. That was so sweet... Naughty Khushi, she didn't peek bt enjoyed the view by looking at him through the mirrorLOL
Khushi n her Salman!! No one can even dare to come bw themLOL
Poor ArnieLOL Khushi is so innocent n childlike which i love very much...
The blanket was really cute n lovelyHeart
( u r amazing TinaStar, from where do u get these unique ideas after writing an N number of romantic scenes? wish u wud have been CV of IPKKND)
The pic which has an aquarium is mindblowing...(Even i was shocked to see that... I just love water i mean ocean, sea beach n also fish)
They are having beach in front of their roomDay Dreaming This is just perfect place for honeymoon coupleEmbarrassed
Aww to make her feel comfortable Arnav thought of a basket ball gameLOL to which Khushi was bowledLOLLOL
Then the most happening Suhaag Raat(read in blog, it was really hotBlushing) which was really beautiful n ofcourse hotEmbarrassed
Nw waiting for the 100 things to do in HoneymoonEmbarrassedBlushing

Fateful Love Chapter 1 & 2 Review by Jyo.ARSHI.IPK
Tina sry love for the really delayed comment ... but I wanted to be totally free and at peace when I right comment for this one ... right from the first chapter ... this special story here ... the story that took birth in your dreams ... this one gave me a sense of dj vu ... so strikingly reminding me of our Shameless days <3 and this once again proved that mystery is your forte and romantic thrillers ... u are a dab hand in them !! <3
And now you are giving the love story of 2 souls ... who are caught between time ... one stuck in the present ... one stuck in the past and yet they meet at the same place ... they are living in the same place ... able to see each other but still rooted to different time periods !! <3 A truly unique love story caught in the sands of time !! <3
Lil Khushi enters Sheesh Mahal .. a ruined castle to her but she already feels at home despite all the stories of it being haunted floating around ... Payal detests the house as much as Khushi revels in it <3 the girls pick their rooms ... and Khushi is right where she should be all along ... in Arnav's room and as per cue as the night sets in ... Arnav comes in ... he isn't a ghost ... he isn't a demon ... he is a 10 year old boy meeting 8 year old Khushi ... just one unusual reality ... they are both from different eras but they are not aware of it as of now !!
Tina do you know that I am having goosebumps even now while typing this comment !!
I mean can anyone even imagine such a scenario ... and what magic does Sheesh Mahal hold that brought forth a clash between 2 eras and thus hurtling Arnav and Khushi into each other's lives ... gosh am so eager to know !! <3
Facts are given here and there in the first update ... Arnav is upset about his dad being away coz his mother is upset ... and Khushi .. is an orphan who got taken in by her aunt and uncle and lil Arnav & Khushi are already finding comfort in each others company ... damn they are sharing the same room ... the same bed ... 2 innocent souls letting their hearts getting connected and woven together in ways they cant even begin to fathom about.
Khushi to convince herself that Arnav is real listens to his heartbeat ... to imagine a lil Khushi listening to Arnav's heartbeat ... awww thats such a beautiful moment Tina <3
When lil Khushi wakes up to find that Arnav has gone ... she is upset and when Payal hears about her sister's nightime encounter ... she freaks out and when Garima hears of it ... she hushes up Khushi but the spark has been set off and there is no stopping it anymore ... the fateful lovers have met and now they will live out their love story ... a simple line from Khushi proves it beyond any doubt ...
"Arnav is no dream Amma ... He is real And He is my friend "

Khushi goes out to her Babuji coz she thinks he will understand but what she hears her parents talking about shatters her  ... it also tells us that her mind works in ways which everyone cant understand ... in her pain she rushes through the house and unwittingly enters the library ... there she finds proof that Arnav Singh Raizada indeed lived and wasn't a figment of her imagination ... she remembers his words and rushes back to her room to find his initials engraved on the door just as he said  it would be ... lil Khushi's delight at being proved normal and sane is infectious ... it brings forth a human craving which is there in each one of us coz of which we all try to prove to the world that what we believe in is right ... its a very human trait and Khushi is as normal as any other yet she is unusual <3
Daytime takes them ages away from each other but the nights come bringing with it a clash of times which helps the 2 lovers to meet ... what makes this happen ... I am dying to know <3
Arnav is disturbed that Khushi is just a figment of his imagination coz he couldn't find her anywhere during daytime ... Khushi is also going through a similar phase but the library brings her face to face with a shocking truth ... the night literally takes her back into Arnav's time ... almost 100 years backward ... its not Arnav entering her world but she is the one entering his ... Tina my head is gonna burn out coz of all the crazed ideas in my head and I cant wait to know whats happening ... and how they are gonna make sure that their Love wins over the Time !!
How will the past and the present meet ... how will it collide to make sure that Arnav and Khushi gets their happily ever after ... they say that Tima waits for no one ... nothing then how will this love conquer time ??

Will be waiting to read more and then I am gonna pick your brain more ;) <3 Love u Blushy <3
Now & Forever <3 <3 <3

Secret Passion Epi 14 Review by Farwa Ibrahim

Khushi's condition was so beautifully described... yes true love does heart sometimes in ways tht nothing else can cause... no matter how hard we try we cant forget the one we love so wholeheartedly... same is the case with Khushi she is trying her best but every thing is causing her to remember Arnav.. be it her loneliness or be it the passing sceneries... Its funny how we try to erase all the pain from the life of one we love no matter if he/she is giving us pain... Khushi after everything was able to see his pain and though in her eyes Arnav is at fault in breaking off and thus breaking her heart and soul but still she couldnt help but feel the urge to give him comfort. True love makes one to cross all limits.
awww I wanted to hug her at this

She could almost sense his close proximity. Her heart pounded, urging her to abandon everything and run into his arms.

Arnav is too good to be true sachi ur Arnav is too good to be true! such selfless love leaving his love the girl who is his life just because he feared he migh end up hurting her in the end like his father... I envy Khushi to have such a lover. Arnav's reaction to Khushi and his possessiveness for her was as expected... He can let her go but he cant see her with anyone else... it may b a bit easy to let ur love go but to see others having liking for ur love or seeing ur love with someone else is something which is unbearable samething happened to Arnav... his uncle is a darling I liked him... he saw that Arnav's gaze on Khushi was not normal he knew that Arnav dont show such strong reaction to any random girl.

Uncle raised an eyebrow, looking surprised. "You? Arnav, you always take what you want, snatch it even sometimes, I would say."  

This was real ASR but now he is Khushi's Arnav no more the ASR... he is letting her go coz of his insecurities towards his own pastr and his future behavior...

his uncle realized that there was something between them. When Arnav told him tht he loved her he was shocked. Of cource he had to b shocked the shrewd business tycon who never believed in any emotion which is called love. It was indeed khushi's doing. True he can do anything for his loved ones and thts wht he is doing now. He is giving himself pain and keeping his heart away from the one he yearns to have. She is his anchor his only chance to happiness yet he is keeping himself away for the child in him has his own worries. He actually is not thinking from a grown up man's point of view otherwise he could have seen tht the thing which they share the thing he reminded so many times to khushi will not let their relation suffer. He may has his father's blood but he has his mother's heart and soul too. But the child in him is afraid tht he may not be able to handle the tender and pure soul the right way. He fear to fail.
Like I said before I really loved his uncle. Yes tht was the push he needed and Arnav got to see the other possibility tht wht if it did work. One shouldnt end trying to do something just because they think it might not work otherwise they would always feel remorse in the end thinking wht if it worked. So now he decided to go along to give it a try to give THEM a try. I just loved it. And look at wht his uncle said n how true it was tht he looked like a husband and he havent seen them together otherwise he would have said tht they looked like a couple giving and taking everything thing they had be it physical or emotional.
Poor aide he was so happy to have khushi agreed to dance but ah well no one can dance with Arnav's love n his present n future wifey. Felt bad for Khushi too as she didnt know by thenwht had gone through in Arnav's mind so she had to feel like toy n it must b a horrible feeling. Now tht Bradely jr. The nerve of this man to man handle Khushi. Arnav's Khushi... When Arnav pulled her towards him after Bradley Jr. accident the way he reacted wasnt a surprise at all because whether he had decided to give their relation a chance or not he would have reacted the same. Its Khushi what matters to him not the decision just as it was Arnav what mattered to her not the pain he had given her. I just wanted to tear La apart when she did the little act of hers n caused Arnav to stop following Khushi n then Aman came. I was very furious on him too but then the scene came which wanted me to just give u both a rib crushing hug. How dare bradley jr suggested something tht evil how dare he tht rascal suggest that he wants HIS KHUSHI the girl for whom his mind always screams MINE and his all actions prove so too... ah I love the beating dishum dishum session...  and my reaction when he said 

"Don't you dare take her name! SHE'S MY WIFE!"

Seriously u still think about the deal Mr.Bradley ha in ur dreams even if it would have been other way round and AR really needed ur deal after what ur son has done Arnav wouldn't have thought twice to throw the deal on ur face even then and now he is doing the same and Arnav will make sure top ruin u further... ur son has the audacity to hurt his Khushi and still he is alive it would be a favor for u. I was dreading that Arnav will fire Aman as he failed to track Khushi... Khushi was too hurt to listen to him and his actions were hurting her again and HE SAID IT the three magical words the words which meant ALOT for a girl who is blindly in love. This one was by far the BESTESTEST update... he told her she was right that they were husband and wife. Her reaction made my smile wider. and then the fire bloomed and two shattered soul came together after the tiring separation where there was solace for them and he still proposed her how sweet. 
 I really cant believe something which started off as just secret passion could go so higher. I mean I have told u many times tht after shameless DH is my fav but now I want to say no SP has taken its place. Its just left me awestruck after every update..U guys r doing such a GREAT job really.Hats off. This story will b one of the bestest stories on IF mark my words... Love u both for this 

Desert Heat Ch 15 by ayshaomar
Let me just take a few minutes to recover from all that hotness!!!

Damn these two are just so damn adorable and awesome and sizzling!!!
At the starting although both had just seen each other an hour ago both feel like its been ions since they last held each other, saw each other, kissed the other

Loved how Arnav said he is the bigger one and he should be protecting her yet here she is defending him

Khushi has grown in this update (not only due to the obvious physical reasons) but she overcome any hesitation, she voiced her opinions only thinking about herself for once, her happiness and not what others expect her to think and behave!! Well Done KhushiClap

Their ahem ahem scene was just awesome!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed so much love between these two in such a short space of time..truly inseparable and loved how Maya knew from so long ago..and just to clarify what you wrote in your PM yes it was tastefully done, nothing vulgar, all your work is well written!!Embarrassed

LMAO Arnav's technique to get her to resist? (is that the right word im thinking off?) but yeah his technique to just ensure this is truly what she wants and is not succumbing because she feels she should because of him..awesome..he threw away his desires and always puts her first no matter how much he wants her!! but Khushi proved oh so well that she is definitely sure about what she wants and she wants it with Arnav, and tonightWinkLOLshe matched his pace and all shyness went out of the window!!

due to all that passion and desire he couldn't ask for her hand in marriage!! guess that was done because of the way it endedShockedplease do not tell me that ring is that random nobody of a fiancee of hers..don't know how that would work out but yeah..or its her parents or something!!!

But yes truly loved the update!! they finally become one and howEmbarrassed

Oh and i see the beautiful pictures put to use
Stunning Khushi <33 Sanaya looked absolutely gorgeous in that outfit and loved that it was used in this updateEmbarrassed

Secluded Island Review by extremelicious
OH NOOO, THIS OS IS FINFISHED!CryCryCry I'M GOING TO MISS IT SO MUCH!!!CryCryCry IT WAS SO CUTE AND ROMANTIC, LOVED IT A LOT!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile BUT I'M EXCITED TO READ MORE OF YOUR WORK AND I CAN'T WAIT TO READ FATEFUL LOVE!!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileSmileSmileSmile I'm glad that this trip gave Arnav and Khushi a chance to relax and just to be with each other, they really needed it! This planned trip turned into a really romantic and passionate rabba ve honeymoon and I loved it sooo much!!WinkWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Arnav is such a tease,and I'm sure Khushi remembers everything that occured when she was drunk!WinkWinkWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Lol Khushi turns really demanding when she's drunk, I wonder how Arnav handles her lol!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWinkWink Their passionate romance and love making really allowed them to get to know each other even more on a much closer level! I just love how they both wanted a third child and that Arnav loves his wife when she's pregnant, that's just so cute, he truly is the best husband ever!!HeartHeartHeartHeart I just love the way Khushi blushes and I love how they both are always just so romantic, they truly are the most perfect couple ever!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed This vacation caused their relationship to grow and I'm glad that they vowed to each other that they will always take time out for each other from their busy schedules! SmileSmileSmile I know that they both will always cherish their time in Maldives together and I know that will come here again!WinkSmile Lol Aman why are you always hellbent on ruining Arnav and Khushi's romantic moments, you did that a lot in the show, at least give them a break in this FF, Tina do something lol!!LOLLOLLOL Well thankfully, you didn't call and ruiN their kisses and lovemaking, then arnav would be mad lol, be ware lolllLOLLOLLOL! Aww they're leaving the island, because they both miss their kids dearly, they are the best parents ever!!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile Lol but Arnav still wants to be naughty with his wife at the bungalow and in the swimming pool, how romantic, I really want a husband like Arnav!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWinkWinkSmile Omg, they did come back, I knew it and they have another daughter name Kashi, how cute!! Awww it seeems so beautiful! Awww theyre the perfect family, but I feel like there's more to come! WinkWinkWinkWinkWink Hahahaha loved the ending, Boo is so cute, I just love her questions, but I think they make her parents worry lol!WinkWink So I guess all my doubts are cleared, and there is definitely more to come! Tina, I think you should write a sequel to this os, because I loved it and I really do want to read more of it, it was superb and so romantic!! HeartHeartHeart THE FINALE WAS LOVELY AND I LOVED THE ENDING SO SO SO MUCH!! YOU ARE A WONDERFUL, YOU MAKE EVERYTHING SEEEM SO REAL AND I JUST START IMAGINING SO MUCH WHEN I READ YOUR WORK!! EXCITED TO READ MORE OF YOUR WORK, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Tribute to Shameless by togetherforever
The truest of true love ,love that is deeply entrenched into the core of our soul,a love  that  remained as true,pure and soulful as it was from the start.When a girl Khushi was almost  dead there was only one thought that crossed her heart,the longingness, of dreams that never saw its sun,of the name which her every heartbeat echoed"ARNAV".It gave her the power,the courage to battle death and come out stronger as the winner waking up to his name,trying to find a glimpse of the one person whom her heart couldn't even forget in unconsciousness.

The other hand was the man who stood outside the hospital room still from the time he has come aware of the news of his wife fighting with her life.Inspite of what all has occurred ,he stood there for hours still,his gaze wandering over the figure while she battled her life.A man whose wife has made a mockery of him in the entire world,has his reputation tarnished in pieces,who still standing there couldn't fandom what has happened to the girl who has loved him with all her being has gone from being all the loving and caring woman to being the one who was termed SHAMELESS by everyone.A love that was unreturned according to him,love that has led his heart bleed seeing her in pain,which made him wish that she comes out of it safe,nomatter what it took.
Waking upto consciousness into the strange surroundings,the first name that has occurred from her mouth was Arnav,she was  in the hospital surrounded by strangers all over,somewhere her heart echoed the name that told her was the answer to all her questions.

How heart shattering it would have been for the woman who wanted to know and bask in the knowledge of the love but was met by a sterrie silence and cold behaviour when she met the man who was her husband Arnav Singh Raizada.Concern and care which she could feel but the distance that was too visible to ignore.She was taken to a home where she was unwelcomed,where every single person present looked at her with disgust and hatred.Warmth was miles away,it was as if her presence was despised.She didn't get good vibes ,her instincts telling her something was terribly wrong,that she was missing on something.She felt creeps getting to her seeing the faces of persons,being alone made her fearful,she couldn't even pinpoint at what was wrong,the only soothness that calmed her heart was Arnav's presence around her.He made her feel safe, a security that she will be protected  as long as he was with her.

Things followed one by another,each character has its own shades,some entirely black and some grey.Though the evils are always more but the unbound goodness always overcomes the evil nomatter even if it exists in leaps.
There lies Shyam with his over obsession towards the woman who can never be his ,Anjali who lives in her own make believe world,a world where she is loved and adored by her husband while reality is entirely opposite.

Raizada Mansion was not what it used to be,each member held a mask on his face where it was not possible to see what lies beneath it.Love and unconditional care that are virtues of family was completely barren from there.The mansion now held a group of frequent visitors the Raina's family friends of the Raizada's from a long time. 
If there is a woman as selfless and pure as Khushi then there is an Anjali who is too self occupied in her own bubble.And then there is Natasha Raina who never ever put a thought and skimmed to every cheap tactic to get Arnav to herself.Conspirating to the lowest levels that at a point one begin to question that  do woman like that actually exists.And it does,we live in aworld where people like that exists,selfishness and callousness is what one come across very often.

There were undercurrents of love laying between Arnav and Khushi,a love that has earlier battled everything to become one and once they had it has seemed to them as if they were only living an illusion.A dream that broke even before it could be properly rise.Khushi craved for that one look of love for him,she tried hard ,harder with each passing day to remember what has happened,but she couldn't,the more she tried the more complicated it got.A woman who has woken up with only one name on her lips now looks after her only as if it was a mere responsibility.She hasn't remembered anything but the depth of her love was as clear to her as the truth of her heart beating alive.

The feeling of being watched and every move being scrutinized creeped her inside out.At the first possible opportunity as the attempts were made to kill her,but failed,it was clear she was not safe.
She was witnessing new challenges everyday but Arnav not believing her wrenched her heart.But she couldn't do anything about it.Her husband did not trust her,the distance physical as well emotional was clearly visible.Even in some tender moments when she would find those molten caramel eyes have expression of something else,of an emotion that runs deep,it would wipe away in faction of seconds.
But Arnav was not immune to Khushi after all.How can one  be when the love has seeped under your skin and runs in your body like blood.Seeing Khushi around he started feeling that may be he got his Khushi back again.The same Khushi which he knew before.The woman he has lost his heart too and who has changed after days of their second marriage.But there was too much lies and  treacheries around him to rebuild the trust again.
As things progressed she realised something terrible has happened in the past,something that has led to the visible distance and coldness in her relationship with Arnav.Her presence was clearly despised in the house.

But still she knew nomatter what has happened he still cared for her or else why would he bare everything people said to him and still be there for her.Her love and his actions gave her the courage to move on with what her heart as telling her to do.
Nomatter how ugly the ghosts of the pasts were Khushi knew if there was her any chance of happiness in her life,if there was any hope to live a life with the man she desired and love with her entire being she mustered every ounce of courage she had and asked him what has been killing her inside since so many days.

Why everyone looked at her as if she was some someone who has attempted some grave sins?,What was there she has done which has resulted in the distance between them?Did he not love her?Why was she regarded as a Shameless girl by everyone.
Arnav has avoided her questioning gazes for as long as he could but seeing her conviction this time he knew he couldn't back away.His heart shred into pieces as he told her everything that has happened,every thing that has transpired in the past laid barren for her to see.

As Arnav spoke his entire being filled with pain as he narrated things to her,when Arnav words fell into her ears Khushi can hardly believe it was her he was talking about,for the life of her she couldn't even imagine herself in the scenarios that were being described.It was tough for him to say himself but then  seeing her constant refusal of acceptance,he has no option left but to show her all the evidences and he well did.
Seeing her in pain as Khushi saw those hurted him more than his own pain,there was this reason he didn't want to tell her somewhere the selfish heart who has seen the glimpses of old Khushi getting back wanting her to remain like that.
With a  new day Khushi too rose and as she started at her husband face as if a lightening it struck her,all that he has told her and even after seeing the evidences her heart didn't let her believe that it was all true,something was missing,seeing his sleeping figure,her heart swelled with the love for the man who has gone through everything ,how would have he felt,his hurt seeming nothing in front of her and with that realisation she vowed to herself,to find the hidden truth and thus with that began the chase.

Coming to know of her resolve and seeing the conviction in her eyes something stirred deep inside him that made him trust her as the husband and wife joined forces to get hold of the truth.

Totally suspicious of everyone around they hid it from everyone,not wanting to let go of everything,uneasiness surrounded them.But for how long could two people stay away from each other,for how long the deceits and falter them.fate and destiny finally favoured them as the moment where Arnav thought his worst fears come true was granted a new lease of life when finally the truth was revealed to him about Khushi in a way he could have never thought of.
The happiness that flowed from the deepest insides could have been seen in him,he felt alive again because with that one information all other things faded away,the part of his heart which always doubted that Khushi couldn't be like this has been true all along.Finally the dew has started to clear off and with that the lovers were once again united.

But the happiness was short lived as Khushi find her life slipping out of her hands as Arnav's life loomed in danger.His love  whichhas been her courage all along and she became his,the love that made him want to secure everything incase he don't make it but her resolve gave him courage as he promised to be back and he did fought and won for them,for the dreams that till date have only been dreams.
The visions and the information that Khushi came to be aware of resulted in a blessing in disguise as her own reflections become clearer as things started falling into place piece by piece.

Arnav and Khushi finally reunited and this time forever as the sun finally shonw down on them,where confusions and doubts were shared,truths was laid barren,what the other has heard and seen,what have they witnessed,how it was moulded in a way that it seems true when at the end all were just a woven web of lies around them.And as everything has come crystal clear the fact that has always been honest to one another,that even when they have thought that the other was at fault,they have held each other's heart and has always been each others throughout which they sealed with a neverending promise to never let anything come between them was taken.
Convincing the only person he felt answerable too and trustingthe one man who was fiercely loyal to him,he finally led to getaway where he would keep his Khushi safe from everything.

The terrors and dangers surrounded them but Arnav and Khushi managed to escape for  while they led on the search mission who was behind them and was the result of every bad thing that has occurred in their life.
They laughed,they cried,they talked  for hours finally basking in the knowledge of loving and the love being returned in many folds.The eventual has to happen and it did as they became one in all ways finally becoming two bodies one soul and thus shattering away every possible barrier between them.Time flew as they laid safe in their own created world  while the haunting figure tried hard to get through them.Arnav did everything he could to keep Khushi and now the baby who was about to enter their life safe and he did until one fateful day the danger finally come face to face.
In all these months of their togetherness,they have come closer than ever,living in a world of their own where they have created a life together but danger was there and it made its presence shown at the very first opportunity.

A man honours his word and for Arnav Khushi and their baby was his life as he did everything he could to keep them safe,hurting himself while his heart ached for the pain they both were going through. Arnav and Khushi's unconditional love surpass everything where forgetting their own pains they put their own life into danger for their other half which results in Khushi trusting the person who laid behinds the mask of their well wisher,gets to her.

But as I said in the start TRUE LOVE OVERCOMES ALL ODDS.
It does here too as the curtain falls down,where Arnav fights every challenge thrown and finally solves the mystery of the haunting figure as its revealed to Khushi simultaneously too.The story has so many emotions depicted that it's a wholesome read as various shades and roles a woman dorns  in her entire comes alive in Khushi while Arnav becomes the epitome of what all a true lover is about and more.

The end is mesmerisizing as the figure,its intentions and even the reasons are revealed while our Arnav and Khushi goes ahead to finally bringing their dreams into reality.They had each other ,the love that grew every second and their kids which has made  their life complete with happiness and liveliness from all around.
NOTE- The magic of this story lies in its suspense and that is the main reason inspite of remembering each thing,somethings are left off deliberately.The story showcases so many new angles that no one has thought of earlier and it's the sheer brilliance and the painstaking efforts of the author and that's the main reason somethings  are here the way it is and with this I would request the people who has already read it to keep the suspense intact if you do read the tribute.
Thanks a tonn for taking out time to read,I hope I didn't disappoint any of the readers of this story and the author.

Secret Passion Epi 14 by sony_md
So, finally ... where do I begin? 
Her inner turmoil, as she nears the event. It had nothing to do with the place, or the people, her job. Only with him. Her love is so deep, so soul-shattering by this time, she is so immersed in what she feels, that anything and everything feels like him to her. The air she breathes, the scents wafting around her, her surroundings, the route she's taking, everything. And try as she might, when she closes her eyes in a last attempt to stop the assault on her senses, her mind betrays her and conjures up an image of him so breathtakingly beautiful, and equally painful, that her ability to focus on anything else is applaud-able.
He owns everything that IS her, inside and out, and while she knows it, she also understands that there will be nothing left of her, if she remains the way she is, and so she decides to forget him, and move on, at least for this night, for that will be the biggest accomplishment within itself.
Our boy, on the other hand, has just awoken from the frightful curtain he had wrapped around his eyes so tightly, that regardless of the fact that he himself had opened it and let her in far before this moment, denial was the most important word in his vocabulary. 
The palpable tension, and all the other emotions burning off the page are so much more real because these two set the screen on fire when they were together, and even now, every word comes to life for me, Tinz. Thank you. 
So, where were we? Aaah, yes, They both know the other is there. The tension is thick, the feeling is so strong that everything and everyone around them ceases to exist. His whole universe is centered on her, and while she is unaware of his exact location the knowledge reverberates through her entire being as well.
The confusion, and yet forceful magnetic pull he feels towards her, knowing that the pain he's giving her can also only be soothed by him, and yet, still having to believe that the pain he's inflicting is necessary for her happiness ... that war is one only he can bear to fight. The instinct in him, telling him, screaming at him to understand that something which gives her so much pain can not, could not be good for her is undeniably powerful, and the only thing that manages to keep the chink in the armor, which is exactly what his Uncle picks on and uses to rip the armor off, and throw it away. 
He opens Arnav's eyes to the simple and plain fact which he himself was not accepting, despite knowing it through and through. Pushing legalities aside, they WERE man in wife, in all ways that counted. The love and care he showered on her, the importance he gave to every nuance of her life, with or without him there, what she did, what she wore, when she was sick, what she said, what was bothering her, what made her happy ... and vice versa, that when needed, whether he showed it or not, she knew, and she never shied away from him. He was hers, every last piece of him, and a piece of paper, and a few rituals were not going to change what they felt. He deserved to have what he desired, needed, for once, and to leave the rest to the fate he had never accepted before. And finally, he was willing too. For her, anything was doable.
With the new entry of Bradley Jr, and Khushi in pain, Arnav realized not what claim he had on her, but what he wanted to have. Something so strong and sure footed in the eyes of the world, that no one would dare to hurt her, or bother her ever again. The thought of her in pain, the exhaustion in her eyes, her body language broke him into pieces, his only wish being to carry her away, somewhere safe, where nothing would hurt her ever again. 
When he came face to face with what she had dealt alone, and realized that he had not protected her as he had vowed to, something in him snapped. The thought of her alone, afraid, at a monster's mercy, left to the wolves gutted him. Her protection was his responsibility, and she was his. Murder was not enough. Blood lust hazed his very being. Understandable of course, considering I had a number of entertaining thoughts in mind, pertaining to torture as well.
When he finally said it, 
"Don't you dare take her name! SHE'S MY WIFE!"
Something in him snapped into place. Even in that moment of uncontrolled, unbridled fury, something felt right, perfect. As though everything had started to make sense again. And he knew that something which felt so right, couldn't be wrong. He just knew.
Tinz, some scenes were so intimate that they burned me. The scene where he pulls her into his arms, because her pain is too much for him, and regardless of everything that's happened, heedless of all of her resolutions, she seeks comfort from the only arms who have ever given her peace. She succumbs to all that she denies, and fights, believing still, that it is ONLY a one way street. and he will never let his guard down for her, no matter what she does, says, or tries.
When he goes to find her, and shakes with the effort to keep his voice gentle, unsteady with the flood of emotions, fear, relief, love, acceptance, fury. He steadies his voice enough to brush away any misconceptions she may have about getting away from him, and manages to drive them to a safe area, before he unleashes the torrent bottled up inside.
The confession. Tinz, what do I say? It was raw, pure ASR in his most real, and true form. Simple, yet, so complete, and hers in every way. Confused but adamant. Willing to believe everything he stood against, willing to change all that he is, for her. Perfection in its highest form.
Applause, ovations, nothing is enough for this. Absolute, sheer poetry in motion. Breathtaking. Thank you.

Desert Heat Ch 15 by londonchick
I loved the bit where Khushi says that amidst all the people she felt more like she belonged than ever before. I cant help but feel that, that is not just because she has know found her place but because she has actually become complete emotionally. When a person finds a reason for their existence, a reason for why they are breathing and their other half, then there is a more stronger and deeper sense of belonging than ever before.
The bit where Khushi claims Arnav as her own. Her tone of possessiveness clearly shows that they know belong to one another completely. The physical side of their relationship played no factor in how their souls united. That happened long before they physically destroyed the barriers between themselves. The fact that she can now openly lay a claim on him and state that he was not drinking with the rest of the crowd shows so easily how Khushi now knows Arnav better than everyone else and maybe even herself. 
She felt incomplete without him around her. In crowded place where a whole sea of faces surrounded her in a place where she was surrounded by friends she still felt incomplete without the presence of one person. Why? because she has lost the other half of her heart to another and without the presence of her whole heart.
He hears her silent plea and the crowd parted for him. They are so interconnected that they can hear not only each others heartbeats but any unvoiced pleas from one another. All this just shows how unbreakable this unnamed bond between them is. I think their bond is one that is so strong that the name love itself cannot just define it.
Khushi smiled at him not caring if anyone saw them both ogling at one another. This shows that she had long ago stopped bothering or caring about what others said or thought, it had long ago stopped mattering because something that felt so right could not be so wrong it was just impossible.
The fact that their eyes never left one another as the bride and groom went around the fire, for me the symbolism behind that is that, at the same time they too had been going over their vows in their heads and they themselves made those silent exchanges of vows to one another too and pictured themselves in the place of the bride and groom next.
Khushi's consent to be with him physically I think more than anything was her way of letting him posses her in every way possible. It was her way of binding herself to him, marking herself as his and him as her's permanently, forevermore...
Its amazing how without even seeing him she can recognise him from the feeling that his touch evokes in her. 
When it comes to one another they don't think. When the others protection is concerned they will dive in to save one another. Khushi does not care if it makes her look bad or not, she just wants to protect him and vice versa. Both are willing to disregard the safety of themselves when it comes to their respective half.
I think Arnav the guy who has wondered alone for so long now, his shadow his only companion, now cant understand how by some miracle has found someone who's life's sole purpose is him and only him.
The fact that Arnav asked Khushi so many times if she was sure of herself shows just how much he has truly fallen for her. He knows what this step means and wants her to be sure that she wants this. Why? Because this is something that once committed cannot be uncommitted. He knows what this step means in terms of their relationship too. Its the most intimate thing that can happen in their relationship and he wants Khushi to be sure that she wants this with him. Maybe because firstly he still himself needs to be reassured that Khushi wants to actually be with him because he finds the thought of someone as amazing as her wanting to be with someone like him so mind boggling and also because he knows that she might have just like every other girl her age been dreaming of this moment.
I think when Khushi saw Arnav like that with not a single article of clothing on the attraction she felt for made her forget all her fears.
Her inexperience did not matter, because when put in that situation, and being given the opportunity to unite with the person who you have probably subconsciously been waiting for your whole life  everything just plays out itself. When put in that situation you just know what to do, and that's what happened with Khushi.
To let yourself go the first time like that requires a lot of trust and the fact that Khushi has surrendered herself and entrusted herself to him shows the strength of their trust in one another.
And now after all that they had both embarked upon from the start of their journey up until now was worth it. Because finally Khushi felt complete.
This was a beautiful update and I just loved it all down to the very last full stop.
The way Arnav and Khushi's relationship is going from strength to strength is just amazing to read about.
Hats off Tina another amazing update.

Desert Heat Ch 14 Review by rulama
Khushi after having Arnav stay with her the previous night wanted him to be with her even on the prophesy night too. It was her way of taking help from everything to keep them together whether one believes it or not. How can Arnav refuse? Of course he too needs to make sure that she is his queen.
Akash has realized that he was hoodwinked into withdrawing from his own territory! He has his close confidante with him who also became the target of his foul mood on learning that the dark Prince was still free and he had the Lucknowi beauty with him who had rejected him for that nomad was now ASR's girl! His rage at the Dark Prince, at being the legitimate successor of his father, that he thinks as an aberration on the part of his father *hic hic*, having  coveted the girl of his lust and all that he wanted including the loyalty had a fan girl as the victim for having dropped the fan by mistake! Such was his cruelty.
Arnav's rehearsal for a perfect proposal had one witness and his efforts received droopy eyes! Rebel was one stallion that knew ASR needed to talk as Arnav and that too from heart not from mind to Khushi Kumari Gupta. The dark Prince had a lot to learn and all Rebel could do was it was the best time to catch forty winks while getting his coat groomed! *What a lovely feeling getting a Prince to groom, neigh!!*
When Raj and Taj asked ASR whether he was going to marry Khushi? his answer that he would and Raj too should think about it with Sia had Raj stumped and Taj beaming and owning up of egging ASR towards opening up his feelings. By sticking close to Khushi, Taj had aroused jealousy in ASR and it was his way of matchmaking! For Arnav, was prone to fits of jealousy easily where Khushi was concerned was proven easily by Taj even amidst Arnav's vehement protests. For Arnav, being without Khushi was a prolong torture!
Under Sia's guidance they, Khushi and Maya were tutored facts of life. When Khushi sees ASR's laughing countenance getting fawning sighs from girls, it doesn't sit well with her. The minute he sees her he comes to her while she was chopping vegetables. He doesn't want her to do it and Taj is her replacement. Taj for the first time refuses Khushi to help out but gladly replaces her amidst the women folk!! Girls teasing riles her up but his reasoning cools her down. Arnav is unable to keep away from Khushi and if possible he would have had her with him all along. He reminds her that she needs to get ready for the wedding and its bath first. While he waits outside she takes her bath and he enjoys the shadow play!
Oh boy! TINA, you describe love scenes very well. I don't mean the sex part. I mean all those subtle things that attract. To do that you need vocabulary and have you got it? In plenty girl, in plenty! While giving him a bath she realizes what she does for him and he realizes now she is aware of him. So Khushi wants to submit herself to him and he is one happy man. But the Q is will they be able to or is Akash getting ready to strike???

Secluded Island Pt 2 Review by Fleurs
Wonderful mishap

Khushi turning into a tigress seeing the girl in short dress standing too close to her hubby, shielding her hubby from the eyes of the girl whom she despised in just few seconds making it clear in her statements that Arnav was always Khushi's & then Arnav telling Ms.Singhania that he would only dance with his wife & then trying to calm his tigress was a lovely start. really enjoooyed the beginning of this update Big smile

Khushi's statement "Mr.ASR's wife, the mother of his children present & future" was simply awesome Thumbs Up

Khushi & Arnav slipping into the pleasure of their kisses, Khushi telling him that they were out & Arnav telling her that it didn't matter to him was lovely

Was wondering what happened suddenly to the boat..first I thought Arnav was just playing to scare Khushi for fun but then the rain, Khushi's fear, Arnav struggling Shocked.OMG!...then surprise.Arshi in a beautiful surrounding with all the time only for themselves.. Blushing Blushing Blushing

Khushi telling Arnav to swim & then come for help mentioning about their kids & Arnav in turn raging in fury pulling with all strength as he couldn't even think of leaving her even for a moment was admirable

The cute mommy asking what would their kids be doing innocently was adorable

Thanks for the PM. Love to read more... WAITING Day Dreaming

Secret Passion Reviewed by togetherforever
The reason I am here today is not because I want some very specific people to understand something.Because some people wont get things nomatter how much you try and if someone sees somethings in a particular way then its speaks about their way of seeing things and the mindset they have.
TINA  AND SATINA!!!!!!!!!!
What a unique collaboration and what a fantastic story line.KUDOS TO THE TEAM WORK.
As she is known here,a doctor whose schedule is hell tight,someone who only used to write for her friends.And,one fine day she had all of us in her captive since her first story SHAMELESS came into picture.I love reading but never read a thriller so that makes it all the more special.Inspite of having no time for her own self ,she makes time for her readers,inspite of all the negativity on the plagraism issues she is still here on the FORUM for us,her readers.I don't even need to tell how amazing she is a human being,anyone who has interacted with her is aware of it.  A TRUE ROCKSTAR!!!!
You are really not aware of the way you have held us all in this woven magic of words and the best part you help so much in keeping ARSHI alive through all your brilliant stories.I FARAQ U BAS Heart.
PS- DH IS STILL MY FAVOURITE Embarrassed!!!!!!
To all the readers of Secret Passion,the following is just an insight  of  the story,you don't have to read if you don't want too but if you do then I hope I have been able to reach even a tiny bit to what all they seem the story as.Do share your thoughts about it and if anything we all at the SECRET LOUNGE are open to healthy discussions including the author.
This is a way to show your love and admiration for this wonderful story so kindly refrain from any sort of negative comments about the story or the author.
I really hope you read this and gets to know the depth and the emotions involved behind the story and I don't give advices usually but still don't pass negative comment on anyone unless and until you have walked a step in their shoes.If one doesn't like the story then don't read,no one is forcing you to do so.


Each one of us in our life has our own journey,the path and the hurdles one has to cross to reach the threshold is always different from tha another and that is what makes each one of unique in our own way.
This is  the journey of Arnav  and Khushi,two people that came together in their own unique way.the start wasn't how the story of two people falling in love and then being together but if they follow the clichd route would they be Arnav  and Khushi.
Khushi Kumari Gupta
A girl beautiful,nave with a spark that rekindles even the darkest of places.the girl who to safeguard her family's reputation and her sister's life agreed to all the conditions of the man that entered her life and changed everything 360 degreee round.agreeing to all his conditions with only one of hers and that to fill her partition with sindoor,the vermillion that literally change every girl life.the symbolism of such a gesture can only be felt by those who believe in the sacred institution of marriage.
But no one can deny the iresistible pull,she has had towards the man,something that she is realizing as she is moving forward in her journey with him.would she have done the same has it been any other man,would Khushi let go of everything and embrace whatever he offered had  it been someone else?
She wouldn't have  done that ever,there was something about him that pulled her to him.a connection that developed since their eyes met for the first time.her not being able to see him in pain,to do everything in her control to take away his every ounce of pain speaks for the fact how much that man means to him.
When do we cross our boundaries,when we are not able to see anything except that one person who rules our every thought,this happens when one falls in love.truly,madly,deeply and irrevocably in love.
Khushi Kumari Gupta couldn't even bear the thought of another man near her,she is his in all possible ways.her filling her partition,going to his home only to see if he is fine,trying to learn an italian dish because he likes them,lieing to him if that meant saving him from getting hurt.
The small small things that one do,the gestures that proves how suddenly someone whom you never liked come to be the one around whom your entire existence revolves.
In one of the most vulnerable moment of theirs,she confessed that she never hated him,hate is a word they both used because that is easy but you can never hate someone who has such a strong effect on you from the first time they lay their eyes on each other.
Woving dreams of a home with him,a happy and content domestic life that they have gotten used too as they slowly move ahead learning things about each other,a feeling of contentment they both feel when they are with each other.
The moment which made me want to hug Khushi that instant,when she had wanted to held his hand in open,not caring about anything at that point the society,the family.she has only wanted to claim what is hers in  front of everyone.
Still she be there satisfies what she had now,content of him being there with her,her heart warm with whatever he had expressed to her hoping that one day she would do that with full right.
Arnav  Singh Raizada
Whenever this name comes it seems as if adjectives such as ruthless,arrogant,monster come along with it but how many are able to see behing the hard core tough exterior is something that has always amused me.
As for Arnav  Singh Raizada in Secret Passion
The hard core successful businessman.someone who has always got whatever he wanted .his ways to get things he desires are never what should be in a normal way.his anger is his nose at ever alternate second,someone who is not used to hear no from anyone.
There is a reason why he is like this,its his damaged past,a fifteen year old boy whose parents commit suicide,who has become the elder brother of his sister and be the keeper when he himself is i n teens.a young biy who is forced to grow old before time.
Can he really be called such names knowing what all he has gone through?
How many are actually able to face he horricity of life and still come out stronger than ever.
We shall never judge anyone unless and until we have walked a step in their shoes.
But Arnav  Singh Raizada has.inspite of seeing deceiving,backstabbing and suicide of his parents,he has carved a niche for himself.a man who has built everything on his own and become ASR.
He is not good with words but his actions speaks more than any word ever would.words may deceive us but actions never do that.they spoke loud and clear,lie or truth on the face literally.
The moment he has seen Khushi Kumari Gupta,he has felt an unknown pull towards,her he has known there was something about her that pulled him to her like a magnet.
Agreed,his way to get her to him was  something difficult to come in terms with,but ant we all the same sometime everyone often ends up doing something they have never imagined only because we need something so desperately.
He has not wanted Khushi he needed Khushi.
 a man who has everything on his conditions,yet he didn't forced her the first time he got intimate with her.the moment he saw her getting wet in rain a warmth spread across him seeing her vulnerable state.the realization of how innocent she was made him forget all he has wanted to do with her.
He went ahead only after her approval,wanting her in all ways still being gentle  with her much as he much for a man who is considered heartless.
His possessivness when he cant bear any man seeing her in a wrong manner,the sight of her with another man unleashing a fire within him that can burn anyone who comes into its contact.him making clear to the person to stay in his boundaries.him demanding from Khushi about why she lied to him like a husband does.
He got Khushi in his life in lieu of her sister's marriage.if a man is a monster why would he care for the person any girl gets married too.but he is a better man ,better than anyone who claims to be all good.
Still he gets her sister gets married to his brother,to gave her the wedding and the man who would honour her.
Under the all tough exterior there lies a man who craves for moments of peace in his life.a time when he can be himself,where the constant worry about his sister or his leech brother in law doesn't haunt him.the peace he found in Khushi.
When he  had heard hurtful words from her,something prickles inside him to a point that he ,the man who hides everything inside himself bares his heart and soul to the girl that has captured his every thought since the very first day.
Nomatter how a person is at the end he wants to come home ,be with someone with whom he will feel peace and isn't its said
For a man to break the walls that surrounded his heart and lay his soul bare for someone to see is a very big thing and he did this in front of Khushi clearing showing her how much she means to him.with him telling her that he is taking her with him because she deserves it on basis of her capability.
He has given her confidence to believe in herself,in hear beauty inside out,his thought process that wants to keep her safe from every dam bad thing in the world ,he wants to keep her away from the hell he lives in as she is the only pure thing in his life.his only salvation.
They have come so far in their relationship,the initial irrestible attraction has now turned into a relation that either is incomplete without.from sharing the deepest secrets to letting each other know the darkest nights they have been through.if they are not the people who r truly in love with each other then who are.
Their journey is not clichd,its unique,they are two souls who have entered each other's life to make it perfect.the hollowness,the loneliness,the emptiness that surrounded their life is now being fulfilled.till now its been about Khushi being there for Arnav  but i am very sure as the journey is going to progress its going to bring in light the feeling of security that Arnav  has brought in Khushi's life too.
Everyone has a way of showing their feelings towards the people they love,some do it with  gestures,some do it with eye contacts,for some its about the words spoken and for some its raw passion.
Their journey may have started with that but their passionate romance is the way they show their feelings towards each other.when someone does things only for  want there emotions are not involved but as a reader for me secret passion is all about emotions.its how i look at it.
They have confessed to each other that they need each other and that's their way of expressing their feelings which cant be termed in words.
For me everytime ASR spoke"YOU ARE MINE".
Its bigger than any"I LOVE YOU".his possessiveness is clearly evident in his words,he will never let her go for any dam thing in the world.
Somehow ,its like they were meant to be otherwise why would Khushi ask him to put sindoor on her or why would Arnav  on her this condition put the contract for as long as he unknown force has binded them in a thread from day one.
The story has now reached to a crucial point now,there are questions hovering around.
A man who doesn't believe in marriage as he has seen its foundations break in front of him,who have a mockery in the name of marriage in his sister and brother in law.
A woman who wants to claim him his in front of the whole world.
My reply
When is the journey of true love ever easy and it's the journey that is more important than the destination.
Arnav  and Khushi have so many things against them.the society,family,some evil forces and to top that their own demons and insecurities.overcoming all this, coming out of it stronger than ever is what will make their bond strengthen.
Do share your thoughts if you liked my insight of this amazing journey of ARSHI IN SECRET PASSION.

Secluded Island Ch 3 Review by Ara_000
Now dis is such a pleasant surprise didu...u dedicated dis chappy to me...awww dats sooo sweet of u...! Heart
i love u my blushy didu Heart

see i am dancing 
ok now cuming to d update -
so their intimate momnts were interrupted by someone who actually came to inform them dat their car is ready for them to go to d party...but arnav being arnav got irritated nd controlled himslf aftr seeing his wife lying on d bed waiting for him...oh goddd they r truly in love nd their passion still exist even aftr so many years of marriage Blushing
nd finally they reached d party venue...khushi was bored nd sleepy while arnav was having a gala tym wen suddenly khushi's eyes caught a young lady drooling over her hubby Wink
ahem ahem jelous khushi is alwaz a treat to watch Wink
nd dats it she lost all her sleepiness nd was raging wit anger thinking dat how can a girl do dis coz Arnav is her hubby nd father of their two children...its true dat at present they did not spend tym together but still their love is as pure as ever nd none can forget their passionate nd intimate momnts...true how can they forget their momnts which made them feel how much they loved each other at dat tym also Day Dreaming
nd to make d situation worse dat girl hold arnav's jacket nd asked him to dance wit her nd dats it khushi just could not control anymore nd bfr arnav could utte anythng she came nd strictly sheilded her hubby from dat girl letting her knw dat she is his wife...i love it how she said dat she does wish that she has nvr met LOL
nd d way she just cleared off d place where day girl had hold d jacket proves how much possessive she is nd den also wen dat girl wanted to dance arnav finally spilled it out dat he does not dance wit anyone other dan his wife which finally make khushi calm a bit but as soon as arnav took her to a secluded place she started to spill it out how much she is crazy abt d incident but her husbnd did not let her continue as he stopped her bu placing his mouth on her nd several kisses followed nd finally khushi got alert dat they r in public place nd its better for them to leave d place...hayeee wat an awsum way to shut her up Blushing
but much to d horror their romantic boat ride turned tinto sumthng else wen a loud wave hitted their boat md they got drowned...i love it how khushi just asked arnav to save himslf for d sake of their children...dis is love...their love for each other made them feel dat if situation cum den one will help other to survive even if it means dat one has to die...!
Ahhh beautiful Heart
i was reading dat part nd was having goosebumps...they define LOVE...their each nd evry gesture prove how much they r in love...! Day Dreaming
so they ended up being in a secluded island now...ahem ahem i love it how arnav asked her to give him her saree so dat they can use it to ask for some help...! Arnav nd his ideas...
*blush blush blush * Blushing
i love it how he emotionally blackmailed her to wear the two piece in d name of their children LOL
oh cum on khushi,how can u deny to arnav LOL
nd she agreed to wear it but asked arnav to turn to other side as she is feeling shy bcoz of birds watching them...oh goddd dis is xpected from khushi nly ROFL
but finally passion took over her shyness when arnav took off his clothes nd asjed her to join him nd enjoy herslf in dis beaitiful island wher there is none to distrd dem...awww he is simply d bst Heart
his words abt him loving nly her,awww Day Dreaming
nd her reply,hayeee Day Dreaming
nd again she was cut off by her husband's haeted kiss nd they submitted themslves to each other nd finally witout any interruption he made her his again Blushing

beautiful chappy indeed Thumbs Up
i love it to bits didu...
Awsum simply awsum...
Their love nd passion have been penned down beautifully yet again...u redefine their love in ur stories...u make us fall in love wit them again nd again wit ur stories...
I can say it proudly dat i am a TINAFANATIC...!
U rock didu...
Love ya Heart
a tight hug Hug


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