Mind Games 2: Pt 11-13

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A light, romantic story of love and seduction with a twist.. and some naughty conversations, a few fantasies, and a handful of lingerie thrown in for good measureEmbarrassed
Mind Games Vol II by TINA!
Chapter 11: Forever and Always
Khushi smiled with utter bliss, her arms tightening around Arnav. He laid his head atop of hers, dropping a leisurely kiss on her flower-adorned curls.
So.. he murmured, his hands running up and down her bare back.
Hmm? replied Khushi, her eyes fluttering close at his tantalizing touch.
So.. I think we should wash up, Di's engagement party starts in an hour.
It's already time? asked Khushi. She felt as if they'd just gotten a moment alone.
I'm afraid so, Princess.
She hugged him extra tight and with a final kiss over his heart, stepped back.
Arnav though refused to let go of her. His hands remained firmly wound around her waist. Where do you think you're going? he asked, his eyes twinkling.
The warmth in his gaze left her spellbound. She could barely reply to him when he looked at her like that. To wash off the haldi, she managed, Like you said, baby.
The corner of his lip tipped up. We can do that together, love.
Khushi's mouth dropped open. Together?! You mean in the bathroom together?
He nodded slowly, his eyes darkening. Why not? We're getting married tomorrow. And if you remember, Khushi, we've been in a bathroom before. He sent her a vivid memory of them passionately embraced in a small bathroom, Buaji knocking on the door just as the lights turned off overhead.
A blush stole over her cheeks. You know, Mr. ASR, you can be really smart sometimes.
Only sometimes? he repeated, pulling her close. Care to change your wording?
Khushi naughtily shook her head. A laugh escaped her lips as he suddenly pushed her flush against him, burying his face against the side of her neck. The stubble on his cheeks and chin prickled as he lightly bit with his teeth. His hands tickled her mercilessly.
What? he asked, smiling.
Khushi shook in his arms. Baby, stop it! Let go!
He just tickled her more, dropping a loud, open-mouthed kiss on her silky skin. Not till you correct that sentence.
Laughter bubbled in Khushi as he attacked her most sensitive spots. The tickling match they'd had at her apartment on their first dinner date must have sharpened his skills.
Baby, please! she begged.
For once, he did not give in. No way I'm letting go of you that easily.
Khushi sighed. Goodness, he was such a stubborn baby sometimes!
I heard that!
Well you are, she insisted, trying to break out of his hold. But he held her fast, his stubble scratching her neck.
Fine! she shouted. You are very very smart, Laad Governor. Now stop!
He grinned triumphantly at her words, his hands immediately soothing her skin. Khushi tried to be serious, although her eyes shone from laughter.  Arnav, you can't just tickle me every time you want your way.
She shook her head at him.
Too bad.. he whispered, a smirk on his lips. But you know, I already know the best way to make up with you..
Khushi looked at him puzzled, her brow furrowing. What?
He was smiling as he pulled her back into his arms, kissing her heatedly. Khushi moaned as their mouths pressed together. She sucked on his bottom lip, her tongue grazing across its smooth surface.
He groaned, giving into her silent demand. Their tongues entangled, their hands fisted on each other.
We should stop.. murmured Khushi, although her body remained pressed urgently to his.
We should.. he agreed, deepening the kiss all the more.
Khushi forgot about everything. Nothing seemed to matter at that moment except the two of them. Arnav fought for control but it was difficult when the love of his life was pressed against him so.  Damn.. if only it was their wedding night..
Khushi froze as she sensed his inner turmoil. She was the one to step away this time. With a tender kiss, she reached for his hand, pulling him into the adjacent bathroom.
Less than 24 hours left now, she whispered as she rubbed the haldi off his cheeks with a wet towel.
I can't wait to marry you, said Arnav, We've been waiting for so long.He carefully cleaned up her back and arms. As they finished up and moved to the bedroom once more, Khushi threw her arms around his waist, holding him close. She didn't want to be parted from him.
I should go and change, said Arnav half-heartedly. She could sense his deep reluctance to leave through the mind link.
Yes, baby, she said.
Neither moved away.
You know.. I have an idea.. murmured Khushi.
What? he asked, staring down at her.
She smiled, rising up on her tiptoes for a kiss as she sent him a vivid image of her 'idea.'
Just for a few minutes..
Deal, he agreed, pulling her down onto the plush sofa.
"Where are Nanav and his Khushi?" asked N.K. with a puzzled frown. He stood in a circle with Payal, Akash, Juhi, and Sarah. All five were dressed in formal attire.
Akash shrugged, gazing about. "Maybe upstairs?" he suggested.
N.K. nodded excitedly, as if solving a great mystery. "Exactly, bro. Let's go find them. Di's engagement is about to start."
The group took the grand staircase to the second floor, splitting up at the top stairs.  They banged open and close several doors, searching for the couple.
And then Payal laughed, waving them toward Khushi's room at the end of the hallway. She covered her giggles with her hand, motioning inside. "Just look at them!"
They all smiled as they walked in, gazing at Arnav and Khushi. The two were sound asleep on the sofa, Arnav's head pillowed on Khushi's shoulder.
"Aww," said Sarah. "Poor things must be exhausted. Can't we let them sleep?"
N.K. nodded, but Akash shook his head. "We have to wake them up. Di's engagement, remember?"
No one could argue with that. Payal knelt by Khushi's side, shaking her awake as Akash did the same to Arnav.
The couple though slept on, barely even twitching. Juhi rubbed her hands and went to stand behind the sofa. She leaned down so she was ear-level with them. "OH, LOVEBIRDS!" she practically shouted. "WAKE UP!"
Arnav and Khushi shot up with a jerk, their heads bumping together.
What the!!
They froze as they looked at the group gathered around them. Their bodies instinctively moved closer together on the loveseat.
I think your 'small nap idea' didn't work out exactly, Princess,murmured Arnav.
It's your fault, Raizada. I told you to wake us up, remember?
But I was so comfortable in your arms--I forgot.
"Are you up now Chote?" asked Juhi in a too sweet voice.
Arnav frowned at her. "Yeah, so don't screech like that again. You almost permanently damaged our hearing."
Khushi nodded, brushing her hair out of her face and sitting up. And then she froze, her eyes narrowing.
What is it? asked Arnav, sensing her surprise. His hand tightened around hers.
Baby, look at their clothes.. Arnav glanced up: everyone stood dressed in elaborate saris and sherwanis.
"How long did we sleep?" asked Khushi in a small voice.
N.K. shrugged. "I don't know, but you both have plenty of time to get ready."
Khushi sighed with relief, but N.K. continued just then: "Don't worry, Khushi, you and Nanav have fifteen minutes. Lots of time!"
As he smiled up at her, Khushi's stiffened with surprise, her eyes rounding. She scrambled up off the sofa. "Fifteen minutes! Just fifteen minutes!" She raced for the door. And then turned, gazing at a grinning Arnav. "Wait a minute! This is my room! So you have to leave. Come on, Arnav. I have hardly any time!"
N.K. and Akash headed out at once, laughing but Mr. ASR remained sprawled on the sofa, not looking the least bit concerned. She pulled him up by the hand, pushing him out.
He sighed at her. Baby, don't worry. You could wear a potato sack and still look hot.
Her palms pushed against his back harder. Potato sack? We're so late and you're flirting with me!
Damn right.
Arnav Singh Raizada, you're lucky I love you so much.
He laughed as she shoved him out into the hallway. Khushi exchanged one quick look with him as she started to shut the door. He gave her an air-kiss and Khushi couldn't help but giggle and air-kiss him back. She was still smiling as she closed the door, locking it.
Juhi, Sarah, and Payal all helped her dressed. One did her makeup while the other fixed her hair and the last touched up her nail polish.
I'm ready, murmured the naughty voice in her mind.
Khushi rolled her eyes, putting on her earrings. That's because you don't even brush your hair.
Yes I do!
Do not!
Do too!
Khushi shook her head, touching up her makeup. By the way, are you still wearing my gift?
He shrugged, acting all nonchalant. What gift would that be, Princess?
Oh you know..  She sent him a mental image of the black boxers she'd personally designed. It still made her blush, but she tried to control it.
He smiled all secretly. You'll have to figure that one out yourself, Gupta.
Arnav! You're enough to drive anyone crazy!
His eyebrow rose. Me crazy? And who is it whose known in the neighborhood as 'Sanka Devi'?
She pouted. Baby, come on.. Are you wearing the boxers? Yes or no?
Like I said, you'll have to find out.
I will, she vowed. Just you wait.
Challenge accepted, Princess, he answered, taking the stairs two at a time down. I'm waiting for you..
Two minutes.. she promised, slipping on her heels.
Arnav's first thought as Khushi descended from the grand staircase, dressed in a bright purple and magenta lehenga choli: She looks like a Princess.
Thanks, baby. You look very handsome--like a Prince.
She slipped into his arms, hugging him close as the lights dimmed overhead. A spotlight was shown on Aman and Anjali who stood smiling in the center of the room.
Surrounded by just a small group of close family and friends, the two exchanged rings, their faces lit with a warm glow.
"Congrats, Di!" said Arnav and Khushi, hugging her close as she turned to them.
"Congrats, Aman!" said Khushi. "I'm so happy for you both."
"Me too," agreed Arnav. "And I always expect a smile on my Di's face, you understand?"
Aman nodded. "And I expect the same for Khushi. I've always considered her like my younger sister."
Khushi and Anjali smiled as the two shook on their agreement all business-like. "Deal."
"And now, time for some music!" announced a voice on the loud speaker.
Arnav and Khushi were pushed up on to the stage. "Come on," said N.K. "I've heard so much about your Teri Meri performance. Please, dance!"
Arnav started to shake his head but his eyes met Khushi's, communicating silently. He offered his hand to her. Dance with me?
She smiled as she placed her hand in his. Always.
Arnav bowed his head down, kissing her hand.
They slow-danced, their bodies shifting against the other.
16 hours, murmured Arnav, his hand brushing possessively along her waist.
I can't wait to be your wife, said Khushi, smiling up at him.
Arnav tugged her closer. It's finally happening. God, this better not be a dream.
Khushi naughtily pinched him on the back of his pants, almost directly over the phrase 'Property of KKGSR'.
What? she asked innocently, batting her eyelashes. See baby, it's not a dream.
He grinned, twirling her in a circle.
So are you wearing them?
Wearing what? he asked in the same innocent tone.
She pinched him again. Arnav, tell me!
It'll cost you..
He shrugged. You know..
As a new song began playing, Khushi pushed him into the dark shadows at the side of the stage. She threw back a dark curtain, pulling him near. Her mouth attacked his at once.
He groaned, kissing her relentlessly. He couldn't help but move against her, desire unfurling like a storm around them.
Khushi fisted her hands in his hair, her mouth traveling down the column of his neck and over the silk cloth of his sherwani.
Princess.. his eyes closed.
She smiled as she felt his reaction to her. She straightened up to meet his eyes. So? Yes or no?
His gaze was noticeably unfocused. What?
Khushi's smile widened. So she could make him forget everything too!Yes or no? she repeated.
Arnav finally understood her question. Why you seductress! He pulled her in for a very thorough, ravishing kiss.
Yes, he admitted against her mouth. Yes.
Khushi grinned, hugging him close as their lips met again and again. She couldn't get enough of her soon-to-be husband and neither could he. It made her feel utterly confident and beautiful.
As they paused for a second, their breathing harsh, Arnav whispered.I'll be late tonight.
Why? she pouted, looking all adorable. Baby, you know I can't sleep without you.
He couldn't resist her. He leaned down, kissing her pouting mouth. I know, and I can't either. But I won't be that late. N.K. and Aman have arranged a small Bachelor's party for me and Akash. I'll slip out as soon as I can.
Khushi kissed him back. You better, Mr. ASR. I love you.
Love you back, he replied, dragging her closer behind the fluttering curtains.
One hour later, Khushi was walking to her bedroom, feeling sleepy and tired. She'd just kissed Arnav goodbye and already she missed him
I'll be there in an hour. Rest up, he said in her mind.  It's already past midnight.
She yawned, nodding. Don't worry, baby. Have fun.
As she walked into her dark bedroom, a hard hand suddenly grabbed her, pushing her against the wall. Some type of cloth was stuffed into her mouth, gagging her.
Khushi thrashed and fought, but the figure was too strong.
And then as the headlight of some passing car beamed into room, her eyes widened.
Veer Mehra grinned at her evilly as he pushed his mouth to her ear.
"You didn't want anything to do with me, right?" he said furiously. His eyes darkened with zeal. "Well now I'm going to ruin you.. Now no man, least of all that arrogant ASR, will want you.."
With a vicious shove, he pushed her to the bed.
Arnav was only about five minutes from Sheesh Mahal when Khush's cries of panic and overwhelming fear erupted in his head. She sent him all the hideous images without pause.
It was enough to bring him down on his knees. Khushi, I'm on my way! Do you hear me, Princess--I'm coming!
Red, hot blazing rage surged through him, blackening every thought. Without warning he swerved the SUV, taking a U-turn with sudden speed.
"Nanav!" shouted N.K., holding on for dear life.
"Bhai, slow down!" said Akash.
But he didn't hear them. He heard nothing but Khushi screaming and sobbing in his mind.
He ran through a red light, just barely missing a close collision with a truck.
"WATCH OUT!" screamed his cousins.
Arnav pressed on the accelerator instead, driving over the curbside when the traffic clogged.
And then finally, finally he was at Sheesh Mahal's iron-wrought gates. Arnav parked the jeep at a sharp angle, jumping out the door.
The others screamed his name behind him as he raced up the steps, but he was heedless of their calls. Only one thought occupied his every breath.. his every heart beat: Khushi..
She had to be okay. He couldn't bear to even imagine anything else.
As he ran inside the house, he came to an abrupt stop. He didn't know what he'd been expecting.  But it hadn't been to see his Khushi sitting on the sofa between Di and Payal, wiping tears from her eyes.
For a moment, he couldn't even speak. Khushi?
Her head snapped up toward him. Tears pooled in her gorgeous eyes as their gazes met and held.
Ar..Arnav.. With a sob, she shot up, running to him.
Arnav met her half-way, enveloping her in his embrace. They were both shaking as their arms latched onto one another.
He couldn't think.. couldn't do anything but hold her tight. The past five minutes without her had been the longest nightmare in his life. Even now, cold, bone-chilling fear washed over him.
Are you.. are you okay? His hands were trembling as they pressed to her hair, touching her as if she was made of the finest porcelain.
She nodded, her tears smearing his shirt. I was so scared, baby.. I thought he would..
Arnav gripped her harder as she shook. What happened Khushi? Tell me, love.
Hugging him desperately, she didn't say a word, but sent all the images to him:
Veer Mehra shoved her to the bed, but she managed to jump away. He grabbed her roughly by the hair, tying her wrists together with the bed sheet.
"Now where will you run, Khushi?" he laughed like a maniac.
Blazing anger shot through her at his words. She turned, kicking him with all the strength in her. Veer had such an ego that he'd never expected her to fight back.
He crumpled to the ground at once, trying to reach for her still. But Khushi had already run out, spitting out the gag as she screamed for help.
Khushi shook as the memory hit her again. And then everyone came: my parents, Buaji, Nani, Di, Jiji, the guards..
Arnav's jaw clenched as he listened to her. More than the words, their bond allowed him to know the depths of her emotions. She'd gone through hell in those few minutes without him, battling a monster all alone. His entire being cried out to comfort her, but first he wanted to deal with Veer.. once and for all..
He kissed her on the forehead firmly, and then turned to the others. "Where is he?"
The group looked slightly surprised at his words. But they figured Khushi had whispered everything to him as they embraced.
Nani answered as Buaji glanced away, wiping tears from her eyes. "He's outside in the gardens. We're waiting for the police to come."
Arnav strode toward the back door with purpose in his every step, ignoring everyone's calls.
"Chote, don't!" cried Anjali, grabbing his arm. "The police will take care of it."
He shrugged her off, stomping out. Rage.. overwhelming, white-hot rage took over as he noticed Veer Mehra, sitting comfortably on a chair outside, surrounded by a handful of guards.
His control snapped.
Arnav grabbed him by the collar, his eyes glittering with fury.
"How dare you touch her, you *******! How dare you come near her!"
With all his strength, he hit him in the face, his fist slamming down. Veer howled, grabbing his nose as blood poured. But Arnav was not done. He punched him over and over.
"HOW DARE YOU!" he screamed, kicking him down.
And then he was on his knees, grabbing Veer by his collar as he threw another punch.
"Bhai!" shouted Akash, trying to pull him off. "Stop it!"
"Nanav!" said N.K., joining in. "What are you going to do? Kill him? Let go, bro!"
But Arnav pushed them all back, reaching for Veer again. This was the man who'd scared his Khushi so badly, who'd grabbed her hair, pushed and shoved her..
With a roar, he grabbed him by the head, throwing him against the pavement.
"CHOTE!" shouted Anjali. "Stop, do you hear me, you have to stop!"
He ignored everything. A thick red wall of rage surrounded him.
And then the sound of a soft sob sunk in. It was Khushi, his mind recognized. She was crying..
Dropping Veer to the ground without warning, he turned, his eyes searching for her frantically.
Khushi stood at the far back, watching him through tears in her huge, brown eyes. She looked very young and very vulnerable. And then her eyes seemed to close. Her body seemed to sway.
"KHUSHI!" He didn't even realize he was screaming out loud as he raced to her side, just catching her body in his arms.
Her eyes blinked open as he lifted her up. Arnav?
Shh, baby. I've got you, now. You're safe.
Without a word to their family and friends, he walked away, carrying the most precious thing in his world with strong hands.
Arnav carried Khushi to his bedroom, locking the door behind them. Brushing kisses across her forehead, he sat on the bed, settling her across his lap.
Khushi burrowed herself against his chest, snuggling into him like a child. He massaged her tense back, dropping kisses across her upturned face.
I love you, he mumbled over and over, I love you so much..
He hugged her close, breathing her in. His heart was still thundering.  He still couldn't believe she was really safe and sound in his arms.
But tendrils of worry curled in him as she continued to remain silent.
Princess? he asked, trying to read her eyes.
She glanced away. And then pushed herself away, sitting cross-legged across from him. She tried to ignore his hurt, bewildered expression.
Khushi? he asked again, his hand reaching out to cup her cheek.
She didn't answer, turning her head away. His hand fell away. Both of their hearts twisted.
Arnav.. she finally began, taking a deep breath.
Yeah? I'm right here, love.
Khushi's eyes closed, unable to meet his gaze. There's a question that's been torturing me, Arnav.. it's something only you can answer..
His brow furrowed. Anything, Princess. You know you can always ask me anything.
Khushi tensed, but managed to get the words out. Tonight, Veer didn't.. he didn't touch me.. But what if he had, Arnav? Would you still love me?
Her words were quiet and hesitant, hitting his heart like a dull, searing ache. He slowly cupped her cheek with his palm.
Look at me, Khushi, he whispered.
Her eyes blinked open, tears pooling.
He smiled at her through his own tears. You really are Sanka Devi, you know that? His eyes grew serious though, trying to make her understand.
If that monster had forced himself on you tonight, things would have changed between us.
Khushi started to move away, but he held on fast, refusing to let their gazes part. Listen to me.. he murmured. Things would change: my endless love for you would have grown by leaps and bounds.
She froze at his words, tears streaking across her cheeks. Arnav brushed them away.  That despicable person would have been the one stained with filth, not you, never you. You would have remained just as you are: beautiful, innocent, pure..
She couldn't hold herself back anymore. With a sob, she threw herself against him, holding him tightly.
Oh, Arnav.. I needed to hear that so much.. I knew it in my heart, but I had to hear it from you. I love you so much, baby.
He laid back on the bed, his mouth settling over hers. I love you so much, Princess. You are my other half in every way.. nothing can change that.
They kissed slowly, passionately, lovingly..
He rocked her in his arms as her hands flitted over his stubbled cheeks, leaning down for kiss after kiss.
And then a sudden thought came to him. Something that would make this moment even more beautiful.
One minute, Princess, he said, rising up.
She pouted cutely. Baby?
He leaned down to kiss her and then went to his closet, taking out a small box. I was saving this for our wedding tomorrow, but right now feels like the perfect time, he said, sitting beside her once more.
This was my mother's, he told her. She would have loved you.. That's my only regret that she didn't get to meet you..
As he slipped on his mother's heirloom bangle onto her wrist, Khushi beamed at him.
All the darkness of the night seemed to fade away. This mattered. He mattered. Their love only mattered.
She leaned forward to kiss him, pulling him close. Your mother knows, baby. Just like my parents do.. They know how happy we are.. how much we love each other..
Arnav grinned, pulling her onto his lap as they hugged.
A soft knock sounded from the door.
Arnav reluctantly left Khushi to open it: Their entire family stood outside, looking nervous.
"Is everything okay?" asked Nani, her eyes lighting as she spotted a smiling Khushi behind him.
He nodded, his arm curving around Khushi.
"The police took Veer," said Akash. "We recorded your statement earlier, Khushi, so you won't have to deal with anything. You both will never have to worry about him again."
Khushi nodded, laying her head over Arnav's chest.
Garima's hands twisted with ill-concealed worry. "Is the wedding still tomorrow?" she asked. "I understand, bitwa, if you would like to postpone it.."
"No," he said right away. He wanted to be married to his Khushi as soon as possible. He couldn't bear to be away from her. "The wedding will happen as planned. Nothing has changed."
Everyone smiled at that. "We should all sleep," said N.K., yawning. "We have a double wedding tomorrow."
'Goodnight's were exchanged as everyone went off to their rooms.
Buaji's eyes widened as her sister-in-law pulled her away.
"But what about Sanka Devi?" she asked, flabbergasted. "You're going to let her sleep in Arnav bitwa's room? They're not even married yet!"
Garima nodded. She had finally recognized the depth of the love between the two. "No, but they're good as."
The night before their wedding, Arnav and Khushi slept wrapped in each other's arms, content and blissfully happy.
Khushi cuddled into him, her eyes closing sleepily.
Sleep, Princess, he murmured, kissing her on the lips softly. When you wake up, I'll be right beside you.
And it'll finally be our wedding day, she added, smiling.
Yes, he vowed, his tired eyes closing. No one could stop them from being husband and wife. They belonged together.. forever and always..

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Mind Games by TINA!
Chapter 12: Mr. and Mrs. Raizada
Arnav curled his arm protectively around Khushi, watching her as she slept on. His heart lurched in his chest as he noticed the faint tear stains on her cheeks. He raised his hand, wiping away the slight moisture. He didn't want anything else to mar their lives.
Tomorrow they would be husband and wife. It was a new beginning for them.
He vowed silently to always love her, to always cherish her.. She deserved nothing but happiness. He longed to fulfill her dreams; her every small wish mattered to him.
As he lay beside her, contemplating their coming wedding, an old memory came to him.
He was twenty-one and in his last year of college. It was final exams week and he was finishing up his business class project. 'AR Designs: My Vision' was the title.
And then her excited voice entered his mind: Nanav? Are you free?
He smiled instinctively. Always for you, Princess!
Nanav! Stop calling me that! she whined.
He shrugged. It suits you.
Khushi grinned, laying back on her small bed. She kicked off her heels, folding her hands behind her head. In the ceiling above, bright stars twinkled.
How are your finals going?
I'm all done with exams, just one last project left.
Congrats! I know you will do amazingly well and your project, AR Designs will become reality--don't worry.
Arnav was humbled by her deep confidence in him. Even though he had no backing or experience, she believed in him. And how's high school?
Oh you know, boring as usual. I actually fell asleep in history class yesterday. But thankfully, the boy that sits in front of me is like a human giraffe, so the teacher didn't notice. She smiled as she sensed his amusement.
And that wedding in your neighborhood? Did you go?
She nodded excitedly. I just got home. Oh Nanav, it was the most beautiful wedding. I danced and ate so much! The best part were the flowers--in every color!
Really? He had never really cared about weddings.
Yeah, she said, her eyes growing dreamy. On my wedding, there will be gorgeous flowers everywhere. But in a really unique style--no bouquets.
His eyebrows furrowed. Khushi, you're just 16! Isn't a bit soon to be thinking of such stuff?
She laughed. See, this is why I'm your best friend. Who else would explain these important things to you? She sighed. Nanav, most girls plan their weddings since they're kids. It's such an important day--of course it takes years if not decades to plan everything perfectly.
Arnav shook his head.
You know what my favorite part is? she continued.
The buffet?
No, silly! It's when the bride and groom first see each other. Her eyes grew soft. It's like you can see the love they have for each other in that moment. True love.. I hope I'm lucky enough to get that special moment one day too. 
He smiled. You're the best person I know. Of course, you'll get that. Only an idiot wouldn't love you.
Arnav could still vividly recall the waves of happiness his words had unfurled in her. Who would have guessed back then that they would one day be getting married? That they would fall for each other--so deeply?
He looked at her sleeping form with quiet wonder.
He certainly hadn't planned on it. For a long time, he'd been happy being just her best friend, Nanav. But with time, their relationship had deepened and matured. The mental bond between them had created a tie so strong, he knew nothing could break it. And now, she was his bride. His soulmate..
Both of them had suffered in their childhood, losing their closest family. But tomorrow would be the start of a new family: him and Khushi. Arnav kissed her on the lips softly as he finally closed his eyes, pulling her closer against his chest.
The next morning, the sun seemed to rise extra early. Khushi woke first, a wide, excited smile on her face.
Today was her wedding day.. with the man whom she loved more than anything.. anyone..
Pure, overwhelming joy enveloped her. And to see him sleeping beside her, their arms wrapped around each other, it felt like the perfect way to begin this new chapter in their lives.
Her eyes traced over him lovingly. Her heart threatened to burst with happiness and love.
Last night, she'd fallen asleep to the soothing lull of his heartbeat. All the trauma had been washed away by his embrace. Never had she felt more safe and cherished.
Arnav looked just as relaxed. His face had a peaceful glow to it. Khushi hated to wake him, but they had a very busy day ahead.
Baby? she murmured softly, dropping kisses across his cheeks and forehead.
Wrong spot, he said sleepily, his eyes still shut. The corner of his lips tipped up slightly.
Khushi smiled as she leaned closer, setting her mouth to that spot.Morning, Arnav. I love you..
His eyes blinked open. He smiled at her as his hand tightened around her waist. Love you too, Princess.
They both met half-way for another kiss.
How happy are you right now? he asked, his eyes shining as he gazed at her.
She looped her arms around his neck. I can't even describe it. We've gone through so much: silly fights, so many mind games, separation, longing, fear.. But our love was always there, guiding us through..
He understood her. We're made for one another, Princess. It feels like I've been waiting forever to make you mine--officially at least.
Khushi nodded, laying her head on his chest. Her hand reached for his as their fingers tightly entwined. Honestly, I don't know even know when I fell in love with you. It feels like I've always loved you. You've always been a part of my life..
He nestled his head against her messy hair. As Nanav--your best friend?
Khushi smiled. Even then I loved you. And then when I understood the ASR side of you, that love only deepened. Arnav.. I love you so much..
He leaned forward, sealing her words with a thorough kiss. And I love you, Khushi. I tried for so long to just think of you as my best friend, but I couldn't. For years I waited to meet you.. to hold you in my arms. I just can't believe that you fell for me too.
Fell for you in every way, Raizada.
That heartfelt declaration prompted another kiss. They had just deepened their kiss when there was a knock at the door. Giggles sounded from outside.
"Chote!" called Anjali. "I've come to get Khushi.."
"Wake up, sleepy-heads!" said Juhi.
"It's your wedding day!" chimed Sarah.
Arnav groaned, reluctant to let her go. Khushi kissed him on the lips, cupping his cheek in her palm. Very soon, baby, no one will disturb us. We just have to get through today.
His hand plunged into her hair as he brought her down for another firm kiss. And then with a sigh, he let her go, watching broodingly as she slipped out of the warm bed.
She pulled a robe on as she headed to the door. The girls stood waiting in vibrant colored saris, their faces lit with excitement. Hugging her, they faced her grumpy looking groom.
"Morning, Chote!" they said in unison.
"Morning." His voice was gruff. His eyes remained on his soon-to-be wife. "Aren't you a little early?"
"We're actually late," corrected Anjali, smiling at her brother's state. He looked like a child who'd just had his favorite toy snatched away.
"Yeah, if you notice, we're already dressed. So is Payal. Now, it's this bride's turn."
"So keep staring at our beautiful friend here," said Juhi, her arm draping over Khushi's shoulders. "Because you won't be seeing her now till the wedding, Chote."
Khushi sensed his disappointment. "Can I say bye to him?" she asked the girls quietly.
Anjali nodded. "Hurry though. The stylists are all waiting."
Khushi padded over to Arnav barefoot. Their arms slipped around one another, holding tight. He turned her so their audience didn't see too much.
I'll see you soon, she whispered, her eyes meeting his.
I'll be waiting for you.
I won't be hard to miss: look for bright pink and green, she hinted.
He kissed her on the forehead. Love you..
Love you back, she replied, giving him one last extra tight hug. They both stepped away slowly.
"Wow!" said Sarah, amazed. "They just hugged silently. Chote didn't even say a word. And look at Akash: he has been so nervous all morning, he's been talking nonstop. He spent ten minutes talking to me about plates versus bowls!"
"A bad case of verbal diarrhea," laughed Juhi.
"And that is our cue to leave," said Anjali, taking Khushi by the hand.
Arnav missed her the second she was out of his sight.
He sighed harshly, heading to the shower. This wedding could not happen soon enough!
Agreed, she replied laughing.
Anjali, Juhi, and Sarah were the ones to dress Khushi up, while Buaji and Garima helped Payal. Khushi was so very grateful for them. The trio sat beside her throughout the makeup and hairstyling, jabbering on and on.
They helped her keep her mind off a certain Raizada, although her mind kept wandering to him. She could almost imagine him getting dressed, just a few doors down the hall.
They also helped her with her voluminous bridal lehenga. The intricately designed clothes were much more heavier than they appeared. Khushi admired the contrast of the green and pink in the mirror as she slipped on the last of her jewelry: Arnav's mother's bracelet. It fit perfectly.
"Wow," said Anjali, arranging her veil around her. "You look so beautiful, Khushi."
Juhi whistled her agreement as Sarah smiled widely, tears gathering in her eyes.
Khushi immediately turned to her, hugging her. "Why are you crying?"
Sarah shrugged. "There's something about weddings. I just become an emotional wreck. And especially because it's your and Chote's marriage. You both are so special.. so deserving of every happiness."
Khushi smiled, wiping her tears away. "No crying today. I want everyone to enjoy the wedding."
There was a knock at the door.
"May I come in, ladies?" called a male voice.
Anjali opened the door. N.K. was dressed in a bright blue sherwani. He grinned at all of them, complimenting each one in turn.
And then he passed Khushi a carefully folded note. "Guess who?"
She recognized the scribble across it at once. 'To my beautiful bride, my Princess--a small surprise. Yours, Arnav.'
Khushi hugged the letter to her heart, her eyes wandering to N.K.'s empty hands. "Did you forget my surprise?" she asked.
He shook his head. "Come on in," he called.
Khushi's head snapped to the doorway. Her eyes widened with disbelief.
"Mr. and Mrs. Gill!" she hurried to greet them. "What a pleasant surprise!"
"Congrats, dear. I knew you and Arnav would be together one day. I just knew it!" said Mrs. Gill, looking ecstatic.  "But I'm afraid your surprise is not us." She whistled.
A great, big ball of fluff crashed against Khushi's legs. "Taffy!"
She picked up the puppy in her arms, hugging him close. "Oh, Taffy Waffy! I missed you so much cutie! Did you miss moi?"
He nodded eagerly, barking his yes. 
"Thank you so much for coming and bringing him," said Khushi to the Gills. "Now all my loved ones are here."
Anjali nodded, taking the elated dog into her arms.
"Come on, Khushi. They're calling for you. Payal has already been escorted to her spot with your parents and Buaji. It's your turn.."
Khushi's heart raced. She couldn't wait to see her Arnav..
"Come on, everyone," she said, leading the way. "My husband is waiting for me."

And he was waiting--impatiently.
Arnav stood at the mandap, his eyes searching for pink and green. He'd just been warmly welcomed into the venue by Khushi's mother, while Buaji had completed the same ritual for Akash.
Payal had already been called. She and Akash sat at the adjacent altar, sharing shy smiles.
He wanted to call out to his bride, but he resisted the urge. He would wait for as long as it took.
The back garden of Sheesh Mahal was overflowing with guests. Family and friends from around the world had gathered, waiting with an almost palpable excitement. A long table at the entrance groaned under the weight of innumerable gifts.
He couldn't help but admire the decorations. Everything was as he had envisioned it. She had wanted flowers, right?
Well he had given them to her: garlands swung from the treetops, wrapped in shimmering lights. Thousands of rose petals colored the aisle, while giant flower figurines were placed at each round table. It was beautiful and bright--just like his Khushi.
Where was she? he wondered for the umpteenth time. How much time did she need to get ready? She was already so beautiful. He couldn't understand how someone could possibly improve upon perfection?
And then he sensed something.
His heartbeat seemed to escalate.
A slight breeze wafted toward him.
The music changed, signaling her arrival.
And then he finally saw her: dressed in a colorful lehenga, her face aglow as she stepped into the sunlight.
His heart seemed to still.
Khushi stepped onto the rose-covered aisle with care, her eyes searching for him. Flowers fell from the trees above with her every step, marking her way.
And then she froze.
There he was.
Her heart swelled with joy as she saw him at the other end, dressed in a traditional sherwani and looking so handsome, for a moment she was half convinced it was all one of her crazy fantasies. How could life be so magical? she wondered, awestruck.
Her love overwhelmed her as she took him in. The glow on his face undid her. His eyes were twinkling, his lips were curved into a heart-stoppingly warm smile as he watched her walk to him.
This had been her dream for so long. And now it had come true.
You're beautiful, he murmured as she reached close enough so their hands could meet.
Khushi could only reply, I love you. Her throat felt constricted with emotion.
His hand squeezed hers as he brought her beside him. Cheers and claps broke out, the music changed to a upbeat melody.
Aman and Anjali handed them both colorful garlands. At the matching canopy, Payal and Akash were exchanging garlands to the roar of applause.
"Go on, Khushi," said Anjali, her eyes flying between the two. "Welcome your groom into your life.. forever.."
She nodded, raising the garland up in her hands.
"Nice try, Khushi," said N.K., lifting Arnav bodily out of her reach. "You can't bow down that easily, Nanav," he lightly chided.
Arnav shrugged. "That's not necessarily a bad thing, N.K."
And then, astounding everyone, he kneeled down on one knee before her, bowing down.
Khushi covered her mouth with her hand. And then laughing still, she crouched beside him, placing the garland around his neck.
He smiled back and quickly put the garland around her. Never going to let you go, love.
Me either, she replied as he helped her up. Flowers rained down on them from the gathered guests.
As they took their seats before the holy fire, both couldn't help but glance at each other every now and then.
Prayers were recited and then Anjali stooped down, tying the end of Khushi's sash to the stole around Arnav's neck. She tied the knot tightly and then leaned to the side to hug each in turn.
More prayers were read as Khushi's hand was formally placed in Arnav's. Everyone stood beaming, enjoying each part of the ceremony.
"And now time for the mangalsutra," said the priest.
Arnav placed the black and gold beaded necklace around her neck, tying it on carefully.
She smiled as he reached for the sindoor. The crimson powder would mark her as a married woman.. as his wife..
I love you, he murmured as he placed the sindoor in her parting.
And I love you..
Tears sprung in her eyes as they stood for the pheras--seven circles around the fire, each symbolizing a different vow. His hand wrapped around hers as he began walking.
The first circle was for shared responsibility in their new life. The second promised to strengthen mind, body, and soul.  The third asked for prosperity in this new bond.
I will always love, respect, and trust you, vowed Khushi as they began their fourth circle. He echoed the same.
The fifth was for children, and the sixth for longevity, explained the priest.
At the final circle, they repeated the vows: I will stay your best friend in this lifelong and eternal bond.
Tears came to her eyes at those words. Memories of the past ten years passed between them. To think that an inexplicable connection, forged on the roadside years ago, had brought them here--to this place of utter happiness.
I love you, husband, she whispered as the ceremony came to a close and flowers rained down upon them from all directions.
And I love you, Mrs. Raizada.
They embraced each other tightly, their eyes fluttering close.
The reception began shortly there after inside a massive tent, decorated in the hues of gold and silver.
It's beautiful, said Khushi mesmerized by the subtle details, as her now husband guided her inside. Arnav smiled as he made her sit beside him on the elaborate podium. He sneaked a jalebi into her hand.
Eat it quickly, he said. We're going to be bombarded with guests any minute.
She smiled as she ate. You're behaving like a typical worried hubby.
Well that's what I am, he winked. Can't keep my wife hungry, can I?
She squeezed his hand. You better have arranged a big dinner. I'm starving.
Oh, I know you, he said teasingly. Don't worry, I ordered enough for all of Lucknow to eat. It should be enough for you--I think.
She jabbed him on the side, laughing. And then her eyes widened, as she noticed the centerpieces.
Oh my God! she said, grasping his hand. You actually did it! Just like I wished when I was a kid.. flowers but not bouquets on the tables..
I hope it's unique enough for you.
Khushi smiled as she gazed at the pink-flowered elephants.
It's perfect. I love you, baby! You've made all my dreams come true today. I don't even know think I deserve so much.
He shushed her. Of course you do. You deserve so much more than this, Khushi. Don't ever say that again.
And then as he said, family and friends from all over greeted them, wishing them all the happiness and luck in the world.
I didn't know so many people loved us, said Khushi surprised.
Arnav nodded. I'm surprised we all managed to fit in here.
Khushi was still talking to her husband when N.K. suddenly stood, tapping on a microphone. "Testing testing.. Can you hear me?" he shouted, his loud voice rising over the uproar.
"Yes!" screamed back the crowd, rubbing their ears.
"Cool. Now, everyone, could you please take your seats."
He turned toward the two newlywed couples on the stage. "First, I want to congratulate my two brothers: Nanav and Akash and their lovely wives on their marriage. I've always loved you both and it's so wonderful seeing you so genuinely happy. Someone once said, 'Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench when there is plenty of room at both ends,' and I wish the same for you. May you always be squished together on that bench, and may the empty ends be filled with lots and lots of kids! Here's to them all!"
The guests laughed as Khushi blushed and Arnav's eyes widened. Akash practically choked at the mention of kids. Payal hit him on the back lightly, her face worried.
"And now," said N.K. with a wide smile, passing the microphone. "Di's turn."
Anjali cleared her throat as she stood. Aman held her hand, his gaze loving. "Chote and Khushi. Akash and Payal: Congratulations! And thank you everyone for attending such a special occasion for our family. I have to say that I'm not surprised to be standing here. I knew as soon as my baby brother came home from office one day, a goofy, bemused smile on his face, that he was a goner. He had fallen in love with a beautiful, wonderful girl, who completed him in every way. You both are perfect for each other. You flirt, you care, you have your cute fights, your intense stares, and most importantly, you need one another. Always hold onto your love and you will get through anything. I love you both! Here's to the bride and groom!"
Nani wiped back tears as Taffy sniffled in her lap. Khushi and Arnav smiled widely, rising to hug Anjali.
Khushi's parents and aunt spoke next, thanking the Raizadas and wishing the best for their daughters.
Mami began a long-winded speech praising her son, but N.K. quickly snatched the microphone back, whispering to Akash's mom that her makeup was smudged. She ran off to fix the nonexistent blemish, her husband trailing after her.
"And now, time for the newlyweds to speak," he announced.
The guests clapped as Akash took the microphone: "Payal.. Can you believe that we're really here? I mean we've come so far from that day you vomited on me.." As her eyes rounded, he quickly amended his sentence. "Sorry, I meant that even then, there was something between us--something I can't describe. I wish I was a poet and could praise you endlessly, but I just want you to know that I adore you, that I love you and that I will always be there for you. You are the Simran to my Raj."
Payal smiled timidly as she took the microphone. "I feel the same way, Akash. Ever since I spoke to you, I could never stop thinking about you. You are so sweet and funny and I love you too. I'm so happy to be your wife."
As the crowd cheered and the couple shared a loving glance, N.K. passed the microphone to Arnav. "Nanav, you're up."
Arnav held onto Khushi's hand as he stood, staring down at her with that characteristic twinkle in his eyes.
"Khushi.. Princess.. What can I say that you don't already know?" He took a deep breath, speaking from his heart. "I didn't know how powerful love and friendship could be until I met you. You are the other half of me in every way. I love you more each single day and I cannot say how happy I am to finally call you my wife, Mrs. Raizada.." He reached down to kiss her cheek.
"Nanav," interrupted N.K., leaning toward the microphone, "Could you please give some of your wise advice to us fellow guys tonight? How does one get true love like you--that is the question, right guys?"
Arnav looked surprised. "My advice?" He thought about it for a minute before continuing: "Well you know, we men always complain about how women are so hard to understand. Before I fell for Khushi, I thought the same. But here's some good news: it's actually not that hard. Because see you don't have to understand all women--just one. And the surprising part is that most actually don't want that much from us. Just honesty, love, and encouragement. Add in some romance and you're usually set. Wrap your head around that, N.K," he said in an amused tone as he took his seat.
His cousin scratched his head in answer, drawing laughs from the round tables.
"And now, Khushi's turn!" screamed Juhi and Sarah.
Khushi rose, her hands clasping Arnav's tightly. Her love shone in her eyes as she gazed down at him. "Love, we've come so far. But you will always remain my best friend. I have never met anyone so caring and loving. And I am so thankful that you came into my life. The bond between us is so strong, and I can't wait to begin our lives together, as husband and wife. Basically, what I'm trying to say is: Arnav Singh Raizada--I am head over heels in love with you!"
She leaned down to hug him. He smiled against her. Love you too.
"And some advice for us girls?" asked Juhi, her eyebrows rising up and down.
Khushi smiled. "My advice would be to grab the right guy when you get the chance. You don't need Mr. Perfect. You just need someone who knows how to make you smile. Who loves and supports you. Who plays with your hair and takes the time to look at your eyes. Who completes you.. like Arnav does for me. Thank you everyone for coming tonight. We love you all!"
A round of applause greeted her. As the toasts ended, purple and pink lights on the dance floor sprang to life and music began playing. Waiters began filtering in, holding aloft trays full of food.
Arnav and Khushi fed each other, relishing each morsel. And then as their favorite song was played and they were called to dance, they finally stood. It seemed everyone was dancing. Even Taffy was running in circles around some golden puppy.
Slow-dancing to Teri Meri, Arnav kept his arms wrapped closely around his wife. She tugged him closer, looping her arms around his neck as she leaned up on her tiptoes.
Mrs. Raizada?
Hmm? she smiled up at him, loving the ring of that name.
Can we sneak out now?
She shook her head, leaning up to kiss his cheek. I'm afraid not, baby. Few more rituals left..
More? But our flight leaves soon.
We'll make it, she said. There's still plenty of time. A blush tinged her cheeks.
What is it? he asked, mesmerized.
She hugged him to her. I can't wait for our honeymoon, she admitted.
He smiled, dropping a firm kiss on her forehead.

Me either..

Mind Games Vol 2 by TINA!
Chapter 13: Japan
Arnav and Khushi, dressed in their wedding finery, stood hand in hand at the threshold of Sheesh Mahal.
She leaned closer to him, her body pressing against his side. What ritual is this?
He grinned at her in that handsome way that did strange things to her heart. Winking, he replied: This is a Raizada tradition, Princess.
"First Arnav and Khushi," announced Nani, smiling widely. Buaji made a face at that, hugging Payal closer.
NK, Anjali, Aman, Sarah, and Juhi cheered them on, throwing flower petals at them. Taffy woofed with glee.
"Come on, Nanav, pick up your bride.."
"Go on, Chote!"
For you? Always, baby, she murmured as he swung her up into his arms.
Together, they crossed over the threshold, gazing at each other with overwhelming happiness.
Could life get any more perfect? wondered Khushi, her eyes tracing over her husband with awe.
I can think of a few ways, he answered naughtily. It involves us.. alone and with not so many clothes on..
She blushed, whacking him in the chest lightly. Stop it.
Fine, for now.. but I'm not making any promises for tonight, Mrs. Raizada.
She buried her face against his neck, dropping a soft kiss there. Good. I want to be yours in all ways so badly, Mr. Raizada.
That confession was enough to make Arnav pause mid-step. He seriously contemplated taking his wife upstairs to one of the bedrooms right then. Who cared what anyone thought about them?
"You can set your wifey down now," laughed Anjali, shaking her head at him. Arnav groaned. Damn but they were outnumbered here.
Khushi squeezed his hand. We'll be in Japan soon enough, baby. The flight leaves soon.
The gathered group seated the two newlyweds opposite one another: the brides on one side, the grooms on the other. Anjali set two large milk and rose-petal trays between each pair.
"Now, let's see who wins! Winner has to find the ring first!" she declared. "Ready, set, go!"
Akash and Payal searched through the milk, splashing milk on each other in the process. As soon as Arnav and Khushi's hand descended under the milk, Arnav didn't even try to look for the ring. He just grabbed his wife's hand, holding her tightly.
Khushi's eyes rounded as her head snapped up to him. A blush tinged her cheeks.
Baby, let go.. This isn't how this game is played.
I like it better my way, he said with a smirk, stroking her soft skin.
As the two bickered back and forth silently, beside them, Payal suddenly shouted with glee, holding up a diamond ring.
"And we have our first winner!" said Anjali, hugging Payal. "Now come on Chote and Khushi!"
"Yeah.. what exactly is taking so long?" asked Juhi with a wink.
Baby, stop it. Everyone's waiting.
Let them.
Khushi pinched his palm in answer. And then swept her hand in the tray, trying to avoid him. She was laughing as she searched. Arnav wasn't trying to find the ring, he was just trying to grab her hand again.
And then she felt him slip on the ring onto her left hand. Grinning, he lifted their entwined hands up.
"And the brides win--hands down!" shouted NK.
You cheated! said Khushi, her eyes shining.
He brought her hand to his lips, kissing the ring-adorned mehndi-filled finger. So what, baby?
"Anymore rituals left, Di?" he asked out loud, his eyes on his gorgeous, blushing wife.
"No, Chote," she laughed, messing his hair up.
"What? You look very handsome still--doesn't he, Khushi?"
Khushi nodded, winking at him. Very sexy..
That's it, said Arnav, standing up abruptly. He picked her up in his arms without pause, heading to the staircase.
"Sorry, people," he said over his shoulder. "But we have to get ready for the airport. Our flight to Japan leaves very soon."
"Yeah.. right, Chote," laughed Juhi and Sarah.
"Where are you two going?" NK asked Akash.
He smiled at his blushing bride. "Oh you know, NK Bhai-- 10 days on the Euro Rail--Paris, London, Rome.."
"That sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it?" whispered Aman to his fiance.
Anjali just laughed, hugging him close.
Arnav set Khushi carefully down on the bed, leaning over her.  God, you're beautiful, Princess, he murmured staring down at her, mesmerized.
She reached up to find his lips with hers. I love you so much..
For several long minutes, the only sound was the two of them kissing, their mouths and tongues meeting.
We should change, whispered Arnav, sucking on her bottom lip heatedly.
She drew him closer, her hands fisting in his hair. Five minutes more..
He could never say no to her. Growling, he kissed his wife hungrily, his heart threatening to burst with happiness.
It was about ten minutes later that they finally got up. Their travel clothes were stacked in neat piles in the adjacent master bathroom. Arnav had planned everything saw Khushi with a wry smile.
He helped her with all her jewelry, taking off each earring and necklace carefully. How did you even manage to stand straight with all this weight on you? he asked amazed, dropping feather-light kisses across her exposed waist as he took off her jeweled waist chain.
Khushi smiled, kicking off her heels. For you.. she murmured. I wanted to look beautiful for you, Arnav.
That earned her another long, thorough kiss. You were the most beautiful bride, Princess.
As all the jewelry was put away, and Khushi stood wearing just a simple pair of earrings and her manglasutra, she gazed at her husband with a hint of embarrassment. Turn around, baby. I have to change.
He looked taken aback. Princess, we're married now.
I know, but we haven't had our wedding night yet.. please.. she pouted.
He sighed, kissing her on the lips firmly before taking his clothes to the opposite end of the bathroom.
No peeking for you either then, he warned, as he drew his sherwani over his head.
Deal, said Khushi, grinning impishly. What was the need to peek when she could clearly see his reflection in the mirror? Her eyes traced over the smooth, muscled silkiness of his bare back. Heat shot through her as she slipped out of her lehenga and into a pale pink sari. This honeymoon could not start soon enough. Goodness, she was about to jump on her husband any minute! Only the thought of Japan kept her from turning toward temptation.
The airport was crowded as Arnav and Khushi passed through, their hands tightly intertwined.
Our bags won't get lost, will they? asked Khushi, pulling the slipping strap of her purse higher.
His hand squeezed hers. I don't think so. But if it happens, all we have to do is buy some lingerie for you, some red silk sheets, and a few aprons..
Khushi slapped his chest lightly, a beaming smile crossing her face.Arnav, I told you, I want to see some of Japan too.
We'll see, he said vaguely, winking at her.
The plush first-class seats on the airplane made Khushi's eyes round.Two people could fit on each seat, she commented as she sat in the window seat.  Her husband grinned at her, almost boyishly.
Are you asking to sit on my lap? Not that I mind. But let's wait till the seatbelt sign turns off, okay?
Arnav! she laughed, kissing his stubbled chin. They were like two excited kids as they waited for the flight to take off. Arnav pointed out everything, and turned on the private TV screen. Khushi's eyes lit up as she noticed a Salman Khan movie on.
Don't you dare change it, she warned, cuddling against him as she snapped on the earphones.
Thirty minutes later, Arnav could have kicked himself for showing her the movie in the first place.
A flight attendant passed by. "Anything for you, Mr. Raizada?"
"A glass of wine for me," and he turned to his wife, who was glued to the screen with childlike innocence. "And do you have some popcorn? My wife would love it."
She smiled, "Of course. Are you two newlyweds?"
He nodded. The flight attendant smiled. "Congrats. Even that couple there just got married." She pointed to a kissing couple two rows down.
Arnav shook his head as he settled into his seat. Khushi's eyes rounded when the popcorn arrived. I love you, she murmured as she munched.
He grinned at  her, pulling her close to him. He kissed the top of her head. Sure she was a bit crazy and childlike, but that's what made him love her all the more. And I love you..
After what seemed like forever, the movie finally finished.
So how was it? he asked, looking up from his ipad.
Khushi shrugged, stretching. Wonderful-as usual. It was my favorite actor's movie after all. Her eyes traced over him naughtily. You know, you're not so bad yourself, Mr. Raizada.
He dragged her against him, his eyes darkening. Not bad? he repeated.
You heard me, she winked.
Care to change that sentence?
What are you going to do if I don't? You can't kiss me here, baby.
He raised an eyebrow. And then shocking her completely, pressed a button. Their seats flew back, flattening so they were horizontal.
Arnav.. mumbled Khushi as he lifted the arm rest out of the way.Baby, people can see.
Grinning, he dimmed the lights above them and reached for the blanket, dragging it over their heads.
Khushi nodded, hugging him close. This is perfect.. just me and you.. nothing else matters, baby.
He nodded, kissing her forehead. Can you believe it? We're finally married! After all those hurdles.. all those rituals.. we're finally husband and wife.
Our wedding was absolutely perfect, especially those pink-flowered elephants. She kissed his cheek. Your countdown is finally over.
I have a new one now, my baby elephant: for our wedding night.
Oh yeah? she murmured, drawing his head close.
Yeah, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.
She wrinkled her nose at that name. That's a mouthful.
You don't like it? Do you want to be Khushi Kumari Gupta and not--
She clapped her hand over his mouth, narrowing her eyes at him. Of course not! I've been waiting for what feels like forever to be yours. But that name doesn't fit us, you know?
He kissed her palm. What do you want to be called?
She smiled as she thought about it. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.
KASR? he kissed her lips. I like it.. love it actually..
Me too.. she murmured, pulling him for a more thorough kiss. Baby, kiss me..
He gave her what he wanted, kissing her hungrily. When would they reach Japan?
It better be soon, replied Khushi, rubbing her hand across his chest. I want you..
He smiled against her lips. Me too..


As Khushi first stepped out in Japan, her eyes rounded. The air was crisp and breezy. An assortment of people of all nationalities passed by. She looked with curiosity at a group of young women dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

Come on, said Arnav with a smile, pulling her toward the waiting limousine.

"Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Raizada," said the driver, holding the door open.

"Hello," they both answered, sitting together in the backseat.
It's afternoon here? asked Khushi.
He nodded, his arm encircling her waist. Time difference here, babe.
Right, said Khushi, gazing out the window at Tokyo's skyline.
I'm sorry.
She swiveled back to him, her eyebrows shooting up. Why are you saying sorry for?
He sighed, running a hand through his hair. I couldn't take you to some romantic place like Akash and Payal. And I have some meetings scheduled here.
Khushi shushed him with a kiss. First of all, Japan is wonderful. She kissed him again. Second, your meetings are not till next week--I saw the schedule Aman made for you. She leaned forward for another kiss. And most importantly, we can go somewhere different next year.
He grinned at her. Next year?
Yes.. I demand at least one honeymoon per year, husband.
Whatever my Princess wants, he said, pulling for a thorough kiss. So Bora Bora next year? Or maybe Mauritius or maybe Venice?
You decide, she said, looping her arms around his neck. I don't care as long as we're together.
They kissed again, not able to get close enough.
Taking a deep breath, she leaned her forehead against his, their eyes meeting. How far is this house, baby?
It's in a very secluded location, so it's a long drive, but it's well worth it. It has oceanfront views and our own private beach.
Really? asked Khushi with excitement, trying to imagine it.
The house was beyond anything she could have dreamt up. It's architecture was distinctly modern. Warm lights lit the pathway.
As they climbed out of the limo and Arnav waved the driver away, for a moment they stood silent, just staring at the mammoth structure.
Arnav smiled as he walked behind his wife, encircling her waist with his arms. How do you like it? he asked.
It's beautiful, she said. And then grabbing his hand, she ran toward the main door. Come on, baby, I want to see it from the inside.
The foyer was spacious and welcoming with blooming roses and lilies. Khushi though could barely look away from the translucent floor. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen. An odd glaze of blue and green it seemed to shimmer. And then she noticed a bit of movement.
OH MY GOD! she screamed, laying down on her stomach to get a closer look. Are there fishes underneath?
Arnav lay next to her, smiling at her. Yeah, see that one's swimming toward you.
Khushi was just as awestruck by the rest of the home. It was perfect, complete with a large pool, several Jacuzzis, and even a basketball court.
Racing through the house like two kids, they both skidded to a stop at the master bedroom. It was painted a soothing white, and the massive windows showed the beautiful beach and ocean beyond.  Their bags were placed in the closet, waiting to be unzipped.
But Khushi and Arnav couldn't seem to look away from the king-size bed in the center of the room: covered in rose petals.
A warmth shot through Khushi. She peeked out the corner of her eye at him. He gazed back at her. Through their bond, he could sense her every shifting emotion: her excitement, her love, her passion, her nervousness.
Without a word, he leaned forward, kissing her forehead gently. Get dressed, love. How about a game of basketball?
Khushi's mouth dropped open. Before she could argue, he was already gone. She stared after him, confused. Sitting down on the bed, she fingered a rose petal, nibbling on her bottom lip. Had she done something wrong? Why did he want to play basketball now?
But after all those years of being his best friend and later much more, she knew him well. He was trying to make her comfortable she knew.
Khushi, she told herself, It's up to you. You have to show him you're ready for this.
Working up her courage, she unzipped her bags. Instead of the salwar kameez he no doubt expected her to wear, she instead pulled on some racy lingerie.
The white slip was all silk and hit the tops of her thighs. Its sleeves were nonexistent, just thin straps and the neckline plunged low, highlighting her spilling curves. As she gazed at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror, Khushi flushed. Her bare toes curled on the carpet.Would he like it? she wondered
Before she could have any second thoughts, she pulled on the matching, lacy robe. It was about two inches longer than slip and hid very little.
Come on, Khushi, she told herself reassuringly, Go get your husband.
With a naughty smile, she hurried outside.
Arnav was dribbling a basketball when she entered. He’d changed out of his casual clothes into a pair of black shorts and blue sneakers. His upper half was completely bare.
Khushi felt breathless as she watched the play of muscles on his arms and chest. His skin looked smooth to the touch and she ached to go to him. He seemed to hear her unspoken plea.
As he sensed her, he whipped around. His eyes widened as they moved over her, taking in her long, bare legs, her shapely curves, and her heaving chest.
Khushi could not stay another second away from him. Saying his name, she ran to him, throwing herself into his arms. He groaned, pulling her so tight against him she gasped out loud. Her lips pressed urgent, loving kisses across his face and neck. Please.. I don’t want to play basketball.. I just want you..
He picked her up in his arms. Are you sure, Princess?
More sure than I’ve ever been. I need you so much.
He kissed her hungrily, his tongue sweeping across her mouth. We’ve been waiting so long for this. I love you so much.
Love you too, she said, fisting her hands in his wavy hair. Take me to bed, Arnav..
He growled at that, taking the stairs two at a time to the white bedroom. Khushi had lit several candles and as the sun set outside, the room seemed to glow in the dim light, bathed in soft pinks and golds.
Arnav placed Khushi carefully atop the rose-adorned white silk sheets. His eyes sizzled to midnight black as he watched her stretch on them, her palms sweeping across the petals slowly. Khushi.. he traced her plump lips with his index finger, heat shooting through him as he felt that moist softness.
She hotly kissed his finger, arching her back and offering him everything in all her innocence. Baby, please.
His jaw clenched, his body trembled. He could not keep away. He had planned to be utterly gentle and slow with her tonight. But as soon as she pulled him down on top of her and their lips met, all his good intentions went up in smoke. Fire ignited as they kissed. It was like they were starving for the other, as if they could not get close enough.
Arnav.. she thrashed on the sheets, her hands moving restlessly across his bare back and the low line of his shorts. Come closer..
He was balancing on his forearms, being careful even in the inferno of heated passion not to crush her. I’m heavy, he replied, dropping open-mouthed kisses down the column of her throat.
I don’t care, she said pulling him for another kiss. As he listened to her and set his full weight across her, she moaned with approval. His chest abraded her aching peaks, chafing slightly.
Arnav tilted her head up, angling her so he could plunge his tongue deeper into her warm mouth. They kissed feverishly, their tongues mating. Khushi forgot everything, her arms curling around him in fierce abandon.
I love you, she kept moaning as his hot mouth trailed down her body, a devastating combination of lips, teeth, and tongue. She braced her hands on his shoulders as he dropped kisses over her stomach, his touch warming her through the silk slip.
She suddenly had to touch him. Pushing against his chest, she murmured, her eyes darkened with passion: Flip over, baby.
He did as she commanded, growling as she straddled him. Her thighs pressed tightly against him, pushing her searing heat closer to his throbbing ache. Leaning down, Khushi cupped his bristly cheeks, meeting his lips for kiss after kiss. And then she let her hands travel over him, as she had ached for so long to do. Her hands slid across his chest, marveling over the heat and underlying strength of him.
To think that this man-- the one who she loved more than anyone and anything was her husband now.. finally..
Unable to resist his pull, she leaned across him, placing a languid kiss over his heartbeat. He groaned, his hand plunging into her hair as her lips learned the feel of him. Khushi smiled against his side, her tongue sneaking out to wet him.
His response astounded her, it made her more bold and confident than either had expected.
Ever since they’d declared their love for the other, there had been a fine line between them--one that neither had crossed. Khushi crossed it now, her hand tracing along his waistband.
Khushi.. her name escaped his lips as his eyes blinked open. She winked at him, dropping kisses along the low-lying line as she had ached to do for so long now.
Baby, lift up.. she bid, pulling at his shorts.
He did as she commanded, watching her curious face. Khushi turned bright red as she gazed down at him.
Oh my goodness, she murmured innocently.
He smirked, about to pull her up for a kiss when she shocked him, touching him intimately.
Her hand retreated. She blushed as she gazed at him. Arnav?
Shh, he crooned, reaching for her hand. Dropping a heated kiss on her palm, his eyes rose to meet hers even as he guided her hand back down.
His heat seared her. Hard, hot and unfamiliar, her fingers curled around him, learning the feel of him. She held her breath as she stroked him.
Arnav let her do as she pleased for a few minutes, guiding her wordlessly, but then he reached for her, flipping her over so she was beneath him once more. There was only so much of her touch he could take.
His tongue plunged into her warm mouth, seeking hers. He let her set the pace. They kissed heatedly, their hands fisting on one another. And then as she pushed up against him, moaning his name in her mind, he deftly took command.
Khushi whimpered as she felt him, his heat rubbing against her. She instinctively arched up, moving restlessly. Their eyes closed at the sweet, tantalizing friction. 
Right here, baby, he whispered, trying to restrain his wild desires.
But as she threw her legs around his waist, he could not hold back. His lips traveled down her body even as his hands inched up the hem of the silky slip.
Her eyes blinked open. A rosy color spread across her cheeks. But she nodded at his unspoken question, half-eager and half self-conscious.
He kissed her and then without delay, drew the slip and robe over her head in a single move. He froze as he stared down at her.
Creamy skin lay exposed to him, waiting for his touch..
You’re beautiful, he said huskily, his eyes devouring her. So, so sexy..
His admiring gaze and gruff words released her from the last of her reservations. Khushi felt utterly loved and cherished in his embrace. She thrust her hands into his thick strands, drawing his head down for an intense kiss. They both moaned as their bodies met. For the first time, there was nothing between them; just skin against skin. It was a heady, tantalizing new sensation. And just like that, passion unfurled like wildfire.
Their hands and lips were everywhere: tasting, caressing, pushing and pulling.  His hand rose to her breasts, feeling and cupping their weight. She seemed to fit perfectly in his palms, the sensitive tips thrusting into his skin.
Arnav drew his thumbs over each peak and then as she gasped, he swung down, capturing one rosy nipple in his mouth.
Arnav! moaned Khushi as he sucked on her. Passion flashed: thick and powerful. Heat pooled deep within her. And he kept at it, nipping and teething her, his tongue tracing over her.
Baby, please.. she whispered even as her hands dove into his hair, holding him tightly to her aching breast. He kissed the softness there heatedly and then turned to the second, giving it the same fervent attention.
Khushi gasped, arching closer. Their thoughts and emotions were being exchanged all the while: if he felt her desire, she felt his tension, his need to please her first.
She was still adjusting to his mouth when his hand gradually slid down, falling between her parted legs. 
Khushi immediately backed away. Baby, what are you--
Trust me, he said, stroking her. And once more, both fell to passion, mindless of anything but each other.
Khushi.. he murmured as his mouth replaced his hand.
Look at me, Khushi, he said. She stared down her bare body at him: his head was pillowed on her stomach, his eyes were hooded with desire.
I love you, he told her as he crawled back up.
She smiled, wrapping her arm and legs around him. I love you, baby.
He tenderly cupped her face with his palms, brushing aside some loose tendrils. As their gazes locked, he set his mouth atop hers, entering her in one swift thrust.
And then they were one in all the ways that mattered: their minds and bodies entwined.
Arnav groaned at the heady feeling. He could feel her every emotion, sense her every thought.
Princess, are you okay? he asked through clenched teeth.
Her eyes were closed tightly, but as she adjusted to him, she nodded. Pleasure was threatening to overwhelm her. As Arnav kissed away the small tear at the corner of her eye, her eyes blinked open. Her hands gripped his slick shoulders. She found his mouth with hers, holding nothing back. 
And then as he began moving within her, his body thrusting deeply, her hips began to shift, guided by an age-old rhythm.  It was the most exquisite, indescribable feeling, overwhelming them both.
She gave and took, moaned and panted. He held onto her firmly, his pace increasing until they were wild and unrelenting. Hard and furious. Palming her breasts, he sought her mouth, their tongues entwining even as his body pounded into her.
Khushi met him kiss for kiss, stroke for stroke. Nothing mattered.. except them: warm and together on this bed, as they had always meant to be.
And then as passion overwhelmed them, crashing like a storm, all they could do was hold each other tightly, shouting out loud.

That night they were insatiable, waking each other up again and again. Their passion seemed endless.
As the rays of dawn crept into the room, Khushi blinked awake. A wide smile crossed her face as she felt Arnav holding her securely in his arms, his body spooning hers. Slowly turning in his embrace, she traced over his sleeping face with adoring eyes.
It was easily one of the most beautiful moments in her life, alongside the time he'd first told her 'I love you' and when he'd placed sindoor in her parting.
She kissed his lips softly, cuddling into their warm, loving cocoon.
A blush tinged her cheeks as she remembered their passionate night. How had they stayed apart for so long? she wondered.
They had a lot of making up to do, but the lazy days and long nights of their honeymoon stretched out before them, promising everything. Khushi nestled closer to her husband, listening to the soothing lull of his heartbeat. She'd let him sleep for five minutes more, she decided with an impish smile, kissing his chest.
How much she loved him..

--END of MG Vol 2--
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