Monday, December 8, 2014

Baby Hold On Mahaupdate Posted!

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First of all, thanks for all the get well soon wishesSmile That was really sweet. I'm all better now. Thankfully.
Second, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving with their friends and family :)
Third, I really, really tried to update both Secret Passion and Baby Hold On tonight but there's just not enough time. Not with the length my updates tend to beLOL I'll try to post SP in a day or two, but no promises. 14-16 hour shifts at the hospital really make it difficult and by the time I get home, all I want to do is sleep honestly.
But if you've been following me, you know that's kind of how it's always been. I might take my time to update, but you get the equivalent of 2-3 updates at once. And there really aren't any filler chapters. I have each story mapped out in my head, right down to the ending. Now, finding time to write it all down is a challenge, but I'm not giving up if you all aren't. I love these stories and trust me, you'd pick up on it if I wasn't feeling motivated. 
Anywho, I could talk on forever as most of you know, so it's better if I end it here.
Note: I am on vacation Dec 20-Jan 4th. I might update during this time, but probably not. My family tends to snatch my laptop away and literally hide it sometimesShockedLOL So let's see...But do check back here for a very special post around New YearsWink

Happy reading!


  1. Nice update. Awesome dear. just Loveeeedddd it

  2. Awesome update on BHO chapter 25
    So actually Arnav had already known that khushi is pregnant...
    The wrong packet which Khushi bought was so funny and it was so sweet of Arnav to buy for her the pregnancy kit.
    I guess Arnav was right that Khushi should be away so that it will be save for her and the baby but Khushi fear that she will lose him again...
    Both seems to be right in their own way
    Who is this new person who called khushi and he has Buaji and not Shyam...
    Wonder what is going to happen in the be t chapter???
    Thanks for the pm TINA :)

    1. yeah so many questions…will be revealed soonwa. happy reading!

  3. No probe Tina
    Love you

  4. Hi Tina

    It has been ages since I have been able to read your beautiful stories....Just when I thought I caught up, I fell behind again :( But it has been a very hectic year and I have finally found the time to catch up which includes re-reading some of the previous chapters....I have missed these stories terribly.

    I am very sorry to read you were unwell but glad to hear you are now better:)

    Hope you are having a splendid holiday and festive season!!

    Sending you best wishes for a magnificent 2015, may you be blessed with a happy, healthy and inspiring year and all your heart desires. I shall resume being a regular once again and please continue to touch our hearts with your beautiful stories....Much love:))))

    1. It's really nice to hear from you again :) I was wondering what kept you away, but I understand, life does get hectic. Wish you all the very best as well. Happy reading <3