Friday, October 10, 2014

Note about Updates

Sorry everyone but the update for this week will be slightly delayed till Tuesday.
I'm out of town for Columbus Day wkend here and I thought I'd have time to write and edit in between, but I'm realizing that I really don't :(
Mr. Sexy: Sigh… Really? It was BHO's turn dammit.
Sushi: *nods* I've been looking forward to the confessions for so long now. Thanks to you know who *glares pointedly at Mr. Sexy*
Mr. Sexy: *raises eyebrows innocently*
Sushi: *whacks him over the head with a pillow*
Mr. Sexy: *tackles her and looks ready to kiss her senseless* 
Me: Time out you two! Hold off till Tuesday. Promise :)

ps. Can't tell you how much all your feedback means to me. I check back here during my way too short breaks at the hospital and I always leave smiling. Thanks.


  1. Not to worry update when u are free ;)
    Thanks for the note :D

  2. Awww!!!
    That was a really cute and most intriguing note...
    I loved it truly...
    Update when you are free sweety...
    Thanx for the note...

  3. No problem take ur time n enjoy ur break

  4. Aww Wat a cute and sweet note.... no problem will wait till Tuesday.......😊


  5. can't wait for BHO updates :( ...
    cute note :)