Sunday, July 6, 2014

Desert Heat Mahaupdate Up!

Well it's been WAY too long since the last DH update so here is an extra long chapter to make up for some of the delay. My note below still stands fyi.
This chapter is undoubtedly the longest update I've ever posted (27+ pages on Word, so it's basically almost 3 updates at once). When I re-edit DH one day, I'll probably split it into two but I'm posting it all today. I hope everyone reaches the end or you're missing out--trust me.WinkLOL
 For those who asked or are wondering, we are roughly 65% done with DH. I think it will end around chapter 40 but it just depends on how much detail I ultimately decide to go with.
I really appreciate all the continued support and encouragement. Especially since new readers can't really read this one. So thanks to those that have stuck with it or joined midway.
Hugs to Fari for the perfect banner! Hope you all like the chapter.
Ready to finally jump into the sands?
Are you sure?LOL
Well then, the Dark Prince and his Angel await youEmbarrassed
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--Happy Reading--


  1. Hallo Tina its a pleasure to read your storys especially dh. But I want ask you for the direct links to all chapters its so hard to find it thanks

  2. Hi Tina, I do love reading your fics and I am also looking for direct links to all the chapters of your stories that were missing on your blog. Hope you'll be able to post them here. Would be so great to read the whole chapters instead of halfway...hope you'll able to do it. Many thanks.