Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Amazing News + Fateful Love Mahaupdate

Hi everyone,
First some really AMAZING news^ (huge thanks to Team Sarun!). I didn't think this would happen since I've put Shameless on hold, but TS worked their magicEmbarrassed More info about it all here:
I've updated Secluded Island with the version sent to Sanaya (I edited it slightly). Storm Within had very minimal changes so I'm leaving that unchanged here.
Also, here is the final chapter of Fateful Love. I've made it extra long, a true mahaupdate. There will be an epilogue and I will try to post that sometime soon this week, along with some surprises.
Note: The comment limit on blogger is 4000 words so I've had to split my replies into two posts. Also, for the epilogue, I will leave the page open for comments so instead of using the comment thread for that one, be sure to comment directly on the page. That way your final thoughts on FL will remain there and not be lost with all the rest. 
I am sad to see this story come to an end but it's time. There's that all-important word again.
Enjoy Ch. 19,
ps. a fun post over on IF: 500+ Things We Learned From ASR 

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