Saturday, May 17, 2014

BHO Updated, SP teaser + VERY IMP NOTE

Hi everyone,
First, a VERY important note: Updates are going to continue to be a bit erratic for the next month or so. Actually, I'm moving cities soon so there's a new place and hospital to adjust to. I am NOT putting any of my ongoing stories on hold and I love them too much to abandon them (plus I know how much that hurts for readers too). Just be a bit patient, I will update when I can.
I am putting Shameless the ebook on hold. It's just not possible at the moment, but hopefully one day I get time for it.
Anyways, I did get some time to write yesterday and couldn't resist continuing BHO, so here is the next part: Chapter 17 Deadline. FL and DH are due I know, but I'm really happy with this BHO chapter and I don't always say that. Hope you give it a read and leave your feedback here: Comment Thread #6
Happy Reading,


  1. what has happened that ASR is mad at Anjali.....????

  2. Did Anjali try harm Khushi...? I'm happy Arnav prioritized Khushi over Anjali...
    HATE DADI ...soooo much...N ANJALI TOO...she is such a manipulative B****..,