Monday, January 6, 2014

Note + Oneshot

Happy 2014 everyone! I know many of you are waiting for updates so I'm posting a quick note just to let you know that Desert Heat and Fateful Love will be updated tomorrow. I'm editing both chapters at the moment. Till then, here's a OneShot and SP teaser: 
It's actually one of my besties birthday today and this oneshot is dedicated to her. Several months back, she asked me to write a crossover oneshot on three of my FFs: Desert Heat, Mind Games, and Secret Passion. And I was like Shocked "That's impossible. It won't make any sense." Well, here is that oneshot, Jyo--finally!! Happy Birthday hun!!Hug 

Secret Passion by TINA! & Satina teaser:

Khushi stared down at the white plastic stick in her hands, her eyes narrowing. Two red lines.. What did that mean?

"Why can't it just say pregnant or not pregnant?" she grumbled under her breath, reaching for the instructions.

She read it once more, her heartbeat pounding. The paper slipped from her hands, falling on the gleaming tiles. Her head whipped toward the bathroom mirror, her eyes frozen on her reflection.

"A baby?"
banner by HiraHeart
Questions: How do you think Arnav will likely react? Has he evolved enough from the man who once said "marriage was a dark word" to accept this or is it too soon?


  1. Omg what a teaser. ..can't wait for the update now. ..
    I for a change wish arnav would oppose this pregnancy for a little while. would be different to read that perspective also

  2. yayyy!!!! she is pregnant,,,, i'm sure Arnav will be happy but just b lke secret of responsibility and more to become father loke if he'll be good father or not...????

    eagerly waiting.....

    Love Neha(neag)


  3. yayyyyy!!! i am sure he will be scared but happy to become a daddy! it will be like his relationship with khushi

  4. I think Arnav might not be too happy with the coming of the baby.

    Happy New Year.

  5. I think Arnav will be too shocked and I think it will be too soon for him...

  6. cant wait any longer
    dont feel like doing ny work without the update after such a teaser