Tuesday, August 21, 2012

OS: Rendezvous before Second Wedding

A hot & sweet encounter between Arnav and Khushi the night before their wedding..

To read: click "Short Stories/Oneshots" tab or  click http://tinaff.blogspot.com/p/arhi-oneshots.html


  1. hey i lov ur work Can u plzzzz tell me which one of ur work is completed n can u gave me the link of shameless plzzz.....plzzzzz plzzzzz

    1. Hi, everything except Secret Passion, Desert Heat and Baby Hold on is complete. Shameless I've taken down.

  2. emmmmaggggaaaawwwwdddd :) u r an AWWWWSOMEE writer !!!!!! Lov ur works TINA sply ur Fatefull love !! Sooooo close to my heart :) they r jus true epics mwah i lov ur works n if u r in fb pls do rply @KatherineArsh wud love to hear from u :) ps nvr stop writin :) u r jus truly a miracle n u rlly hav magic in ur fingers ! Nvr giv up writin coz i'ill be always ther to read ur works :) cant read em all now xams once they r over i'ill read each n evry ff of urs :) hav a lot to
    tell u but kinda busy now ! N
    pps : many many advanced happy retrns of the day :) may god bless u dear n giv u all happiness of life :) hav a wonderfull bday :)