Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby Hold On Updated + DH/SP Extended Teasers

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I seem to be on a Baby, Hold On roll so here is the next part:
I've been working on SP and DH but my schedule is literally packed and I'm on call this coming weekend. Will try my best… Here's some extended teasers till then. Click 'Read More'

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Desert Heat by TINA!
Chapter 27: Weddings
It was that odd time of day when the moon was still out, but the sun was rising too, its rays threatening to break past the clouds as the sky changed colors at regular intervals.
For the twenty-five men kneeling on the sands of Raizada, each minute felt like an eternity. An inch closer to darkness. Heads bowed, arms locked behind their backs, their gazes were stoic and directed to the ground.
Akash scowled down at them, the corded end of a black leather whip tightening in his hands. Beside him stood Shyam, looking not as confident as usual. He had an air of definite uneasiness, his lips compressed in a thin line.
"You all were given one mission." Akash's voice rung out like quiet thunder, his fury obvious. "A single, bloody mission. To find ASR and that girl! Did I ask for too much?" At the silence, he bellowed: "WELL? DID I?"
The men shook their heads. "No, Maharaja."
The whip made a crackling noise as it connected with the sand. "And yet, we are no closer. I WANT THEM FOUND! AT ALL COSTS! I want to see that so-called Dark Prince in chains. I want to see him where you all are--at my feet!"

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Comment Thread #7

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Huge thanks for all the feedback everyone and the bday wishes.
We've crossed almost 200 comments again. So I've replied to all the old comments and moved those to 'Archives' page. Please leave all new comments here (with the Title of my FF and Chapter Number). This will help with page loading issues and also increase security so this blog can remain public for honest readers.
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Note about updates...

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Important note about updates: as you might have guessed I've been super busy at work.That being said, Desert Heat's wedding update will be posted within a day or two.
Baby Hold On next part and SP teaser this weekend. Even though it's my bday Saturday, I will try to squeeze in some writing time :)
Thanks for the comments since the last update btw. 
Special shout out to the regulars and to the silent readers who decided to let me know what they think. I do come to this blog every day and it's always nice to see a message. 
So rest assured, your comments are all read by me and very much appreciated. I will try to reply to everyone by the time the next update is up.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby Hold On 21-22

Secret Passion: Episode 26: Club Indigo
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