Thursday, April 17, 2014

Desert Heat Update + SP Teaser

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I was super busy this past weekend but here is one mega update: Desert Heat Ch 25
Dedicated to 3 of my friends and birthday girls: Saij, Rasgulla, and Anji.
*Happy belated birthday!*
Ps. I will try to update Fateful Love this weekend, just depends on my schedule. Remember all comments go here
Pss. SP Epi 23 Guilty teaser:
They were in the process of removing the last of their clothes when a hesitant knock sounded. Both stilled, Arnav's head swerving toward the door.
"Who is it?" he snapped.
The voice was soft and shaky. "Chote?"
He was off her in the next breath, tugging on his shirt and pants. Khushi quickly adjusted her clothes, smoothing her disheveled hair once over as he turned the doorknob. Anjali stood outside, looking awfully frail in her cream nightgown.
"Di? Is everything all right? You should be sleeping by now. It's been a tiring day for you."
Anjali glanced away from her brother to Khushi and then to the carpet, chewing on her bottom lip. "I can't sleep, Chote. I keep dreaming of that horrible police station."
Arnav enfolded her in his arms, his throat constricting. "You're safe now, Di. I didn't let anything happen to you, did I?" Khushi massaged the tense muscles of his back, hugging him from the side.
Anjali morosely stepped back, her eyes--the same warm shade of brown as her brother's--flickering with restlessness. "No, you didn't, but can I... I mean...nd" Her voice trailed off with uncertainty.
Khushi reached forward to grasp her hand. "What is it, Di? You can tell us."
It was some progress that his sister did not back away this time, though her gaze was still guarded.
Looking away from Khushi, she asked Arnav in a hushed tone: "Remember Uncle's estate in New York? Whenever there was a storm, you'd let me sleep beside you in the corner bedroom because you knew how scared I was. I know we're not children anymore, but can we do the same tonight?"
Out of the corner of his eye, Arnav glanced towards Khushi and she slowly nodded. She knew his sister was extremely vulnerable, still plagued and haunted by the horrors of the past. Smiling at Anjali, she squeezed her hand. "Of course, Di. If that would make you feel safe."
Anjali's face shone with child-like delight. "Really? I'll be right back!"
Khushi watched her stride down the hall, absently noting how her limp was far more pronounced than usual. Next to her, Arnav stood silent, though she felt the familiar weight of his gaze on her. He was observing her so intently her eyebrows rose.
"What, baby?"
Arnav pulled her into his arms, kissing her lightly. "You're amazing, you know that?"
Khushi grinned up at him, looping her arms about his waist. "Yes, but it's nice to be reminded every once in a while."
His smile did not quite reach his eyes. "Are you sure it's okay? I don't want you to be uncomfortable. I can try talking Di out of it."
Khushi hushed him with a firm kiss. "Stop worrying, baby. It's absolutely okay. And you can make up for our missed time tomorrow."
Smirking, he whispered in her ear, "Deal, love."
Anjali stepped back inside the room then, hugging a large, pink pillow to her chest. Smiling warmly, Khushi extracted herself from Arnav's embrace, helping her to the bed. She carefully tucked her in, making sure she was comfortable, but Anjali still seemed a bit anxious.
"Chote?" Her eyes shifted side to side in the dim light.
"Right here, Di."
Patting her hand, Arnav motioned Khushi in beside him. The bed was spacious, but Khushi nestled as close as she could to her husband, laying her head over his heartbeat. On his opposite side, Anjali lay with her back to them, facing the wall.
"Khushi?" Arnav whispered. "Do you have enough room? Are you comfortable?"
Tightening her grip on him, she pressed her lips to his chest. "Yes, baby. Good night. Good night, Di."
"Good night," his sister said, yawning.
"Night," Arnav murmured, drawing Khushi flush to his side.
Exhausted by the day's events, their eyes were just about to close when another knock sounded. Whoever it was did not wait, cracking open the door without further warning. Khushi froze as she saw who it was. That same yellowy, leering gaze lingered on her and her hand automatically yanked the blankets to her chin.
"Rani Sahiba can't sleep without me," Shyam explained, surveying the bed. "Looks like there's just enough space for one more."
And suddenly, Khushi was more uncomfortable than she could ever remember being before. Beside her, Arnav had stiffened too. Their gazes met with alarm.

To be continued... yeah that happened Shocked With SP I do try to keep you on your toes with twists and turns and regular doses of passion though everything is logically connected and there are hints and clues every chapter.
Question: What would you do if you were Khushi? Run out of the room as fast as you could? But what about Arnav? Because let's face it, Anjali will not let him go easilyStern Smile

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Secret Passion & BHO Mahaupdates now up!

Two Mahaupdates!
Secret Passion>> Episode 22: Aftershocks
I've also edited one of my old oneshots>> Honeymoon Games
Some really amazing reviews by Jyo, Ankita, Arushi, and Farwa on Secret Passion's 1 year anniversary Here.
Please leave all comments as usual on the comment thread, it makes it easier for me to reply and speeds up the loading time too.
Hope you like these two very crucial updates, I'm looking forward to all the thoughts and questions.
ps. Baby Hold On includes a song with English translations. If anyone is curious and wants to listen to it, here's the youtube link:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Baby Hold On Updated

Baby Hold On Update: Part 14 "A Buttery Nightmare"
All comments here please>> Comment Thread #5
As most of my friends and regular readers know, I've been incredibly busy these days. So I thought to update BHO at least since I missed my usual weekend deadline. Hope you like the continuation of this romcom Smile I loved reading all the feedback--seems like Arnav's magazine cover and Buaji's LOL were big hitsLOL We are now almost at the half-way point of BHO.
ps. 1 year anniversary of Secret Passion was on March 24th :) Love all the support for this mature romance. Mahaupdate coming next. Cake for all!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desert Heat & Fateful Love Updated

Update Time!
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ps. I made some slight adjustments to the comment thread. My replies will be in pink from now on so they'll be easier to spot. Click here and scroll all the way to the bottom to leave your thoughts if you're liking any of these stories :)