Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chapter 39 Pt 2 Posted! Sorry about delay!

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Hi everyone!

Hope everyone's doing well in their corner of the world:) 
I'm sorry about the long delay but real life came up. Things in my personal life are so crazy right now (in a good way!) but it's been enough to keep me away from Secret Passion. Please do know that I  love writing on Arnav & Khushi(always will)and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I've gotten from readers over the years. Seriously, you all keep me coming back to this time and time again. Even when I'm on the verge of letting it all go, you all pull me back and I find myself typing another chapter:) So I've truly missed being away from all of that.

 I have been writing when I can since my last update. It's not a fanfiction but a full, novel-length original, something that's been swirling in my head for a while now. I wanted to get it down on paper so I've written about half of it since my last message (crazy, right?). I will hopefully share it with all of you one day soon:) Satina has read the rough draft and approves so make of that what you will:)

Till then, let's finally finish Episode 39. Here's the second half:
For those scrolling, it begins after Payal's encounter with Master Horatio and begins with the words "It hurts.."

I wish I had more time to write in the coming days but till mid-March it's going to be near impossible. I hope you stick around till then or whenever you do stop here after that, you'll find more of Secret Passion and hopefully more surprises *cough...Desert Heat...Fateful Love...cough cough*

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ps. next chapter of SP you will be finding out about the mastermind of SP, aptly named Master Horatio. Leave any last guesses:)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quick Note

Quick Note...

I planned to post the second half of the last chapter this past weekend but then I sprained my wrist during tae kwon do class:( It's pretty painful to type for long periods of time so I'll get back to SP when I can. Also, shout out to everyone who left feedback--either on the posts or comment thread--I've read each one and will be replying when I'm able to.

See u all (hopefully) soon with an update!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Secret Passion Episode 39 Part 1 Now up!

Got a bit caught up with real life, but here's the next part of Secret Passion. Thanks for the continued feedback as well as the bday wishes:) 
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Second Half of Episode 38 Now Up!

Judging by the comments and pageviews I think most of you have read or perhaps more accurately, reread the last Secret Passion update and more than deserve the continuation:)

Thank you for the continued comments and feedback, it's always soooo nice to hear from regular readers as well as new ones! You all seriously make my day:)

I've gotten a few messages now about some chapters of Secret Passion missing screenshots and pictures. I have been working on trying to resolve the issue (caught up to Episode 10) and it should be all fixed in the next couple of weeks.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that Secret Passion is very clearly labeled as a mature story right from Episode 1. There is violence, language, and adult content although we try to make sure it's all done tastefully but realistically.

Without further ado...
Enjoy the conclusion of 

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Also I have no intention of disappearing again but since many of you asked to be kept up to date on things: I'll be on vacation for the next week or so for my birthday. That  means no laptop time. Don't worry, I'll be back soon;)

Leaving you all with a lot of action and drama and of course romance in this episode of SP.
Let me know what you think!