Friday, February 27, 2015

Secret Passion Double Update

First of all, thanks for all the messages of support. Really. It's a huge reason I'm still continuing with this (writing on arhi, that is).
I honestly did not think it would take me this long to get back, but several of my friends gave me some really wise advice. They said to not push it and to write when I felt like it. So that's just what I did.
I started writing randomly late Monday night and once I got into, I couldn't stop. I can't explain how much I missed writing on ArHi. It hit me when I started writing again how much this means to me.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Enemy Lines and a few other things I had planned (let's wait and see on that), but I do know that I will finish every story I start. Baby Hold On and Desert Heat are very close to their natural ends while Secret Passion is no where near done so for now, I'll stick with these and make up mind on where to go from here when the time comes. Who knows if anyone will even be reading arhi ff then anyway...
Instead of posting just one update, I'm posting two chapters of Secret Passion today so we get sort of back on track with things. I hope you like them. They are true roller coasters.
I'd like to reiterate once again, that all my work is copyright protected. Under US copyright law, fanfiction is protected at its time of creation just like anything else. Please see link above about more on copyright laws if you want.
I sincerely ask that anyone who sees any part of this material posted elsewhere, please get in touch with me either on IF or here. Action will be taken as it has in the past. Thankfully, I have a lot of very vigilant readers out there and that makes me feel so much better (it's one of the biggest reasons I don't restrict this blog).
One last warning: Secret Passion is a mature romance for a reason. Episode 30 delves into the extreme side of BDSM (though not in an overly graphic way).
Please keep that in mind.
ps. also posting a BHO teaser. Look out for it soon…
pss. Please leave all comments on the comment thread (link above). I'm really behind on replies but I will try to do that soon. I do read each message fyi. Just like always.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Important Note

You may have noticed that I've not posted anything this weekend.
In fact, I've taken something down instead.
And there's a very good reason for that.

I've always known that posting my stories online is a risk. I've faced people copying my work multiple times by now. Sometimes I don't even let you all know. I find out or one of you emails me or leaves a comment and the issue is handled "behind the scenes" so to speak.

Because honestly I hate rehashing things that are plain painful. And more importantly, the benefits have always outweighed the risks in my opinion when it comes to writing and posting online.
I'm not here writing because I want clicks or readers or comments (all those things are nice, very nice actually) but what really keeps me writing is my love for this amazing show.
It wasn't a perfect show, but I loved it. Truly, madly, deeply. And will always love it.

That's why I keep writing and posting.
Even though I have a crazy, hectic career and life.
Even though most of my friends don't understand why I continue to do this.
Even though it is all a LOT of bloody work.
Because I LOVE sharing my stories on ArHi with like-minded people.
But this time something happened that's making me rethink the risks versus benefits of continuing this completely.

Fateful Love was copied--word for word--and posted on some other site on some other show.
I've said it time and time again, I do not give anyone permission to copy and distribute my stuff. It is ONLY posted here and on india-forums under my username, TINA!
Anywhere else is unacceptable.

Anyway, I handled it this time like I always do and it's been taken down at the other site.
But what really bothered me was the person who copied it actually had the nerve to email me, claiming that because my work is fanfiction, there's nothing wrong with stealing it.
I am not replying to whoever you are because it honestly leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I really hope you read this.
For one, my stories are original. The only one that goes somewhat along the lines of the show is Secret Passion and that is deliberate. It's meant to be an edgier version of the show.
Second, no one has the right to copy ANY fanfiction. It's wrong and dishonest--not only to readers but also to yourself.
Third, take a moment to understand how much damn work this is. Anyone who takes the time to write and share it, is literally sharing their most personal thoughts and feeling and taking time out of their life to do so.
Respect that.
Why is this so hard to understand?
Anyway… to friends and readers out there… the good, honest ones that I know 90% of you are.
Couple of things:
1. I'm going to finish SP, DH, and BHO as planned. Nothing changes because of this. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging.
2. I've taken down Fateful Love for the time being. It was a painful and difficult decision, but I think it's the best decision--for now, when I'm debating what to do. I hope I can share this story again with you all very soon because it's really close to my heart.
3. I'm having serious second thoughts on Enemy Lines. I need some time to decide where exactly I go from here--writing wise. What I'm comfortable with…and what is best if perhaps painful...

Writing has always been my go-to stress relief but this weekend, it somehow morphed into the biggest headache of my life, which I really don't like.
The funny thing is I was really looking forward to opening my laptop and typing this weekend. 
A few of my close friends know this, but I was going to tell you all that I've started taking a writing class.

It's once a week and I've been trying really hard to make each one.
I still plan on going this week.
I thought I'd use everything I learn to make Enemy Lines my best story ever, but now I think I'll first rewrite Fateful Love. 
Maybe in some weird way, this is just the push I needed…something several of you told me to do all along but I've been too busy and over my head to seriously consider it. Till now.
Thanks to everyone who appreciated Fateful Love. I'd probably be moving it into my 'Fanfiction' folder on my desktop and forgetting all about it if not for you.
Now, it's my new priority (writing wise).
I don't know where this is all going to lead. I just need some time to sort everything in my head I think…
Excuse the long rant, but I couldn't keep this to myself any longer
ps. will try to be back soon with updates
pss. hope your weekend was better than mine...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Baby Hold On Part 26

Got a bit delayed tonight, but here is Baby Hold On's much awaited update. This is the one you've been waiting for--trust me. All those questions so many of you have asked all along finally get answered. Answers I couldn't share until now... Happy Reading. 
And let me know what you think.
Please leave all comments here please! 
I will try to reply to everyone soon.
ps. Secret Passion readers, I know that was some cliffhanger to end at last time. I will try to post the next part sooner than later.
pss. I haven't forgotten about DH. I'm just a bit sentimental about that story ending so I'm taking my time with it. Only 10 chapters left :(

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Secret Passion Mega Update Now Up!

I hope this really long update makes up for some of the delay. I almost split it into two chapters but what the heck, it is Arnav's birthday after all so enjoy!
I would have posted Baby Hold On's update today along with Secret Passion but the SP update is so long and well, so important, that I don't want anything to take away from that.
BHO will be posted this Thursday, Jan 15th sometime in the evening (US Eastern time).
So are you ready to find out the mystery behind Mr. Sexy's 3 month long disappearance? I know Sushi is... Check back soon.
...Arnav's long-held secret will be revealed in just a few days…
Special Shout out to Sib for the "Quote of the Month" suggestion, I think that's a great way to remember stories that have ended. Feel free everyone to leave suggestions on the comment thread. First one is Sib's nomination from Storm Within...
ps. Really, really glad to see the great response to Enemy Lines--it will begin once BHO and DH conclude within the next month or two. SP is designed to be a long-running soap opera saga so it will not be ending any time soon :)

pss. The current comment thread is getting very crowded so please use this post as Comment Thread #8. I will reply in a day or two to everyone on Thread #7.