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Secret Passion MahaUpdate: Epi 35: RITA

A few hours delayed but I made it!

Secret Passion MahaUpdate: EPISODE 35: RITA
Can't wait to see what you all think of this mega long chapter. Hope the wait was worth it!
Happy reading!

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Note about Updates

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the delay, but I've been trying really hard to update both SP and BHO and trust me, that is a LOT of work.
I don't post unless I'm happy with the chapters and that too is a process of fine-tuning and editing sometimes.
Anywho, to those waiting, Secret Passion will be updated tomorrow on popular demand.
Baby Hold On I will try to squeeze in as well but no promises.
I kind of wanted it to have it's own final send off without the other FFs being updated at the same time.
It's final moment of glory so to speak :P
So I might move that one to next weekend. Just a heads up.
So the question is...
Are you ready for RITA? Any final guesses?
...Less than 24 hours to go...
See you very soon!

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Secret Passion Long Teaser + DH chapters reposted

Hello everyone!
Happy belated 4th of July to all those celebrating!
You might have noticed some activity on the blog this weekend. I've been tweaking things constantly  Was planning on updating BHO but then I saw that a lot of the pictures in the chapters are suddenly missing!

Apparently the site I was uploading most of the pics deletes them after awhile. Wish I'd known this earlier:/ So I've spent my morning trying to fix that situation. Didn't get through too much and it's still very much a work in progress.
Secret Passion Chapters 1-12 are what I have finished fixing. As I was going through it, I edited it slightly. I ended up fixing a few typos, changing minor details, and turning up the passion factor in a lot of the scenes like the under the desk one, remember?Embarrassed I'll continue with the rest of the chapters soon.

It takes way too long for me to update on IF and here and I have things to do (already running late lol) but I don't want to leave you with nothing this weekend.

On popular demand,
I'm reposting the next chunk of Desert Heat: Chapters 6-10. Hope I do not regret this:/

Also, I think after leaving you with that cliffhanger last time in Secret Passion,  I can kinda imagine how it must have felt as a reader of this story aka a mature, passionate, mind-bending roller coaster/soap opera:) Couple things before jumping to the LONG teaser:

1. Thank you for your comments, theories and questions. You guys make my day! I wish I could reply to each one of you but to pick one randomly:

Originally posted by K.I.S.S.E.S
Lemme guess.. Arnav's dad somehow got a women (Rita) pregnant out of wedlock and she's Arnav's real mother. Anjali's mom adopted him when he was young. He's probably insecure that Khushi would leave him if he tells her that he's a bas***d. 

Errr... That was just a wild guess. Shyam is Gay? DAYUMMM!!!!!! Even a bigger shock than Payal's obsession for Arnav. It's disgusting because he's Gay for Arnav. Nothing against Gay people though. It's just that Shyam's not normal and he's Gay for KHUSHI'S ARNAV!!

Good guess on RITA, but no, there's no relation to Arnav's dad. The backstory about his affair was mostly added to make you all see why Dadi hates Khushi so much. She's middle-class and pretty--just like the woman her husband had an affair with. Will this come up again in a different way? For sure. As for Shyam, agreed, nothing against anyone, but Shyam is seriously deranged no matter what his sexual orientation.

2. Yes, arhi are surrounded by an unusually high number of crazy people in SP--but that is deliberate and I think realistic. Someone as rich and powerful as ASR is in SP would attract more of the bad crowd than the good. The difficult task is separating the two and keeping the bad people out.

3. Yes, they did make love THAT way Embarrassed I had a feeling some readers might be confused so if you notice, Khushi mentions it right before Karan makes an appearance at the swings.

4. Will arhi separate after Khushi's almost kiss with another man? Let's find out...

TEASER SECRET PASSION by TINA! & Satina (this is a direct continuation from the last episode)

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY WIFE?" he roared, throwing him to the ground. "You wanted her kiss, right? Kiss this instead." He viciously shoved Karan's face into the dirt and muck, holding him there.
Khushi feared he meant to kill the other man. She grabbed his arm. "Arnav, stop! Please! I was going to push him away. I wasn't going to allow him to kiss me."
His rage-filled eyes rose to her. "Get the hell away from me!" he all but barked. "I don't know what you were planning, but from what I saw, you were going to let him kiss you if I hadn't stepped in."
She shook her head, needing him to understand with a desperation that almost matched his fury. "Baby, that's not true. I was going to push him away. If you'd heard our entire conversation, you'd know--"
"I heard everything!" he cut in with a holler, stunning her into silence. He threw Karan to the side, ignoring his pain-filled groans and the blood pouring from his split lip. Khushi couldn't focus on her once best friend either because her husband was advancing towards her, reminding her of a dangerous predator with that steely look in his eyes.
"Y-you heard everything?" she stammered.
He nodded stiffly. "First, I was proud of you. I knew you'd show that rat his true place. But then..." His face darkened and he grabbed her by the shoulders, his sharp features contorting. "How could you let him get that close to you? He touched your hand, your waist...You are mine, Khushi. Do you understand me? ONLY MINE!"
Before she could reply, dirt-streaked hands appeared from behind him, wrapping violently around his throat.
"KARAN!" she yelled, trying to help Arnav pry his fingers off. "DON'T! Let go of him!"
Her childhood friend looked half crazed as he choked her husband, dragging him backward toward the old swing. As Khushi hurried after them, she felt her footsteps falter. She would have fallen if not for the support of the swing's flimsy rope.
A thunderous roar erupted.
With a forceful blow, Arnav sent Karan toppling backwards. "Do you realize what you just did? You put my wife's life at stake! My children's! She could have fallen!" His body shaking with fury, he stalked over to where Karan lay sprawled on the grass, coughing up blood.
Khushi was trying to break up the fight when her parents and aunt appeared, their gazes rounding as they noticed Arnav beating Karan like a mad man.
"Stop!" Her mother shouted. "ASR, stop this right now!"
Arnav didn't so much as react. It was no contest, but more like a one-sided demolition and Karan seemed to realize he was losing--more like being systemically destroyed. As Arnav flung him toward the trees, he rolled sideways, his hands finding and wrapping around the garden hose.
He shouted something as he aimed it at his attacker, but it was not Arnav who was hit by the jarring spray of the water--but Khushi.
She'd run between the two men and as the water struck her square in the face, drenching her, pushing past her throat, she shuddered at its never forgotten chill. And suddenly, it was as if she'd been thrown in the pool again... choking... struggling... dying...
"Arnav!" she gurgled as she felt her knees give away. He caught her before she could crumple, holding her against him. His panic-filled voice filled her ears.
"KHUSHI! Khushi!"
Her vision was blackening. She couldn't breathe, couldn't respond... It was just like that time she'd had a nightmare at the hospital, only worse. The water was real. Too real.
Her husband cursed and his mouth pressed to hers, firm and yet, exquisitely tender. Their lips aligned like the most natural thing in the world, two halves finally whole. Khushi breathed in his oxygen, drew comfort from his hard embrace, her hands tightening around him.
Her eyes slowly fluttered open. "A-arnav?"
He closed his eyes in silent thanks. His gaze swerved to Karan, but the other man was long gone.
"He climbed over the fence," her father informed them in a quiet voice. "Relax, son."
Khushi gazed from him to her mother and aunt--both of whom looked stunned speechless. Ignoring everyone and everything, she curled her arms around her husband's neck, laying her head over his raging heartbeat. "I want to go home."
He nodded, lifting her up. "We're leaving. Right now." Her mother started to open her mouth, likely to argue, but he cut her off with a singeing glance. "Do not test me right now, Mrs. Gupta, because I promise you, you will not like the consequences."
Khushi closed her eyes, nuzzling closer to him. She felt herself being carried, felt herself being placed in the passenger seat of the SUV, heard the seatbelt being clicked on, but she couldn't seem to move. She felt so very tired. As her eyelids closed, the last thing she noticed was Arnav calling Bayaz Khan, his worried gaze trained on her face.
And then there was nothing.
After what felt like a long time later, she managed to open her eyes, blinked up at the darkening night sky. The road they were on was barren and bordered by thick trees. She didn't know where they were heading, but it couldn't be towards Shantivan.
Arnav squeezed her hand, gazing at her with piercing concern. "How are you feeling now?"
"Okay," she said, clinging to his hand as fresh tears pooled in her eyes. "Arnav... Whatever happened back there... I promise you I wasn't going to kiss him. I was going to push him away. You're the only man I want that way."
He met her tear-glazed gaze for a long, endless-appearing moment, and Khushi felt as if he was peering right into her very soul. And then, with quiet understanding, he slowly nodded, flicking a tear off her cheek. "I know. I trust you. Just as you've always trusted me."
She found herself smiling for the first time all evening. Things were falling back into place in her world. "Where are we going, love? Shantivan isn't in this direction."
"You're right," he agreed, his hands tightening on the steering wheel. "I'm not taking you home. You wanted to know the truth, didn't you? I think it's time you knew."
Her heart lurched in her chest. "You're going to tell me about Rita? Really?"
He slowly nodded. "I'm not just going to tell you... I'm going to show you. And then you'll understand why I didn't want you to know about this. This secret will destroy us. It'll destroy everything. Our love. Our marriage."
She clasped his hand so hard, it almost hurt. "I won't allow it to. Nothing and no one can come between us."
He looked far from convinced. "I hope you're right," he whispered. Closing her eyes, Khushi could only pray that she was as well.

To be continued... Secret Passion Episode 35: RITA

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Secret Passion Double Update Now Up!

And I'm back :)
Please read my note from yesterday before moving onto the updates if you haven't yet done so. It's right below this post.
And more than anything, enjoy these two mammoth and very critical Secret Passion chapters!

New Comment Thread: Here
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Shout out to some very special people:
Divya, Varsha Dutt, Momai, Pinkly, Swetha Jangala, Amina, m kavi, Claudia Cristina Pop, Seeta Naips, Munazza, Smita Leslie, Nivi, Alai123, slowsun93, Shubhangi K, ship13, Richelle, Zyrah Ayok, Sheen.sk, Sruthi, Ghada Brahmi, Namita11, Amira, Rose, Insane Clarity, Uttara Jaiswar, Minni Chennupati, Greeshmaraipathora, Renee, Anisha Kumar, Paaskhanna, Vinita Jain, Aakanksha Mohanty, Ravali Alagonda, and all those who left feedback anonymously :)
And finally a short Desert Heat Teaser…

As the group trudged inside, far from the smothering heat of the sands, Nidhant's mother's gaze fell on Khushi's parting and widened with disbelief. "Sindoor?"
Khushi's footsteps faltered. The others jerked to a halt and all heads turned her way. She and Arnav exchanged a glance, but before either could get a word in, Colonel Uncle stepped forward, beaming at the pair.
"Oh Nidhi, don't you understand? Khushi wears sindoor for our Nidhant. I told you how rooted in tradition she is, just like her parents--God rest their souls. Aren't I right, beta?" he winked at Khushi.
She couldn't seem to meet his hopeful gaze, her eyes whipping toward her husband. He looked so furious, he couldn't seem to form any words. Her chin tilted up with defiance.
"Yes," she whispered, looking right into his eyes. "I wear the sindoor for your son."

To be continued…
*runs and hides*
Everyone look out for a very, very furious Dark Prince on the loose. But our Dark Princess had her reasons too--which the next chapter will shed light on...